Transformation Thursday | step #11

Today happens to be a special day and am so glad the whether outside also agrees, sitting on the 6th level of 7 floors of king Fahd building here in the capital city of my lil beautiful country Uganda, i know one thing for sure “am not short of blessings” I have this richness and fullness in my heart that matches the peaceful endearing atmosphere perfectly, its such a lovely day to be my fiance’s birthday

The greatest joy of life is to love and be loved.” – R.D. Clyde

I didn’t plan for my baby’s big day to fall on the same day I had social bonding lined up, but am happy it did so let’s deal.. Social isolation which is a state of complete or near complete lack of contact between an individual and society has greatly increased in our era for some reasons and it’s linked to adverse health consequences including depression, poor sleep quality, impaired executive function, accelerated cognitive decline, poor cardiovascular function and impaired immunity at every stage of life

Four different types of social bonds were defined by Hirschi that ensure socialization i.e attachment, commitment, involvement and personal norms. Attachment refers to a person’s interest in his/her social surroundings. Commitment refers to a person’s subjective notion and commitment towards socially accepted goals. Involvement deals with individual’s dealing with conventional activities like family, work, social gatherings. Finally individuals with strong personal norms and value systems are less likely to engage in any deviant behavior

Strong, healthy relationships are important through our your life. Your social ties with family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others impact your mental, emotional, and even physical well being. Just like you can’t make a fire with out air, fuel and a spark, you can’t do great things alone.

There are many health benefits of social bonding, some of which I picked from combined insurance;

1. Longer life

Everyone has their own personalities and desires when it comes to relationships. Even if you enjoy being alone, it is important to have at least one good friend to provide support during the good and bad times. Research has shown that having healthy social relationships makes a bigger impact on avoiding early death than taking blood pressure medication or being exposed to air pollution. Committing to a life partner can add 3 years to life expectancy, and studies found that people with strong social relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely.

2. Improved health

The support from social relationships has noticeable benefits to your mental and physical health. Healthy relationships set the tone for an overall healthy lifestyle. If you surround yourself with people who eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke, etc., you’re more likely to follow that healthy behavior. Not only that, college students who reported having strong relationships were half as likely to catch a common cold when exposed to the virus, while an AARP study with older adults found that loneliness is a significant predictor of poor health. Healthy habits spread through our social networks, so it is important to surround yourself with people who encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

3. Reduced stress

Did you know that being married or in a committed, romantic relationship can alter your hormones in a way that reduces stress? Being in a relationship is linked to less production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Having someone help ease the burden of stress by communicating and providing emotional support is important to your health. While marriage and some relationships can be stressful, it can make it easier for people to handle other outside stressors in their lives.

4. Faster healing

If you recently went through a surgery or sickness, it’s helpful to have someone there to take care of you. Whether they remind you to take your medicine or make you chicken noodle soup, having a partner helps take your mind off the pain and helps you recover faster. According to Northwestern medicine, married people who have undergone heart surgery are three times more likely to survive the first three months after surgery than single patients. Married patients also feel more confident about their ability to handle post-surgery pain and were less nervous about the surgery in general. Emotional support is very important when going through a major health change, so don’t be afraid to lean on loved ones.

Here is a few ways to build stronger bonds with community

I’ll end on a high note, am so grateful for my entourage you make this life worth living, it ain’t easy out here but going along with you feels less lonely and the journey, more trackable. I love you fam, my handsome man, friends, workmates, and the people I’ve met online especially on WordPress, this place has some amazing people, who support, encourage and share some incredible insights. May God bless y’all and grant you long, happy, healthy and wealthy lives ❤️🙏🏾Shad


Vitamins are classified into two groups as those which dissolve in fat or water. Now let’s examine each one individually and in which foods they are found so that we may find them easily when we search for them:

*Fat-soluble vitamins:

Vitamins in this group may be helpful when dissolved in fat or oil. Therefore, oil is needed for vitamins A, D, E and K

Vitamin A: is a much needed vitamin which increases the body’s resistance to infections, supports healthy growth and reproduction, and especially necessary for bones, teeth, guns, skin, nails, and eyes.

The excess amount of it is not discarded through urinating, but stored in the body. In case of its excessive usage. It may cause a change in skin color.

Vitamin A is found in fruits like apricots, oranges, and plums, and in vegetables like asparagus, parsley, spinach, carrots, celery, lettuce and tomatoes

Vitamin D: helps the body meet its calcium needs in a balanced way by helping the bones and teeth to hold calcium and the small intensines to absorb it in a healthy way.

Fish oil, fish, eggs, butter, liver, meat, and oats are especially good sources of vitamin D. For this vitamin to be effective in the body, sunlight is necessary. No matter how much vitamin D a person takes, if he does not take any sunlight, he will be faced with the problem of calcium deficiency, this is because the sunlight activates vitamin D and strengthens the bones and teeth by helping with calcium absorption

In the form of a chain, each link helping the other, knowing and benefiting each other, these three elements ( the sun, vitamin D and calcium) are of utmost importance in human health

Vitamin E: is a strong antioxidant which is a substance that repairs the damage or corrosion in the body caused by various harmful substances. It ensures the protection of the cell structure, and helps wounds heal faster. It protects from cancer and hardening and blocking of arteries. It beautifies skin. It strengthen the immune system. Taking enough of it is extremely important for speeding up sexual development during adolescence. It has been proven that it may block age associated memory loss, that is Alzheimer’s disease.

It is found at high levels in cereals and vegetables like zucchini, cabbage, lettuce and spinach, as well as olive oil, fish oil, hazelnuts, walnuts, tuna, sardines, egg yolks, tomatoes and potatoes

Vitamin k: is of two types: k1 and k2, the most important task of vitamin k1 is to ensure coagulation of blood. It is found in grains, green vegetables, spinach, zucchini, lettuce, green tomatoes, pine needles, green peppers, cabbage, Brussels, sprouts, cauliflower, beans, Peas, yogurt, egg yolks, kiwis, blueberries, and green tea

As for k2, it has the important task of helping with bone formation, maintaining bone health, and preventing calcium buildup in the arteries. It is produced by good bacteria in the stomach

*water-soluble vitamins:

Vitamin B and C are easily dissolved in water. The excess amount of it is not stored in the body and is discarded through urine. It is possible to lose a great part d these vitamins in the stages of food preparation, cooking, storing and heating. Therefore foods containing B and C group vitamins must be very carefully prepared and used immediately.

Vitamin B1: is a digestive aid and prophylactic ( something that prevents or contributes to the prevention of disease) it is necessary for the normal functioning of the nerve tissue. It converts blood sugar into energy. It is important for the health of a heart. Just as it is food for indigestion. It also keeps one clear headed and has a healthy effect of neurologically speaking. For body to make use of carbohydrates, vitamin B1 is neccesary, while tobacco, alcohol and sugar destroy this vitamin

It is found in soybeans, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, celery, cocoa, grape fruits, lemons, parsley, pomegranates, radishes, oats, corn, bananas, rice, whole wheat bread, Peas, (roasted) peanuts, potatoes, chicken, steak, liver, milk, wheat, raisins, cauliflower and chickpeas

Vitamin B2: helps to convert food into energy. It is a prophylactic against certain kinds of cancers. It’s necessary for healthy eyes, skin and hair.

Known sources of vitamin B2 include soybeans and flour, wheat products, hazelnuts, peanuts, apples, cabbage, carrots, spinach, grapefruits, apricots, almonds, oats, barley, tomatoes, dates, peaches, plums, rice, corn, cauliflower, meat, liver, chicken, skin milk, yogurt, egg yolks, and broccoli.

Vitamin B3: helps to balance cholesterol and a prophylactic against cardiovascular disease and hypertension. It cleanses the body and is effective in lowering the fat to blood ration. It especially helps with healthy blood circulation, with the healthy functioning of the liver, and in reducing pain of the headaches.

For anyone who wants to be protected from depression and un necessary and un due concerns, it is neccesary that he or she takes an adequate amount of vitamin B3

It is found in germinated wheat, wheat Bran, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, hazelnuts, walnuts, plums, lentils, chicken, steak, eggs, cheese, fish, beans, Peas and leafy greens.

Vitamin B5: is important for the healthy operations of the adrenal glands and in the antibody production. To live without muscles weakness, headaches, and vertigo, it is neccesary to take a sufficient amount of vitamin B5

Chicken, hazelnuts, wheat and eggs are a known source of this vitamin

Vitamin B6: is involved in the use of proteins and fat in the body, energy production, healthy functioning of the central nervous system, and the production of hemoglobin. If someone can’t get a sufficient amount of vitamin B6 and the food he or she eats is high in proteins but low in carbohydrates, the possibility of the formation of kidney stones would be very high

Therfore high amount of proteins require the consumption of high amount of vitamin B6. If a person is affected by moodiness without cause, irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness, and trembling if the hands, it means they have vitamin B6 deficiency

Sine sources of vitamin B6 are wheat, whole wheat flour, vegetables, lettuce, Barley, soybeans, oats, bananas, turkey, chicken, fish, steak, potatoes, oranges, milk, spinach, Peas, walnuts and avacados

Vitamin B12: has an effect on the regular operation ot the nervous system and the formation of red blood cells. Especially for the production of red blood cells, it is absolutely necessary. It also helps with the use of fatty acids in the body

Vitamin B12 deficiency may pave way for serious illness, such as pernicious anemia, or other damages that are difficult to reverse.

It is found in lamb, liver, fish, eggs, chicken, skim milk, non fat yogurt and leafy greens.

Vitamin C: is the most delicate vitamin, it is used up very quickly and loses its value. Therefore, foods containing vitamin c should not be put in contact with metal, be worked on too muck with a knife, grater or blender, and should be consumed without waiting too long

Sliced apples browning in a short time and the taste of a squeezed grapefruit changing in a short time may be given examples of the fragility of vitamin C

It strengthens the blood vessels and has protective effects against infection and toxins. For some vitamins in the body to be used, it is necessary that an amount of vitamin C be taken every day. Also it’s necessary for the calcium in the blood to be diffused through out the body. It also has an effect on the health of bones and blood vessels, the management of pain in the joints and back, gum health, and strength and resistance

Vegetable fruits such as apples, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, cabbage, strawberries, kiwis, spinach, melons, tomatoes, beet greens, green beans, Peas, green peppers, presley and vine leaves are a good example of vitamin C

_This was developed for main article; Food is Medicine, your medicine should be Food


Inorder to better understand let’s take a closer look at some of the minerals and the way they help our bodies:

Zinc: this mineral is extremely important for the blood, red blood cells, pancreas, liver and some muscles and bones. A sufficient amount of zinc must be taken for the healthy development of the reproductive organs, the healing of wounds, and for lasting healthy senses of taste and smell

Zinc deficiency may result in problems such as susceptibility to disease, the thinning and formation of white spots on the nails, and the retardation of growth and development. Oil seeds, cocoa, oysters, egg yolks, liver, meat, and legumes are examples of good sources of zinc

Iron: iron is necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin, the part of the blood which transports oxygen to the tissues of the body. It is also necessary for transport of oxygen to tissues. The disposal of carbon dioxide through respiration, keeping the immune system strong, energy consumption and growth. Iron deficiency is very common because in many mothers iron stores are inadequate.

Lack of iron in the body brings about resuits such as fatigue, anemia, hair loss, nail shape distortion, and weakening of mental ability.

Iron is found in red meat, chicken, fish, dried legumes, eggs, dried fruits, and molasses. It is also found in vegetables such as spinach, Peas, and purslane

Iodine: it has an important role in growth and development, as well as in the production of hormones involved in the maturation of reproductive system. It is essential for hair, skin, nails and bone health it is also involved in the making of thyroid hormones

Iodine deficiency may cause a decline in mental activity, drying and flaking of skin, constipation, weakening of heart beat, a decline in fertility

Purple carrots, salt, seaweed, seafood, garlic and asphagus are good examples of iodine source

Calcium: is needed for the development of bones, blood pressure regulation, blood clotting, and transmission of neural messages, as well as for the proper functioning of the muscles

Joint pain, brittle nails, weakening of bones, an increase in tooth decay, and heart palpitation are common causes of calcium deficiency. Long term calcium deficiency causes short stature. In case of calcium deficiency in blood, muscle spasms, cramps and chills may occur

Sesame seeds, dried figs, molasses, purple carrots, green leafy vegetables, and especially milk and milk products are good sources of calcium

Magnessium: a healthy functioning metabolism, effective use of energy, proteins production and cell proliferation are affected by magnesium. Inorder to use the calcium and pottasium in the body, magnesium is necessary

Incases of magnesium deficiency, undue tension, depression, loss of appetite, heart rhythm irregularities, cramps, ringing in the ears, insomnia and other problems may be experienced

Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dates, dried figs, dried legumes, grains, bananas, arugula, spinach, lettuce, and parsley are known to be good sources of magnessium

Sulphur: is necessary for energy production, the formation of bones and teeth, cell growth and repair, and the healthy functioning of the heart and kidneys.

Incases of sulfur deficiency, problems such as general weakness, fatigue, kidney disease and intestinal problems and late emergence of teeth are likely to occur

Red meat, milk, chicken, fish, eggs, grains, and dried legumes are sources of Sulphur. Also natural springs that contain high levels of Sulphur may have an extreme healing effect

Sodium: the body to store the water that it needs, muscle contract in a healthy way, and blood pressure is regulated, by way of providing for exchange of water and electrolytes in the cells, with the help of sodium

Therfore, it is necessary the body be surrounded with enough sodium. Especially as a result of sweating, the body experiences loss of sodium along with water. For this reason it’s important that a person who sweats replenish his or her body, not only with water, but also salt

An excess as well as deficiency of sodium may cause problems in an organism. Deficiency may result in muscle weakness and pain, a clouding of consciousness, and respiratory failure,

Salt, pickled olives, cheese, butter, bread, brains, kidneys, coffee, fried legumes, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, carrots, oranges, egg plant, apples, and many other foods are a good source of sodium

Potassium: is important for maintaining the balance of body fluids, for cell and tissue health, for the healthy functioning of the nervous system, and for heart health

Potassium deficiency may cause general fatigue, muscle fatigue, low blood pressure, edema, dry skin and acne

It is found in milk and milk products, bananas, figs, peaches, apricots, dates raisins, cherry-like fruits, and potatoes.

_This was developed for main article; Food is Medicine, your food should be your medicine


Horrrreeee! Yo babes it’s my birthday and am trying to stay as calm as possible😎 honoring a kind gesture from the amazing and super talented Samyak Singh is perfect. Thank you my darling friend


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • List the rules in the post
  • Answer the questions that you were asked
  • Provide 11 random facts about you
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 of your own questions
  • Once you have written and published your post then inform your nominees of their nomination


1. do you love ice cream? What flavor?

Yes! Caramel, yum 😋 about to have one of those scoops. Yeey🎊 it’s my birthday.

2. Stay up late or get up early?

Get up early, something magical about waking up at 5:00 am

3. Do you enjoy exercising?

Yaaaasss! I don’t get why people drag they feet on this one, I feel great and worthy

4. Could you go one week without any social media connection?

One week? Ive done 3 months before, just to make sure am not addicted

5. Would you try winter camping ( in a tent) when temp is – 40° C?

Always up for a challenge

6. What is the meaning of phrase: leaves float gently in the air, rocks fall on my toes

wait, I gotta google this 😂

7. What’s your favorite food?

Chicken Biryani with Guacamole

8. Could you eat the food everyday for a month?


9. What is your favorite color or two?

black, peach,

10. Why do you write a blog?

Act of service, to inspire, heal and help show the world how we can live healthier and happier lives

11. Why do you read my blog? ( hey, had to have one tough question)

honestly I don’t read your blog much, for 3 reasons; it doesn’t show up on my feeds much, when it does the language is complex I gotta reach for a dictionary and am fond of reading posts that are in line with health, happiness, motivation or inspiration and personal experience ( I promise to read your blog more next year


  1. I am an introvert too
  2. I love writing too
  3. I read alot
  4. I am so sensitive
  5. I am a bit clumsy
  6. I snap each time I have to repeat the same thing twice to someone
  7. I am honest and hold much value onto moral principles
  8. I am empathetic and the most forgiving person
  9. I love food
  10. I am a genuinely happy, positive and optimistic
  11. Also defiant ( the outcast, always questioning the known and going against the tide)


Ricardo Guaderrama

Enobong Osu


Drag the pen


Joshua Idegebere

Umrah Sania



Uzma Ashraf



same questions except no. 9 instead of your favorite color tell me how do you think we can use social media for good?


Hey Samyak who cares about the super stars just give me a good movie. Thanks again

Happy birthday to my cute self and happy new year 2020 to y’all 💕🤗

The sunshine Blogger Award😁

My first ever nomination! Dear God save me, my heart might just burst from Joy this week. This has come to me at the time when i have just been dubbed a great and celebrated MC by my trainers. Its such a beautiful feeling to know there is some people out there who think i am really amazing. Thank you so much my dear Umrah Sania for the nomination, i didn’t think i was getting any anytime soon🤭i am truly humbled by such a profound gesture, stay blessed.

The sunshine Blogger Award is a Peer recognition award for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.

Rules of the award

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The answer to Umrah’s questions;

What is your opinion on blogging?

I think the world would be far more lost and less fun without blogging, this platform provides a different out look on life in general. The stories, information ,DIYs and more makes life a bit easy.

What is your favorite book and why?

“Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. i had read quite a number of books before this one but none of them had such a gripping effect like this one. It got me up and got me moving.

Who inspires you?

Baba angu! Usually mums inspire their daughters. Lord, i love my mum but i draw most inspiration from my dad, he is exceptional. He has affluenced, shaped and modelled me into one beautiful thing.

What do you mean by happiness?

Happiness is a perception, its a choice, how you choose to see or think about different circumstances. Like i wake up every day, ignore a million adversities and focus on one good, helps me stay grateful, and a grateful heart belongs to a happy person. I see beauty in everything, i smile like a child and i keep getting more reasons to smile, i understood the law, “what you focus on expands.”

Which is the best movie according to you?

Slum dog millionaire!

Which country you would like to visit and why?

Paris, isn’t it obvious why.

Who is your favorite blogger?

I got many, it would take me atleast half day to finish my list. But Umrah Sania is toping the list now🤗

What will you choose, forgiveness or revenge and why?

Forgiveness, i tried revenge and it only made me more frustrated. And so i gave forgiveness a try, behold… am now the holder of peace

What is your favorite cartoon character


What would you like to do in your free time?

Get in a car and drive to no destination, breath clean air and glace at the beautiful nature, make stops to get a massage, aroma bathe, catch a movie and then eat n eat and eat

What is the most funny thing you have ever done?

I have recently discovered am a genius, i have such short memory, and its so because my mind erases trivial data like the most funny thing i have done, to create room for more relevant info. 😂

Now here are My nominees;

My questions

1. Do you think your blog has made someone’s life simpler?

2. How many books have you read so far this year, which ones are your favorite?

3. What has been your biggest challenges since you started the blog? and how did you overcome it?

4. What motivates you to get up in the morning?

5.What are your best three quotes?

6. What do think is more effective, EQ or IQ?

7. How do you think we can make the world a better place?

8. Who is your blogger bestie?

9. Where are you blogging from?

10. Any tips for beginner blogs?

11. What’s your best blog experience?

Thanks again, shad❤️

Shadia from Uganda

Hello, my name is Namawejje Shadia, born at 2:10 pm on the 28th of december 1993 at nsambya hospital, raised in Kampala, Uganda by two most beautiful parents. With both my grand mothers being rwandese, and my grand father’s parents originating from Tanzania am what you can call the east african child.

A picture speaks a thousand words, but honestly am not as bold and confident as i looks in that pic👆😂am a bit shy and really reserved i think it’s from growing up mostly by myself, my only friend until 13 years old was television. I definitely must have got my polished accent from there, plus i have quite a cool voice for such a ugly face🤭

I can’t keep up with funny faces, am the first girl with 6 siblings, most of the time i gotta wear a serious, i mean business, dont joke with me kinda face😂 but as soon i step out of the house and in the company of people am fond of, its on👆🏽am loud, wild, free and always teething.

Am a little humble sweetheart, i love to compliment and make people feel good about themselves, am kind hearted, a problem solver and a go-getter. I am a muslim, free spirited and by the way the reason i dont do make up is because am far from artsy, and my mum says i was born with make up😎

My all time favorites 💖💕🌠

Movie; Slum dog Millionaire, its a brilliant illustration of “everything in this life happens for a reason”

Book; Think and Grow Rich, I have not been the same person since i read this one.

Actress; Deepika Padukone, i just cant stop looking at her

Actor; kevin Hart, i live, love and laugh and kevin makes me crack the most.

Artist; Cardi B, in this world where everyone is trying to be somebody else, impressing and all, i respect Cardi for being who she is and giving no Fs about acceptance. plus Rapping along to her songs is bae

Travel Destinations; The entire earth, and some parts of mars🐼/strong>򗀊

Food; chicken biryani served with guacamole, omlette, sausages, pizza, ice cream, and cake

Color; black, i heard it aint a color but i dont care people, i always feel like i can take over the world if i show up in something black (did i just write this out loud 🙊)

___A little more about me

After 3 years of trying, i failed at law school😓 automatically opting for family business, l am now a young entrepreneur, working with my grand father’s herbal company. My super powers are, i adapt quickly, am organised, and naturally influencial.


My emotional theromastat is broken, am too sensitive! lazy, always puting off stuff for next year😫 too decisive, and am the confrontational type, i don’t care if you are a janitor or CEO, we have a problem, we gonna talk about it! and ooh, oh i dont like touching my stuff, it makes me super mad.

Why am i blogging?

I dont have much talent, in school i was always hesitant to try balling, or join chess clubs or anyother clubs for that matter, all i did was drama (i wasn’t quite queening at it) running races, pretty good at it but from kindergarten until i finished high school i only got 2 certificates



To top on this i got three special assembly announcements;

One in primary four for being the most morally upright student

Second one in senior two for being the dirtiest student (the teacher just caught me on a bad day, my uniform was off)

And the last one in senior three, for toping my class with the best grades.

So why i write, cos i got morals, am smart, and dirty. Kidding😂 i just love writing and speaking, i may not be really fascinating at it but its my thing.

Am sorry for hurting your eyes with my terrible pictures and pathetic life, probably won’t ever do! just making sure you know am human and not a robot

Shad, the one with a big heart❤️ and a big smile 😊

April’s Apparel And isssh…

All things are ready, if our mind be so – william Shakespeare

I can’t wait till my mind is ready for a 10 million bank alert, a range rover, wedding dress and a trip to paris🤭💖 til then baby steps shad👣 baby steps! Now before i dive into my april bargain (april please be nice😂) allow me write my manifestation prayer;

If you believe, you can achieve it, anything or everything that you’ve ever dreamed of before.

Belief! I believe in magic, no not the kind where things disappear i think that’s child play. or more rationally, tricks with alot of creativity backed by practise. Rather, i believe in things magically appearing into our lives. Imagine your walking down the street, and a pink dress hanging on the other side of the glass catches your eye, oooh you like it😍 but your budget is like, na ah😓 so you get home and add it on your wish list. And soon or later, pop! you have it, its yours you can wear it whenever you want to. Its amazing, right? Oh wait, this happens way more often it has ceased to amaze you. Well, not me, this is a big deal.

You know why, cos to be fair it doesn’t always happen like that, some take so long and others never appear at all, and i think its because of what transpires between the time you see what you want and the time you receive it or give up waiting, belief. Before you get what you want –

  • You have to know exactly what you want
  • Believe you can get it
  • Stop at nothing until you Achieve it

Without further due, On my list for this endearing april;

Jean jacketI love adding a jean jacket to almost all my outfits🙈newest i got was a gift but ill fitting, so i keep it away most of the time. New ones please, thanks.

Jumpsuit I fell in love with this💕the minute i saw it, jumpsuits are my fav. they flatter my body so perfectly, i cant wait to face the world in one of these

Versace TopsAm not the type to keep up with latest trends or designs, i just wear what i want when i want, but these😍 have been making rounds on my instagram, and am hooked!

Denim trousersIs it just me or these are never enough😂

Floral dressThey simply are the cutest🌹

Nike shoes Ooh😚 look at these babies…. How i love💖

Adidas sneakersUhm, like a champ🖤

HeelsAn extra pair, never hurt nobody 😚

SandalLook at them looking at me🐒

FragranceAll time favorite, i dont wanna have it any other way

Loooooovvvvvveeeeeee you, i wore this sometime last year, now am badly craving🤗


The blessing is in the little things♥️ and this brings us to the end of my list, am ready and willing to receive.

How about you, what’s on your list? Please share with me

Inside shadz head xoxo 😘😘😘😘

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