UROLOGY – kidney bladder urethra prostate infections, impotence, stones in the urinary Tract, not being able to control pee

While western medicine interferes with the biochemical processes of the body, Eastern Medicine on the other hand affects the body in completely different way. Unlike western medicine our products restore biochemical processes inside the body, without changing original composition. This helps the body to regenerate by itself as it deems appropriate.

Eastern medicine (Tibetan medicine) involves several areas; reflex therapy, acupuncture, health restoration products. And therefore when you start taking our preparations, you will stop having stomach aches, your sight improves, but let’s say your arm still hurts. Your body decides for itself what needs to be restored first. Very often our body‘s decision does not coincide with ours. It will take care of the arm later, because it considers that it has more important problems to deal with first. You never know until you come to see a doctor and it turns out that you have gallstones all this time but had no idea.

When you take preparations of Tibetan Medicine and almost every one of them acts as a prophylactic of tumours, diabetes, you start to normalize your blood pressure, your heart, etc. you restore something inside yourself and don’t even know about it. Therefore every of our products you’re already taking or planning to will help you not just with things to e restored, but also helping to prevent one or two things you did not know about.

Yes, Tiens is not a panacea, we can still fall ill. But it will not be as hard or quick as it might have been. We just have to take care of it in good time, as the Chinese say 3 years before a disease, not 3 years before the death.”

The subject of today’s lecture; Urology, Nephrology. The kidney is the organ that the Chinese call the second heart. In Tibetan medicine the kidney is considered to be most important organ, affecting literally everything. If you, let’s say, have a hearing disorder, that means you need to treat your kidneys. Disease of the kidney itself I.e. glomerular apparatus is considered to be incurable to this day. This disease is called Glomerulonephritis, and at best, when you get into a hospital, you are given mere vitamins or something similar. This is because modern medicine and modern pharmacy does not have a method of treatment to successfully deal with this ailment. Gradually the kidney starts to Fail, i.e. renal insufficiency develops. Of course these days, there is artificial kidney.

So when we first found out about Cordyceps, we found out that the Chinese call it medicine for the second heart- kidneys. I call it medicine, although they call it food that helps to recover. It is a splendid natural antibiotic. If we put a solution of Cordyceps in several test tubes with microbes, it turns out that it affects pathogenic micro flora bactericidal and bacteriostatically, the same way as penicillin does. Besides Cordyceps stimulates the generation of T-lymphocytes which kill those microbes. The antibiotic for kidneys is surely good, but when we started giving patients this preparation, another staggering find surfaced. It revives the functioning of kidney glomerular apparatus. And what happens if we have Glomerulonephritis is that the filtration of urine is disturbed, one may find things that are not supposed to be there; erythrocytes, proteins, cylinders, level of urea increases and creatinine rises.

And suddenly against the background of Cordyceps we realized a potential for the functional recovery of kidneys, i.e. recovery of kidneys glomerular apparatus- kidney tissue. The fact that Cordyceps regenerates liver tissue has been known for awhile. Almost, every Tibetan preparation would regenerate a kidney tissue. Therefore Cordyceps is the first preparation that restores kidney functions. This is the most important effect.

We started giving Cordyceps to children and we already have positive results.Unfortunately children fall ill far more frequently and it is harder on them than on adults, especially when it comes to kidneys. A person suffering from Glomerulonephritis does not usually live for more than 28 -30 years. And before the appearance of the artificial kidney, life expectancy was not more than 28 years. But unfortunately this disease often forms in childhood and is frequently provoked by diabetes also.

Against the background of diabetes microcirculation of the main kidneys tissue deteriorates, and therefore leads to kidney malfunction. So, one of the main preparations recommended when having Glomerulonephritis is Cordyceps. It is taken as follows; for children over 3 years old at a dose of ½ – 1 capsule per day, for children over 7 years old at 1-2 capsules per day and for adults at a dose of 1 capsule per day slowly and for a long time.

I would like to mention that I am involved with phytodietology, i.e. products for health improvement or bio-additives since 1995. So while studying at the academy of advanced studies we were told that you should not treat Glomerulonephritis patients with herbs, since herbs start to clear the body of toxins. And if the kidneys are affected, all the concentration of toxins goes through, leading to the effect of essence of vinegar, but if we try to drink vinegar essence, we will burn our mucous membrane when we give patient bio- additives, we create a huge concentration of these toxic substances inside the kidneys, thereby burning them even more. Those who are already taking our preparations, probably, have already noticed that their sweat started to smell differently.

While taking Cordyceps our sweat smells differently, our bile flow increases, you may break wind with a different smell. Unlike other herbs, Cordyceps does not damage our liver and is therefore harmless to patients. And if you have Glomerulonephritis, I would not risk taking other bio-additives. Your kidneys do not take as much blow as they would if you were taking other additives

This is the secret and success of these preparations. There once existed in china, medicine for the people and separate medicine for the emperor/royalty. And until 1993 when the Tiens company started introducing the emperor’s formula to the whole world, China sold only the people’s recipes” to the regular public/. These (Tiens recipes) are real and more importantly effective recipes that actually work quite well. So, Cordyceps is a compulsory product for kidney patients

Another preparation is Weikang (vitality soft gel). It is a complex of vitamins A and E, improving microcirculation and generates condition of such patients. And should be taken at a dose of one capsule per day.

The third product that is needed by such patients is bio zinc. Children should take 1 capsule per day, and it is even better to give them Biocalcium for children, in which Zinc is a constituent. Calcium is for the immune system and it is also for theprevention of stone formation. Adults should take it 3 times a day. It is necessary to take Biozinc, because kidney malfunction very often leads to damages and diseases of male and female reproductive areas and those are interconnected areas. Zinc stimulates the synthesis of sex hormones; therefore by using biosupplements we are improving that area of our body.

Secondly, biozinc, which is a constituent of DNA, restores the structure of glomerular apparatus of the kidney. So, we have three primary preparations for such patients to use; Cordyceps, Weikang and bio zinc.

The second group of kidney diseases is those of the urinary tracts; cup-shaped Bowmen’s capsules, pelvis of kidney. These diseases are called Pyelonephritis. Pyelonephritis is treated by using antibiotics- uroseptics. We are moresuccessful dealing with Pyelonephritis than with Glomerulonephritis. But unfortunately, once you’ve got acute Pyelonephritis, it is most likely that it will become chronic. Why? It often takes as little as four days for acute Pyelonephritis to become chronic. Very often patients only see a doctor after it has started to hurt.

What is good about Cordyceps? Whether it is your back that hurts or it’s your kidney, or just has a cold. And Cordyceps will suit any pathology; whether it is antritis, kidney disease, acute radiculitis, pancreatic gland, staphylococcus, streptococcus or something else. Cordyceps will work every time and what’s most important is that it is harmless. It stimulates the synthesis of T-lymphocytes. It turns out that when a foreign body enters our organism, they carry with them T-lymphocytes to fit. So, Cordyceps helps to restructure T-lymphocytes to fit any “ socket” and our ability to tackle the infection and many other problems we may encounter depends on the speed and the possibility of this restructuring process.

Besides, this was proven by conducting various studies and biochemical experiments. Therefore, whatever flora case of Pyelonephritis you may encounter, antibiotics such as Cordyceps will cope better than anything else. But let me tell you this; when your doctor prescribes something to you and you go; but remember Cordyceps is natural, so it may take longer to produce results. So as always don’t refuse your doctor’s prescription don’t risk your health or anyone else’s.

During acute periods it is necessary to use all methods. Tiens preparations are compatible with any chemo preparation. Besides, they relieve their side effects. They normalize functioning of kidney, liver, relieving Dysbacteriosis, etc. but when is matter of life and death, you can never risk your health.

In cases where you have chronic Pyelonephritis, leukocytes in urine and so on, then antibiotics are useless. And in this case you need Cordyceps and lipid metabolic management Tea (LMMT), which reinforces the effect of Cordyceps. Very often an inflammatory process in the kidney is connected to stones or provokes formation of those stones. So the third preparation is biocalcium, knowing the lack of calcium in our bones provokes formation of Urolithiasis. The thing is when there is a lack of calcium for muscle contraction; it starts to wash it off our bones. This should not normally happen. Calcium should be in our bones and get there with food. 1% of the body calcium is in our blood and egests with urine. And nature takes it’s vengeance on us because we don’t take calcium, accumulating calcium from our bones in form of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder.

When we lack Calcium, first is that sand forms and then stones. The third necessary preparation is Biocalcium. If you have low haemoglobin, it is best to take Biocalcium for children, if you have neck Osteochondrosis and pain in the joints then you need biocalcium for the brain (i.e. with lecithin), for hot flushes, biocalcium. For reducing high blood sugar levels, there is biocalcium for the diabetes. By the way biocalcium is most effective for reducing sugar when treating the female reproductive areas (especially Fibromyomas) and the endocrine system.

What is paradoxical is that if you are having
poor vision, it is also best to take Biocalcium for diabetes. It should be taken like any other Biocalcium products, or if you are having serious problems, 1-2 sachets of calcium may be taken. There’s never too
much of biocalcium.

Nephrology smoothly crosses over into Urology. Now let us talk about Prostatitis. The prostate is to the man as the ovaries are to the woman. For example, early in the morning the man is starting the car, sitting down on a cold sit. By the evening he feels heavy below his stomach and so on. Poor men, it is so much more complicated with them. Because the prostate gland is located around the urethra and when it becomes inflamed, it clamps the urethra and first thing that men pay attention to is dysuric phenomena (frequent uresiesthesia- urination) four times a night and more. This organ plays a very important role because the male’s testicles produce spermatozoids and the prostate gland –seminal fluid.

When those are joined, the sperm is in trouble. Nature takes care of testicles, and since spermatozoids do not develop properly at high temperatures, they have been taken outside. But they have a muscle which pulls them inside if they get cold. Some people have short muscles, and then we talk of about cryptorchism. But when the tests is somewhere in the inguinal channel, it does not develop, as it is supposed to, and as a result there is a possibility of a bad tumor developing- seminoma- cancer of the tests. It quickly metastasizes. Therefore, if a child’s tests develop in the wrong place there is a threat of this disease developing.

Unfortunately, in this case it is necessary to operate. If a child’s cryptorchism is on both sides, it means that the child is still not functionally developed. After that they lower into scrotum. But if it is only on one side and a testis has not lowered within a year, then the child should be operated on after he is three. Hormone therapy has no effect on the testis, so there’
is no point prescribing them. A child doesn’t react to sex hormones until he is about seven . Besides it is possible to provoke something by taking hormones. That is why an operation is the only option for patients with one sided cryptorchism, and if the testis cannot be lowered, it would have to be removed.

The prostate gland develops seminal fluids and if a man is experiencing abnormalities, they will in turn affect his sexual functioning. Therefore disease of prostate gland is one of the main factors causing male infertility, sterility and impotence. We know about these diseases but unfortunately urologist often find it too difficult to cope with inflammation of prostate gland. Currently we are seeing development of diseases like Chlamydia and mycotic Prostatitis, there was a time when gonorrheal Prostatitis was most common. So when microbes find themselves in the prostate gland, there’s no way to drive them out, because nature took care of generation continuation, having created a barrier around glands that doesn’t let anything through.

A microbe is a biological substance, hence she hasn’t created anything against them, but chemical substance is not allowed inside since they cause mutation and bring generation continuation to a halt. Therefore any antibiotic is absolutely useless against specific Prostatitis. By the way, nature does not let Cordyceps through as well, but it stimulates the synthesis of T-lymphocytes which cope with any microbes. That is why we say that we can treat specific Prostatitis, and besides that your body will heal itself. But unfortunately one Cordyceps is not enough for full cure.

I had a 25 year old patient. When he discovered that he had Prostatitis he went to see an urologist and was prescribed a number of medicines as a result of which he lost his potency. And when we prescribed him our treatment the first thing he regained was his potency. It is obligatory that first treatment course for one suffering from chronic Prostatitis has the following: LMMT, Double cellulose and Bio calcium.

In the second course, we are restoring everything that has been damaged and is targeted to improve potency: Cordyceps, Biozinc and Biocalcium
for the brain. Biozinc at a dosage of 1-2 capsules 3 times a day after a meal (for all those who would like to experience e the after Viagra effect) Biocalcium for the brain is taken at 1-2 capsules before going to bed.

So how do these preparations work? Usually male potency weakens is caused by several factors and the main one is microcirculatory effect/injury. It is mostly common with age and during inflammatory processes. Bio zinc stimulates Testerone synthesis, the male sex hormone, which slacks off with age and during inflammatory processes. Biocalcium for the brain relieves from psychogenic impact, when a male psyches out or gets upset. In other words taking Biozinc we restore the physical and taking biocalcium for the brain the emotional status. If a man does not have Prostatitis but he is not happy with his potency, we recommend our second course of action and everything will be excellent.

Prostatitis does not appear from nowhere, a man would usually be suffering from other diseases like: psoriasis, antritis, Osteochondrosis, arthropathy.
Again we don’t treat one organ; we treat organism as a whole. Therefore if you are taking Cordyceps for flu, this is also a preventive measure for Prostatitis.

Another problem of Prostatitis, during an inflammatory process, glandular tissues start to replace themselves with connective tissues. Any gland has a structure similar to grapes- stoma and bubbles. And when the gland gets inflamed, edema forms, after that edema disappears but glandular tissue gets replaced by connective tissues. And as the connective tissue grows, it gets harder forming prostate gland adenoma. Unfortunately, prostate gland adenoma is unavoidable for most men.

Another question is, when does it appear? If a man is married and leads a healthy and regular sexual life style, adenoma starts to develop after 60 years of age. On the other hand if he doesn’t have a wife or regular partner and after a wild week he doesn’t have anything, his adenoma will start developing in his early forties. So in order for a woman to avoid Fibromyomas and the man adenoma, I urge you to make love with your partner at least three times a week. Basically, everything that is natural leads to
good health.

Of course this should start happening after a certain age. For men it is twenty one –twenty two and for women it is twenty five years of age. By no means have I urged boys and girls to take preventive measures at the young age, this is harmful. There are alternative methods but this is down to individuals.

Now what do we do with an adenoma? Is there a possibility of getting rid of the disease, because if we take the Chinese as example, whose average life expectancy is around 92 years, at age 90 everything is still working? But in our case a tumour develops because of microcirculatory disturbances. Connective tissues start to grow like tumour tissues. So, in order to control the microcirculation, we take Cordyceps. It is obligatory to take LMMT and biocalcium and it is advisable at least twice a year to take biozinc.

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, another complicated problem in urological practice. As you probably know it is associated with frequent urination, followed by sharp pain. This is happening because mucous membrane of our urinary bladder swells. Unfortunately almost all women at least once in their life time suffer from this. In particular after a hymen rupture most women suffer from cystitis. During acute cystitis you can either take nitrofurantoin or furasoludon (even better since it is less toxic) one tablet four times a day should help you.

On the other hand if we are dealing with the chronic form of cystitis, unfortunately one Cordyceps wouldn’t be enough. The patient would need LMMT, Cordyceps and biocalcium. The course of treatment will take from forty days up to two months. Women would also need to take Weikang and men more suffering from chronic process. Biozinc at 1 capsule 3 times after meals. Biocalcium is taken at ½- 1 sachet before going to bed and LMMT during the day.

When having Glomerulonephritis, you should not start cleansing, since you could harm your kidneys. In that case it is necessary to take bio zinc, Weikang and Cordyceps at the same time gradually.

Pyelonephritis during pregnancy is unfortunately dangerous with gestational Toxicosis. A patient develops edema and her blood pressure rises. This condition can be fatally dangerous during child delivery. During Pyelonephritis, an expectant mother should keep to a strict diet. Naturally she cannot take antibiotics, but she can take Cordyceps. LMMT for edema, in the second half of pregnancy its impact on peristalsis is hardly considerable.

Polycystic kidney. These days it is a frequent diagnosis. Maybe this is connected to ecology or may be now that we have ultrasound equipments, it is easier to discover it. A cyst is something in between inflammation and a tumour. Cordyceps is the most effective against cyst and chitosan, vigor rousing and
Cordyceps– against tumour.

Dr. Farida Bikbaeva

Health restoration with Tiens

To healing and leading healthy and happy lives 🥂

Obesity. Fat burners. Weight restoration

Today we are going to talk about the problem of obesity. And the prophylaxis of obesity is in itself a preventive treatment of infarcts, cerebral thrombosis and arthritis. You will agree that, It is very hard for the body to carry out its functions, when the weight is for example about 150 kg. Can you imagine the pressure on the legs at such weight? And so, in order to know which weight is overweight or not, there exists an index, which allows you to determine whether you suffer from obesity or not. That is the Ketla Index. Based upon this index, we will determine what program is necessary for you to take.

The index is calculated from the weight in kilograms divided by the height in square meters. Why don’t you figure out where you stand, from this chart? The index is different for men and women as there is a difference in body constitution. The norm for men is from 20 to 25, and for women is between 19-23. If your index falls within the limits, then, all is well. And remember, in order to maintain this statuesque, you will need to adhere to the right diet programme.

Obesity is of a number of degrees; norm (N) =
20-25 for men, 19-23 for women.

group Excess weight(%) Men (KI) Women(KI)
Norm 0 20-25 19-23 1rst 2nd 3rd 4th
15-20 30-49 50-99 100˂
32.3-37.2 37.3-49.7
30.8-35.4 35.5-47.7

From the table above, in the 1rst degree group, normal weight is exceeded by 15 -20%; KI of 30-32 for men and 28-30.7 for women. I have now given you the figures for the degree of obesity. But even these figures of 223 and 28 for men, and 30 for women suggest a slow passage into the stage of obesity. Hence, in order not to let that happen, we have to think seriously about our choice of diet.

Today i want to talk a little about slimming tea. When we sit at the table, we are hungry. But when we drink this tea, you will not even eat your favourite pie. It discourages you from hunting for the fatty and sweets. Here, when you do not want that, naturally, you have eaten exactly how much your body needs. Here lies the special property of slimming tea. We already know that LMMT possesses a similar property. There are people who eat very little and still gain weight. And there are those who eat a lot, but do not gain weight at all.

Today I had a lady, who has a son of more than 1.8m in height and a weight of 52kg. He eats for four people. Why does everything not hold in his body? This is because his basic exchange process has been broken (metabolic failure) mostly due to diarrhea,Dysbacteriosis in children. And everything that he eats is removed from the body without being assimilated. Hence, our fundamental task is to restore his basic metabolism.

And secondly, there are people with disordered hormonal exchange. There is a syndrome referred to as hypothalamic-hypothesis obesity. One of its symptoms is stretches (strains) on the skin. This is a sign that there is hormonal exchange as well. And such a person, no matter how well fed, he will not gain any weight. Hence our task is to restore the basic metabolism and the hormonal exchange. And all Tiens products do not simply restore the basic metabolism, they all restore hormonal imbalances. It does not matter what product you are taking they all restore both of these exchanges

I had one man who lost weight by just taking Cordyceps. That means, something somewhere within his body was restored, and as a result he lost weight. Hence, one can lose weight a little by fasting when you have pleasant attractive completeness, or the 1rst degree of obesity. The other groups cannot, because obesity is special kind of addiction, and in such people, hormones like endorphins are being produced in their blood. And when a person does not feel them, withdrawal symptoms can begin to appear. You must have noticed that an overweight person cannot just pass by food: food for him is drug, if he is deprived of it, then withdrawal symptoms set in. hence, if a person is of 2nd degree obesity, fasting is not allowed! And if he is on a program of losing weight by starvation, it should only be under the supervision of a doctor.

I am often asked, “What’s your view on starving?” starving up to three days has no serious health consequences. I have got a Doctor friend, in whose family it’s accepted to starve for one day in a week, on Wednesday. By this day everyone eats up and drinks exclusively boiled water, in 3 litre bottles. She has got two sons, who from childhood, got used to a day of limited food intake. From Thursday they start to eat again, for them it is normal and they feel perfectly well.

After three days of starvation, fat dystrophy of the liver cells begins, that is, the degeneration of cells. English dieticians found out that, up till 12; 00 o’clock midday, the main enzymes, proteollytic, which participate in the breaking down of protein, are not produced. Hence, if in the morning you do not feel like eating, then you do not need to. If you start getting hungry close to 12; 00 o’clock, only then should you eat. But if you are used to filling up very well in the morning, that means, your organism is used to that, and these enzymes are produced in you. This is the first point.

The second point is that these enzymes are produced up till about 18; 00 19;00hrs. But here also depends on the diet, to which the person has got used. By the way, did you know that the red Indians eat once per day, at 10; 00 in the evening? And obesity is seldom found among them. Before going to sleep, one can eat 2 to 4 hours earlier, and if close to 12; 00 o’clock mid night one still up, the stomach will ask to eat some more. There is an opinion that, at night it is good to use something like sour cream (milk), but that too, is not suitable for everyone.

American dietician, Peter D’Adamo revealed that, people must eat food that suits their blood group. In the blood, depending on what people eat, substances that cause various illnesses are formed. In this manner, he showed that people from the first group need to take meat food, with the second taking vegetarian food, the third blood group going for dairy products and fourth mixed food. There are three kinds of food products; useful, neutral group, in principle, you can eat, but if you do, you will gain in weight. The people who fail to gain weight should not fall ill. Those that belong to the neutral group, in principle, you can eat, but if you do, you will gain in weight.

The people who fail to gain weight should go for the neutral products and those who have an inclination to gaining weight should not take them at all. The third group products provoke all the chronic or genetically embedded diseases from which you are ill. That is why you must try as much to eat what you can in accordance with your blood group. One patient on hormones, who had suffered from asthma for many years, got rid of his extra weight by adhering to this diet programme. And since up till 12.00 mid days, proteollytic enzymes are not produced, it is better therefore not to eat at all or may be eat less. One more point is that, there are a lot of people in whom stool disorder is observed. Pathologists have found out that, by washing down the intestines, 67 kg of weight is lost, that is due to these fecal stones we do not reduce our weight.

Hence,to avoid this, there is a defined norm of the
amount of liquid one should drink in a day. That norm is, your weight, in kgs, divided by 20, that is, if your weight is 100kg, then your liquid norm is 5 litres. This is to allow you to have a normal stool, but if everything is in order with your stool, then keep taking the amount of liquid that you normally take

Are you all familiar with the term fat burners? Many American companies offer people bio-additives that were based on fat burning. What is fats burner? They are preparations which stimulate basic exchange processes (body metabolism) in such a manner that, the person experiences such loads like a daily hundred meters jog, that is, they increase the metabolic rate. But this is connected to an increase in the heartbeat and changes in blood pressure. And who is an overweight is not in order. That is why; fat burners have so many side effects. A person is told that, It is necessary to limit yourself in the taking of food. He eats, and since he is also taking fat burners, then the metabolic rate increases. As a result, he grows thin, but the demand to take big quantities of food still remains, hence after stopping the taking of these preparations even more weight is gained. Therefore, if you wish to grow thin, limit yourself in the quantity of food intake.

There are no fat burners in the Tiens cooperation at all! Tiens products have been awarded medals by the WHO and it has the International Quality Authentification certificate, ISO 9002 and a rank of safest preparations in the World!!

The products focus on normalizing the basic metabolic exchanges processes and hormonal background. While taking these products, you will adhere to a program that will train you to eat less.
The first product that is recommended for such a problem is LMMT. The name already says that, it normalizes the exchange of fats. That is the 1rst point.

The 2nd point is that it restores the function of the liver and the pancreas. In fact, very often we become obese, because enzymes split up not as they should hence, whatever that enters the organism does not go to where it is required and in the required

The 3rd point is that it normalizes the microcirculation of the brain and in particular, pituitaryhypothalamus zone. Owing to this, it normalizes the production of hormones as a whole, in particular, the thyroid glands that are often the cause of obesity.

The 4th point is that LMMT possesses the property to clear intercellular liquid. All cells in our organism are surrounded by intercellular liquid, and intercellular
exchange depends, namely on the quality of this liquid. Is the liquid choked with free radicals or dead T-lymphocytes?

The 5th point is the normalization of the
gastrointestinal juices, resulting in the improvement of food digestion.

The 6th point says women have fat cells. This is the space which fills up with fat during pregnancy. These cells have got orifices openings and when the organism is choked up they do not open up, and we may have a puffy face and so on. Here, the femurs (hips and thighs) that were fluffy remain as they were during pregnancy. And so, as the LMMT clears the internal system, it opens up the orifices and the fat is driven out of the organism.

By the way, many women get rid of cellulites.
Unfortunately, cellulite is not found in
women only, but also as our environmental
factors sometimes don’t help.

How will you take it? If you know for certain, that you do not have kidney stones or gall stones, then you infuse 1 bag in a glass (200ml) of water for 10 minutes and drink 20 minutes before meals. Many know that LMMT dissolves stones. If you are not sure that you do not have stones, then infuse 1 bag in a litre of water and drink it warm in the course of the day. At lunch time 1 glass, and before lunch double cellulose.

Why do you need it? It normalizes intestinal flora:
removes Dysbacteriosis, improves the function of the pancreas and drives out surplus sugar from the blood (preventionof sugar diabetes). By the way, the use of LMMT promotes the prevention of type 2 sugar diabetes, since it improves the quality of endogenous insulin. Type 2 sugar diabetes is a kind of illness, in which insulin is produced but of poor quality.

Further, 1 tablet of double cellulose is washed down with a large quantity of water, dissolved in ½ a glass of water, then washed down with another glass of water. This gives the saturation or full feeling effect of the stomach. Each person’s feeling of hunger is satisfied by something of his or her own.

Let us suppose, you have the 1st blood group and you take a piece of beef or veal without fat, either liver or kidneys, divide it into two pieces (you have to slim! Isn’t it?) And piece-by-piece thoroughly chews your food because digestion starts in your mouth. The food should be chewed minimum 8-10 times, and at a maximum be transformed into a four hours, you will want to eat again. God forbid that it is earlier than that. We do the same again at lunchtime. For example, if you are in the 2nd blood group, you take boiled carrots and cabbages. We eat but very little. No matter how many times we eat, before that we take double cellulose and wash it down with LMMT.

Double cellulose greatly normalizes the production of the female hormone oestrogen. You probably have noticed that in some women you may find a short moustache and so on. And so, in such women, not everything is in order with this hormone. That is why, after forty years we start to expand and suffer from various myomas and endometriosis.

Do not forget that, when you are drinking these products, you are removing a whole lot of illnesses.

The third product, Bio calcium for the brain, is to be taken at night. There is an interesting story about this product. One woman took it in the course of the day
according to instructions on the box: that is 3 capsules 3 times a day. We recommend 1 capsule at night. Towards evening, she had a stomachache and in panic phoned the distributor who gave her the recommendation. That too, in fright said, “Yes, you had an overdose!” it turned out that, sands or stones were coming out of her system. In fact, we know that, Tiens calcium has the ability to remove sands and stones.

This woman lost 5 kgs of weight in two weeks. So, this woman did herself such a move with this dose of biocalcium for the brain. For those people who suffer from abnormally high appetite (especially women)
it is better to eat Biocalcium for the brain. When overweight, the risk of triggering type 2 sugar diabetes increases, hencesuch people should better take Biocalcium for diabetes, ½ a sachet with warm water at night.

If you have symptoms of a hypothalamus-pituitary disorder (moustache in women, stretches in the skin and so on) it is absolutely necessary to take Bio zinc. Bio zinc is taken 2 hours after double cellulose at a dose of 1 tablet but if the weight is over 100kgs, 2-3 capsules per day. That is the 1rst course. In the 2nd course we begin to take LMMT, at a dose of 2 bags for a glass of water infused for 10 minutes, or 1 bag or LMMT and 1 bag of slimming tea infused for 10 minutes 3times a day with food or in place of food.
The same bags are reused three times.

Further, Cordyceps is added to that program.1 capsule, 2 times a day together with bio zinc during hypertonia, and 2 capsules 2times a day during hypotonia. So for 40 days, we drink LMMT, double cellulose, Calcium for the brain and may be for someone Bio zinc. For the next 4o days we add to that program Cordyceps. After 3 months you simply leave slimming tea at 2 bags to a glass 3 times a day.

I would like to mention that Tibetan Medicine
comprises a self regulating mechanism. And after you have finished taking all this, you can now continue to live a normal life. By the way, grow thin and limit yourself with meals in the first 40 days. Of course you cannot overeat in the first 40 days. You get used to eating a little and you try to maintain the habit. You do no need to be afraid that something somewhere will start hanging, or that wrinkles will appear. In that lies the difference with Tibetan Medicine that nothing like that will happen.

Remember, calcium is still a participant in the contraction activity of the muscles. Everything will come back to normal. By the way, this program is also suitable for those who want to gain weight. Spirulina can be dissolved in water, or washed down with water. That diet also resolves many skin problems very well.

Many are afraid of the contraindications written on
spirulina, as kidney ailment. First, it is a plant protein and filters very well theglomerular (filtration) apparatus of the kidneys. That is why it is practically harmless to the kidneys. Contraindications only start to appear, when you need to take 4 capsules 3 times a day of spirulina. No one will recommend you such a dosage. Up to 6-8 capsules, in the case of any kidney pathology, spirulina has been shown, except for chronic kidney failure of the 2nd degree or acute kidney failure, yes and in general, in these circumstances it is not advisable to give any herb, except Cordyceps. In the event of an acute kidney failure, it is better to let the doctor treat. And you are not advised to deal with such a patient.

Besides that, which you take inside, you need to use the massaging belt, 15 sessions for 30 minutes;
15 minutes regime D, 15 minutes regime C (on the stomach and hips). The first 3 treatments should be for 15 minutes regime A. the massage must be repeated every 2 months. Contraindications are included in the instructions at the back of the book.
Using the foot massager, 15 sessions for 20
minutes, beginning with 5 minutes, can also
reduce weight.

Restore your health with Tiens formula

Dr. Farida Bikbaeva

To healing and leading healthy and happy lives 🥂

SENSE ORGANS – sight disorder, hearing disorder, disorder of the sense of smell

Sight disorders – “Tiens” range of products has helped to achieve significant results in patients with eye sight ailments. Please know there are cases whereby operations is inevitable (for instance with glaucoma an operation is obligatory) But even after an operation, relapses are frequent. That’s why it is necessary to take “Tiens” supplements in addition.

A cataract is a disease which develops as a result of the bombardment of the retina by free radicals, and the best way to fight cataracts is to take antioxidants. But simple regular antioxidants will not be enough therfore good and powerful antioxidants are necessary. We have such quality antioxidants in “Tiens”

Secondly, one of the most advanced prophylactic methods for treating an initial cataract is electrophoresis with calcium ions. Scientists have found out that cataracts form due to osteoporosis, meaning calcium deficiency. Today osteoporosis is not just simply a deficiency in the bones but a deficiency of calcium in general. And electrophoresis is not possible for all patients. We in “Tiens” have ready calcium ions, and by applying them to any problem, we improve our sight myopia ( short sightedness) and far sightedness which develop as a result of congenital origin or ageing, and can also be corrected. How? It turns out that, when eyesight is disturbed, the eye ball takes the form of an eclipse.

It appears that when a person is undergoing changes of short sightedness or far sightedness the eyes ball changes it’s form. It becomes ellipsoidal, but the retina remains in place. The eyeball changes it’s form, and the stronger it changes, the stronger the exfoliation from the retina. The eyeball consists of collagen. That’s is why when in kaliningrad, they try to restore eyesight by giving the product chitosan which stimulates the production of collagen they got amazing results. And by stimulating the production of collagen the form of the eyeball returned to normal ( retina comes back to it’s place and the eye sight is restored)

Aman came with a sight of 0.0009 DP, practically blind. After a year it was 0.9 ( normal is 1) in the course of the year he was taking “Tiens” products. If you want to restore sight, then you need to take the products for a long period of time.

Sight disorder depends secondly on blood supply to the retina. If the microcirculation of the retina is disturbed, then the eye sight is spoilt. The microcirculation gets disturbed first, by ageing, as the blood vessels narrow, due to atherosclerosis and secondly by diabetic patients ( they do not suffer from the fact that, they have a lot of sugar in their blood, but that the sugar causes disturbance in the microcirculation) that is why such patients go blind faster than all others

One sugar diabetic patient 22 years of age with eyesight of 16 ( practically blind) by taking in the course of the year chitosan at a dose or 1 capsule 2 times a day and cordyceps, corrected her sight

Those who smoke and those who work with vibrations also go blind, because smoking and vibrations as well as a raise in the amount of blood sugar disturb microcirculation, causing persistent angiospasms of the vessels, they get damaged and at one point get fed up of widening. The persistent angiospasms remain, which lead to narrowing of the vessels. Hence, one of the reasons for the improvement in eye sight while taking “Tiens” products is that, majority of the products improve the microcirculation. Simply, the vessels widen and correspondingly the eye sights improved

Thirdly, the retina consists of cones and rods of the optic nerve and zinc is part of their constituents. Hence when we recommend Tiens bio zinc to a patient with an eyesight disorder, we are providing nutrition to the optic nerves and due to that fact, sight is improved. Besides, bio zinc it’s self possesses the ability to improve the conductivity of the nerves ( transmission of the nerve impulses signals and in the nerve tissue themselves) zinc is also a constituent of the photochemical enzymes, participating in the refraction of light. And such a widespread disease, as astigmatism, is formed due to a defect in the fraction of light.

And remember using a set of Tiens products for as much as a year is not a life long gurantee for protection. We continue to live, feel nervous, eat, drink etc. So even if we restored our health once, we might need to do it all over again, if need be.

Therefore, for prophylactic purposes, it is necessary to take bio zinc, bio calcium and LMMT. The major thing is that, we will not harm our body if we take these products once every six months. Vitamin A and E are also needed for the eyes and the best product for this is vitality soft gel. I drip it in the eyes ( piercing the capsule and use a pipette) in the morning before washing, 1 drop in each eye.

LMMT improves microcirculation in the eyes. If previously you didn’t take it, and you have stones in the organs, then 1 bag infused for 40 minutes in one litre of hot water. On the other hand, if you were already using Tiens products, 1 bag of tea in a glass of hot water infused for 40 minutes will do

Chitosan is the second product that is absolutely necessary. It improves the structure of the eyeball, and it is also an excellent hepatic protector. In China, they say eye sight is directly dependant on the liver. It also inproves the work and restoration function of the joints. And people whose joints are not in order, frequently, are sick in the eyes. If it is scoliosis then it is a 100% eyesight disorder, because where there is shortage of calcium, there is an improper functioning of the ciliary muscle ( which narrow and expand the pupil) that’s why, naturally eye sight is disturbed. Besides, this helps restore the function of the pancreas and normalise the sugar levels of the diabetic patients

Chitosan need to be taken 30 minutes before meals and washed down with a glass of water at a dose of one capsule 2 times a day for 15 – 60 year Olds and 1 capsule once a day for those over 60.

The third product for improving the nutrition if the cones and rods is Bio zinc. It is taken an hour after chitosan, at a dose of 2 capsules, 2 times a day. For those over 60 years, at 1 capsule, 2 times a day. And for those over 70 years of age, 1 capsule once a day

The fourth product is bio calcium for lowering blood sugar level. This improves function of the ciliary muscle better than calcium for the brain. A 1/3 of a sachet is taken at night

The fifth product is vitality soft gel, which is dripped into the eyes in the event of cataract formation, after an operation of the eyeballs and age related change of the eye corneas. 1 drop per eye is taken in the morning and this course of treatment is calculated for a period of not less than 40 days, but if it is serious pathology, then 3 consecutive months.

Bio zinc is taken for not less than 3 months and then there is a break, and if it is a serious pathology, depending on the feasibility, we continue to drink LMMT and calcium. The effects takes over after some time

Hearing disorder – one of the causes of bad hearing is the disturbance in the wholeness of the eardrums. Very often, it occurs as a result of transmitted virus illnesses. It so happens that, we clean ears more than necessary, thereby removing ear fungus. In such a case, cordyceps is taken at 2 – 3 capsules a day. Besides that, it is dissolved in warm water ( in hot water it is destroyed), the quantity equivalent to the size of pin head can be dripped and a cotton wool plug placed in the ear for the night. The course of treatment is two weeks. In place of cordyceps, bio zinc can be tried. Small scars of the eardrum are well resolved by chitosan ( better dissolve in lemon juice)

Otosclerosis :

More often happens in women. It is transfered genetically. The appearance of noise in the ears is one of the first symptoms of disease. The treatment program is as follows; LMMT, chitosan, bio zinc and cordyceps ( incase of a serious disorder)

If the hearing disorder is due to age related atherosclerosis instead of LMMT, vigour rousing capsules is taken at a dose of 1 capsule a day. Noise in the ear may arise in the event of encephalopathy. And here, in order to remove noise, sometimes it is enough to take LMMT and calcium for the brain only. A 40 days’ course can help. In a hypertonic crisis, hemorrhage may occur in the region of the hearing zones. That is why along period of taking LMMT may improve hearing

Smelling disorder – another rampart pathology which western medicine practically could not try well is chronic antritis and atrophic rhinitis. In traditional medicine electrophoresis with zinc is used. In my opinion “Tiens bio zinc” is stronger and more powerful. Therefore, bio zinc needs to be inhaled through the nose. There will be no sneezing it is a very gentle product. Inhale and drink 1 capsule of bio zinc 3 times a day.

Also cordyceps which help improve the microcirculation of the olfactory zone of the brain is to be taken at 1 capsule 2 times a day. For chronic antritis, cordyceps is taken at a dose of 1 capsule 2 tiens and a day and bio zinc 3 tiens after meals.

Do too know a taste and smell disorder lead to Obesity? Hence people who suffer from Obesity may be found with this pathology. We are supposed to feel the smell of food and later taste and then a full stomach. So when a person doesnot feel the smell of food he takes more than what is necessary to get satisfied. Our taste bud directly depend on the quantity of zinc in our organism. Bio zinc is the product that positively influences all our senses therefore, shortage of zinc is removed from the organism by phosphorus fertilizers. That is why, in the use of vegetables which were processed with phosphorus and nitrogen fertizers zinc is removed from our organism. As a result, we get various pathologies

In the event of taste disorders it is absolutely necessary to take biozinc. And after the basic course treatment course every half a year it is necessary to take this product. One of the most vulnerable places in our bodies is the sense organ. And sense organ is the nerve tissue. And the basis of the nerve tissue is zinc. And zinc is catalyst of the basic exchange process and also a normalization of the hormonal background. So, three basic products for treatment and preventive maintenance of these illnesses are; LMMT, bio calcium and bio zinc. Besides that, if the microcirculation of the tissue needs to improve and cholesterol level normalizes, then LMMT has to be taken constantly

By taking bio calcium we are carrying out preventive treatment of 147 illnesses caused by the shortage of calcium. If we were to repeat this after every 6 months, we can avoid so many illnesses. If we take into consideration that zinc is also a building material of the organism, and that the elasticity of our skin depend on calcium then that is good for us.

Children – for the restoration of the sense organs of up to 10 years old, spirulina is necessary. It improves the function of the pancreas, liver, hormonal background etc. For children over the age of 10 years, chitosan can be added at a dose of 1 capsule a day and 1-2 capsules of bio zinc. Bio zinc is dropped using a dropper into the nose of the child ( dissolve in lukewarm water) in the case of conjunctivitis ( pink eyes) LMMT is used to wash the eyes of the child.

To healing, and leading healthy and happy lives 🥂

With love, Shad

Acute diseases of respiratory organs..

First, when it becomes cold in the street, one of us naturally starts to catch a cold. The most visible part of cold is a running nose. In general, what is a running nose? Our nose stands as a boarder and different kinds of viruses and microbes get into contact with the mucous of our nose. Large quantities of liquid (mucous) begin to be produced, that is, body guards, T-lymphocytes. They come to entry points of microbes and viruses and starts to fight them. We blow our nose and the following day we have nothing at all. If the penetration was stronger, and the person was weak at that moment in time (you got frozen or had a stressful situation at home, nervous breakdown) then we begin blowing the nose even more. And the discharge will start to go green and thicken. This means used up T-lymphocytes will start to accumulate

So, let’s look at the products that can help the body fight these invading infections;The first product is cordyceps, which stimulates the production of T-lymphocytes. In the initial stages of the disease, the pathogenic microflora becomes very large; therefore it’s necessary to take 4 capsules of cordyceps per day for 3 days. An excess of up to 8 capsules per day is allowed. It’s very vital to catch the moment when it’s all just beginning, but if the penetration of the micro flora occurred more deeply, and you were slow to act, here the recovery may go differently for different people.

Cordyceps raises the protective forces of the organism, and it tackles the infection by itself. The appearance of a raised temperature tell about the protective reaction of the organism. Why? Because the organism specially raises the temperature Inorder to destroy fallen infection, as it cannot exist at temperature above 37.2 degrees celcius. If the temperature gets very high, this might have noticed that, children who have high temperatures get ill less in time than those of temperatures of 37.3 degrees celcius. This means that the organism is weak and cannot adequately react. All doctors say that there is no need to lower the temperatures if it is below 38 degrees celcius. But high temperatures can provoke febrile convulsions in children however it doesnot mean that the child has epilepsy or anything of that sort

With what do we lower the temperature? Ofcourse we can use aspirin, anal gin and others, but do not forget that anal gun causes leukemia, paracetamol causes the abdominal accumulation of cerebral fluids and aspirin provokes stomach ulcers. Hence cordyceps may raise the body temperature, but do not panic, it’s simply a defense reaction of the organism. That is why, when you take cordyceps, and the body temperature rises, it means that the organism has started fighting the infectionFor lowering body temperatures we have LMMT. Moreover, if taken hot, the antipyretic ( anti fever) properties come into effect faster. I bag of tea for 1 litre of water. Leave to infuse for 40 minutes and then drinkIf a child is unwell, it is not obligatory to give cordyceps, but you can give bio zinc, which is a component of the immunoglobulin and acts on the organism in the very initial stages of an illness as interferon. Hence children can take up to 6 capsules per day even the little ones

What makes this product so good? It is of organic origin and when it enters inside the body it takes the quantity it requires and the rest comes out with faeces. Forexample, when you fall ill it is a stressful situation for the organism. You give a preparation, which enters and fits into the necessary links, and the required amount of immunoglobulin at the time is producedIf a child is 3 years old, he is allowed to take up to 6 capsules. For example in Chita ( Siberia) the winters are long and it is Cold practically all year round, hence the favorite product, especially for pedestrians is Bio zinc. Doctors have a high success rate of curing children in 5-6 days and you must be aware that, many children now fall into the category of the often ill ( OIC)So when a flu epidemic or acute respiratory disease ( ARD) begins, and you wish to be secure, it is sufficient to take 1-2 capsules of Bio zinc in the morning. If it is a child, 1 capsules, 2 capsules for adults. That means, you will be ready to come into contact with any kind of infection, and even if on this background you fall ill, you are able to cope with illness much easier

Virus infection has become dangerous of late because of compilations. As a result there are various Bronchitises, and some with asthmatic complications and do not forget that, when you’re undergoing some chemotherapy treatment arises the “holey mucous syndrome”. That is the mucous micro flora of the intestines is destroyed, dysbacteriosis or anaerobic spores forms, which in particular, ( if they get into joints) can cause the inflammation of the joints. Any kind of chemotherapy you undergo, in the event of virus infection, turns around into joint pains.With chronic bronchitis, very often it comes as a complicated virus infection, and on the background of cordyceps, bio zinc or chitosan the cough leaves very fast. If one had been suffering from bronchitis for a long time, it’s possible to take one or the other of the above products. During the critical period of exacerbation, 4 capsules of cordyceps should be taken per day for 5 days. Then 1 capsule of cordyceps 2 times per dayBio zinc is taken in large dosages at 1 capsules 3 times per day immediately before meals, dissolved in half a glass of water. If you want to get rid of bronchitis, then you need to take cordyceps for a long time 1 capsule 3 times a day

One more disease that often show up in patients with chronic bronchitis is Bronchial asthma. Of late, diseases of an auto immune character have become so many. That is, a distortion of the immune system. One of these allergies is Bronchial asthma, verdict is that it is not curable. Up until the 20th century Bronchial asthma was not considered a disease, from which people died. Though responsible for the shortness of breath, and serious enough but people did not die from it’s attacks.

In the 20th century, inhalers were made, which stop an asthma attack but cause cardiovascular failure. And a person who is, on inhalers for a long time, unfortunately, can die during an asthmatic attack as a result of acute heart failure. People began to die from asthma only in the 20th century. Today, hormones are added into these inhalers. There is no need to explain what hormones are? We have a whole chain of hormones, which are produced in such organs like the thyroid glands, pituitary glands, sexual glands and etc and all of this chain functions on a mutual dependence of the hormones. That is the pituitary glands stimulate the production of hormones of the thyroid glands. The thyroid glands hormones in turn acts in the adrenaline and sexual glands that is they are all interconnected.

Now, when we introduce any hormone, for example, adrenaline hormone prednisolone, the while essence becomes futile because the organism starts to produce fewer hormones. That synthetic hormone does not participate anymore in chain and the organism begins to change. There is an influence on the sexual hormones, hormones of the sexual hormones, hormones of the thyroid glands, pituitary glands, exhibiting change in the outside appearance. Cushing’ syndrome – such people have a “bloated” face and they begin to suffer from Obesity, excess growth of body and facial hair, dandruff appearance and body immunity begin to fall seriously.

Practically the whole chain comes under the background of tacking hormones. In the event of low immunity they often fall victim to any kind of illnesses. That is having removed an attack today, we make the patient ill tomorrow from taking hormones and are not dependant on how the hormones and are administered. Previously, it was thought that internal application of hormones was one thing, and inhaling was another. But there is no such thing. Through the mucous membrane of the nose, exactly the same amount of hormones which may harm the organism are also absorbed

There is a medical register of Bio-additives, which are allowed, and neccesary for the rehabilitation ( after treatment) and preventive treatments ( prophylaxis) of patients. But nevertheless, the way doctors regard them is very complex and different. And when you talk to physicians who are not interested in using them, they say “we are not interested in bio additives, they are not effective, we have already tried them” but just as there are different anti biotic ( sulphanilamide) there are also different bioadditives. Cordyceps officially goes as an antibiotic in Chinese clinics. The chinese unlike us do not have dysbacteriosis. They do not have problems such as candidiosis which were provokes by us using antibiotics. And their liver is by far much stronger ours. Yes they have aspirin and paracetamol but thy use it in an emergency and only in extreme cases. That is why; quite recently in Havard university ( USA) The institute of intergrated medicine was formed to bond western and eastern medicine

As never before, there is need to produce bio additives. They are dosed and so compacted, that you do not just prepare a teaspoonful in a glass of water and get some unkonw concentration, but you have a tablet, in which there is the exact amount of milligrams that are required by the body. And this tablet has already undergone investigation in a scientific research institute and so many clinical experiments have been carried out in it and you are assured it works, just like any other medicine. And that is the difference between bioadditives and medicinal herbs. Therfore you should tell the doctor yourself, “Doctor could you prescribe me bio additives as well?”

Now! The first thing should be to carry out cleansing. For this purpose three products are required, that is LMMT, double cellulose and Bio Calcium. During this first stage the person should be seen as if they were lying in hospital under droppers. This stage lasts 40 days and is equivalent to lying down under droppers for 10 days. Droppers are meant to cleanse the organismIn the second stage, 1 capsule of cordyceps is taken 2 times a day, bio zinc, 1 capsule 3 times a day. 1 capsule of bio calcium and lecithin to be taken at night, LMMT strengthens the action of these preparations

I would like to warn you in advance. Be patient and go through the whole treatment course, from the beginning to the end. Avoid a quick fix mentality. The thing is that, when you start taking the products, you should be aware that you might feel bad. Why does the body temperature rise? That is because the body has started to fight back. But high temperatures are bad, but we have to go through the experience, because the organism is fighting. Thick discharges from the nose are also bad, but we have to go through with them. Hence, if you have undertaken to go for it, be kind and do it up to the end otherwise do not do it at all

If the asthmatic patient takes inhalers without hormones then three month course is fully sufficient. If the Bronchial asthma is of a more serious nature then the second course is taken until the patient cases to run short of the breath. This can be in one month or six months. If the patient takes hormones, and cordyceps possess the property of regulating the production of one’s own hormones, then after the first course, he should slowly descend from taking the hormones. If he was taking 4 tarts of hormonal drugs, he could reduce it by a 1/4. Taking one course of cordyceps means removing a 1/4 does of prescribed hormonal drugs. After two weeks, implement another 1/4 reduction and after 4 weeks another 1/4 reduction. You must not stop the use of hormonal drugs at one, it may cause a fatal crisis. All this needs to be done slowly and cautiously. Let your doctor be aware of what you are taking. This is a must!

Bio zinc is taken for 3 months, then a break of 3 months. Cordyceps can be taken for a long time. By the way cordyceps has one more important property, for which it is so loved by the Chinese it extends one’s life span

Double cellulose is taken at a dose of 1 tablet before meals even if you are now well remember that it does not mean that you have gotten ride of Bronchial asthma for the rest of your life. A break down might still occur and that is because the fact that what caused you the Bronchial asthma cannot be removed, and no one can be sure that it will not come back again, you still breath the same air, you work in the same place you used to work in, and you still become nervous, hence the accumulation of all these may provoke the new attack

If you are asthmatic for at least once, then, make sure to take cordyceps, bio calcium and bio zinc for a month ( twice in a year spring and autumn) if you are falling ill and you feel you have got a chill, take two capsules of cordyceps three times per day. Remember that, in the event of asthmatic fly, be aware of anti biotic because very often they provoke Bronchial asthma, dysbacteriosis and disturb the function of the liver

Bronchial asthma in children, of late it has become so much more. Very often Bronchial asthma arises in children after a cold. Here is a characteristic example: A child caught a cold, start taking antibiotic and there goes a break down in the Intestinal micro flora forms an allergy and an allergy component are added to the bronchitis. It follows that we have an infectious allergic asthma, and then, we are suddenly faced with atopic asthma. What has happened to the child? What needs to be done now? His Intestinal flora needs to be restored it is necessary to restore the liver for any child under five years, it is sufficient to give calcium for children, spirulina and bio zinc. 1/2 a sachet of calcium for children is given at night. Spirulina 1 capsule is given 2 times a day before meal or with food. By the way, an experiment was carried out, using spirulina a hand with 6 capsules on the palm was stretched out to a child with dysbacteriosis so as to take as much as he wanted more, more would be given and it went on for a week like that. it turned out that, when body became saturated, he also began to ask for exactly what is required

Spirulina is in general a unique product; it treats dysbacteriosis very well in children. The fact is that, it creates and environment in the intestines in which own micro flora begins to multiply. That is why, when restoration occurs in a child, he starts reducing the dose by himself.

From what age can spirulina be given? From one year you may give as much spirulina as the child wants to take. Bio zinc at 1 capsule twice a day, he gets better. The minimum course period is 40 days, even if he has got better and naturally, when the child catches a cold, it is not necessary to miss that moment, when it has just began. So, the program is for up to 5 years old

For all the children, two glasses of LMMT, per day, that is, brew 1 tea bag in a litre of water. 1/2 a tablet of double cellulose 2 times a day, before a meal. Crash and dissolve in water then give, 1/2 a sachet of calcium for children, to be taken at night. The first course is for 40 days. Later 1/2 a capsule of cordyceps. 2 times a day or a capsule in one go. One capsule for bio zinc 2 times a day. Calcium for children, at 1/3 1/2 sachet at night. If a child has an allergy, then calcium for children improves the condition by itself. To begin treatment on allergic patient, it is necessary to start with a small dose so as not to cause an exercabation. That which sum always mistake for an allergy, is simply an exacerbation, hence continue taking the supplements it will all go. It is better not to have an exacerbation all the same, therfore start with a small dose.

LMMT removes allergic conditions too. That’s us all this program is calculated for, restoration in the event of allergic conditions. There is no allergy to these supplements and if you have a rash then find another factor. That rush may appear when you take LMMT for the first time. If you continue to take it, you will see that it disappears

To healing and living healthy and happy lives

With love, Shad

The foundation for health restoration – TCM

Hi, i am Ezee Shad and I Founded GLOW UP WITH SHAD which is basically a wellness initiative, our main objective is to help people heal and lead healthy and happy lives

If you have health problems either personally or on behalf of your loves ones, it’s most likely that you have tried a few conventional approaches in other words you’re already on some form of medication (either pills or injections) but when it comes to conventional or western medicine it doesnot see the human body as a one whole unit organism rather as different body parts and treated as such without taking into consideration the fact that these body parts are interconnected and coordinated as one whole unit.

So what they do in western medicine is; they fight with an illness by all means at their disposal like surgical knife, chemistry, radiation etc. It usually turns out well in acute, urgent or emergency cases but unfortunately found to be non effective when it comes to chronic illnesses, rehabilitation, and even so if you’re aiming at prevention of disease or health preservation

Now we got something else, some call it Eastern medicine, traditional medicine, alternative medicine but i prefer to call it holistic medicine and it has a different approach, it says “an illness is a signal that something is wrong in the human organism and the aim is not to fight the disease but to restore health” The disease is not your enemy, it’s just a warning signal, it’s a messenger with a clear message; something is wrong in the body, fix it and i won’t be here anymore”

Here is a relatable analogy, you come home from work one evening and find your sink is leaking, because you have no clue how to fix the sink you opt for towels which you lay under the sink to absorb the water so it doesn’t flow to other places in the house, it works for the mean time but for as long as the leaking continues you’re gonna need more and more towels until you call up the plumber and get the sink fixed. Now the leaking is the disease and the towels are the pills and injections, the sink is the human organism. If you dont fix whatever is wrong in the organism, you will continue to have disease and take pills for the rest of your life

And that is exactly what holistic medicine does, it fixes the organism, removes the cause of the ailment (the leaking is not your problem what caused the leaking is, that’s where you need to pay more attention) this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Hippocrates – before you heal someone ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick. Because the fact is when you took a tablet you lowered the blood pressure you didn’t remove what caused it, when you took a pill to remove the headache did you remove what caused the headache? An illness is the body’s way of saying; something is not right here pay attention, help me or tomorrow might be too late. So we need to stop fighting with the disease already and instead focus more on what caused the disease

In China, their doctors treat the whole organism and as result they by far have the longest average life expectancy than the rest of the world, their infact mortality rate stands at 3% whereas in the west it’s a whopping 37%

Did you also know that more they make pharmaceutical drugs the more refined illnesses are taking these days, the staphylococcus which penicillin once successfully dealt with has become such that even the strongest most powerful antibiotic cannot control anymore, and it’s most likely that is why there is growth in autoimmune disease, not to mention the side effects from drugs which is now the third leading cause of death in America

According to world health organization, over 95% of the world population has health problems, 15% are sick and 85% are sub healthy meaning they’re walking around but with diseases like sinuses, ulcers, impotence, Infertility, dental and skin disease, menstrual complications, Obesity, depression, constipation, insomnia etc. Only 5% are healthy, and our job is to hype this percentage, how? By helping the organism thrive and not choke it with ecology, chemistry and stress

Before we try to heal, let’s first understand how the body functions, let’s say you’re working on a garden one afternoon and then suffer a minor cut in the fingure by one of the sharp edged grasses, you feel the pain but you need to finish up quickly so you continue but later forget all about it. The next day on your cut appears a line of puss, what happened? Well, the skin is our boarder, you were cut and it was broken, when it breaks enemies known as microbes and infections get their way into the organism. Also when the grass cut through your skin there was pain, that pain serves as a signal to the brain which sends forth soilders T-lymphocytes, they get to the microbes bonds with them and die, that what you see as puss is actually corpses of the lymphocytes

For some, they open the strip, let out the puss, apply some iodine and everything is alright. But sometimes the lymphocytes are insufficient or probably weak as a result infections digs deeper therefore a deeper inflammation may begin and that is when you make an appointment to go see a doctor

Everyday thousands of lymphocytes in the organism destroy changed cells, microbes, parasites, the worn out cells or dead cells and these puss and dead cells are partly gotten rid of through urine, bile or along with sweet but unfortunately there are always remainders left all around the body which eventually build up as traits of toxins

Just as we have the skin which lines and protects the outside surface we also have the mucous membranes which lines and protects the inside surface, it’s called the mucous membrane because it produces a thick protective fluid mucus which keeps the internal organs moist and soft and also traps foreign materials and unwanted disease causing organisms called pathogens preventing them from accesing or reaching vital structures

A one famous man Dr. Sebi who isn’t actually a doctor because he never attended school not even nursery but somehow did his own research and managed to cure all diseases including HIV, lupus, blindness and every other disease believed to be incurable. He said – There never have been two diseases in the world, there is only one disease: compromising of the mucous membrane

One may think this is Bs because it’s coming from an uneducated man which is fair enough, so let’s hear it from another man who actually has a master’s degree, Dr. Keith Nemec – All diseases start with cellular inflammation, whether you have cancer, heart disease or Alzhemier’s, it all starts with inflammation at a cellular level which leads to either early cell death with translates into specific organ or gland disease or into cancer stem cell stimulation which fuels cancer cell growth and metastasis

Let me show you some examples, when the mucous membrane get inflamed lining the;

– sinus/ nasal passages ( sinusitis) you get symptoms like headache, facial pains, runny nose, nasal congestion ( cold, allergies)

– Bronchial tubes ( bronchitis) you get symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing up thickened mucus (respiratory infections)

– Intestinal Tract ( leaky gut syndrome) you get symptoms like headache, diarrhoea, fatigue, joint pains, skin problems ( inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, asthma, depression, allergies) etc

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is part of the body’s defense mechanism and plays a role in the healing process. When the body detects an intruder, it launches a biological response to try and remove it. The attackers could be a foreign body such as a thorn, an irritant or a pathogen ( pathogens include bacterias, viruses and other organisms which cause infection. Sometimes the body mistakenly perceives it’s own cells or tissues as harmful, this reaction can lead to autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes

Types of inflammation;

Acute inflammation, where one gets an injury or illness but for short term. It has 5 signs; pain – you can feel it continously or by touching the affected area, redness – this happens because of increased blood supply to the affected area, loss of function – you may have difficulty moving a joint, breathing, sensing, smelling and so on, heat – because of increased blood flow this may leave affected area warm to touch, swelling – due to fluid build up.

These signs may not always be present, sometimes inflammation is silent without symptoms, a person may feel tired, generally unwell and have a fever and these may last 2-6 weeks

Chronic inflammation can continue for a month or years, it either has or may have links to various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and allergies etc

What causes inflammation?

External injuries, exposure to a substance such as a bee sting, dust or polluted air, infections caused by pathogens and chemicals

Let’s explore further on chemicals because its kind of a suicide. When you look at other causes of inflammation we don’t quite have so much control over them, like we can’t really see the bacterias and viruses they can get into the body when you least expect, for the external injuries we don’t really plan for accidents they just happen and W.H.O has it that 9 out of 10 people now breath polluted air which kills 7 million people every year but that is not something you can tackle individually, it requires collective responsibility and government policies like banning plastics, planting a billion trees, keeping the water sources clean, protecting wild life, banning coal and using clean fuels instead, curbing industrial pollution and so on

But when it comes to chemicals, this is something you can solely control, let’s start with prescription drugs, we all know it’s made in the lab by mixing together a number of chemicals, according to Dr. Peter C. Gotzsche drugs kills around 200000 people in America every year and half of these people die while they do what their doctors told them to do, so they die of side effects and the other half die because of errors and its often the doctors who make those errors because any drug may come with 20,30,40 warning, contraindications, precautions and so on, no doctor in the world knows all about this so they give patients drugs that they should not have given them that interact dangerously with other drugs or food items and the patient dies. Am not implying you should stop your medication but you can slowly and gradually opt for something better

Food, i can write about food all day but recently I discovered that the foods on the Market that I believed were natural and healthy and ate rentlessly are actually man made (hybrids) and very acidic, this is bad news because all God made foods are alkaline for a good reason; you’re what you eat acidic foods are poisonous, no wonder people are very stressed and there is so much hate going on. Some of you deliberately choose ultra possessed food which are dead filled with so much sugar and grease and somehow you don’t know why you feel like crap, besides that how much water do you drink a day? Do you eat most fruits and vegetables, more grains, moderate nuts and diary and less fish, Meat and poultry? Is it clear now why you’re sick?

Long term, Low level exposure to industrial chemicals, some people think am crazy because I stopped relaxing my hair 2 years ago, and when I tell people I use honey to wash my face and olive to moisturise am labelled the natural extremist, i dont care though because I’ve gone as far as using 💯 natural Toothpaste ( no flouride) and chemical free pads, i dont use make up or nail polish and many such things because most cosmetics and house hold equipments are filled with harmful chemicals like phthalate, paraben, BPA, oxybenzone, triclosan etc which disrupt hormones, damage organs, suppress immunity and compromise your health

What puts people at an increased risk of inflammation?

Older age, Obesity, poor diet, smoking, alcoholism, stress, sleeping disorders, lack of exercise

For the past few months, in what i dubbed transformation Thursday I’ve been sharing with my readers and members of the glow community a few simple habits they can incorporate into their daily routine to prevent disease; like breathing right, taking enough water, eating a balanced and sufficient natural diet, sleeping well, exercising, fasting, meditating, positive self affirmations, social bonding, forgiveness etc check here for details

How to reduce or fight chronic inflammation?

The body is the best pharmacy ever devised, it produces diuretics, pain killers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotics and indeed everything manufactured by the drug companies except it makes them much better, the dosage is always right and given on time, side effects are minimal or non existant and the directions for using the drug are induced in the drug itself as part of it’s built in intelligence

God designed the body to heal or cure itself, our only job is to simply support it by creating the right atmosphere. How? by providing it with enough fresh air, enough clean water, enough natural foods, and removing waste products or cleansing

Cleansing is the foundation of health restoration. If our upper floors crumble, we need to correct the foundation first, so that brick by brick we can rebuild a reliably strong house again. We recommend that beginners should start with 3 products and maintain atleast once a year regime. Practically all 3 products together operate with the purpose of prevention and treatment of Atherosclerosis, prevention and treatment of tumors, prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus, prevention and treatment of allergic conditions

First product, lipid metabolism management tea (LMMT) – it simply means the tea for lowering lipids. It’s basic role is to normalize triglycerides and low density lipoprotein

Is cholesterol good or bad? the thing is cholesterols are the building material for our brain cells and the sexual hormones, estrogen, it’s also the cholesterol which splits up fatty acids that participate in the digestion of fats in our organism. If we don’t eat cholesterol we actually deprive our brain cells of its building material, sexual hormones start to suffer, bile acids begin to be produced at a lesser extent, digestion of fats is disturbed and you begin to gather fats and that’s how you become obese. So cholesterols are very necessary for us

When cholesterol enters the body it’s picked up by three types of bonds triglycerides, low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein. Triglycerides + x ( low lipids) carry cholesterol in blood vessels i.e atherosclerotic plaque, low density lipoprotein + x high density lipoprotein + x ( high lipids) carry cholesterol to the liver i.e building material and bile acid

1st effect – low density lipids need to lowered and high density lipids need to be raised and that is exactly what LMMT does. It carries cholesterol to where it’s needed, therefore please don’t stop eating healthy fats just make sure to wash it down with this tea and you will only benefit, it will rejuvenate you and you will only become thinner instead of gaining weight

This also solves another problem of Obesity which results into hypertonias, arthritis etc it is one thing if your knees have to carry a weight of 50-60 kg and another when 100kg, same applies to arterial pressure and the heart

2nd effect – it’s a magnificent liver protector, that is it restores hepatic tissues

3rd effect – it happens very often that a person has hypotonia, and later develop hypertonias. What is the cause? In our vessel walls a hormone called prostaglandin is produced and responsible for the tone of muscles. The thing is that in most of us the synthesis of this hormone is disturbed and depending on how much of it is being produced we get hypertonia or hypotonia. LMMT normalizes the production of prostaglandin and if taken as directed it will either raise or lower one’s blood pressure to normal level

4th effect – if you’re the kind who sleeps during lectures, or meeting you’re not sleepy because you’re bored but because you have insufficient hormones of the thyroid gland. It is called hypothyroidism. You need this tea because it balances hormones system

5th effect – it normalizes the acidity level of gastric juices. Why is this good? If you have high acidity levels, no matter which medication you take for raising the hemoglobin, they will not be absorbed. This is because not only iron participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin but calcium also and care needs to be taken so that normal acidity levels of gastric juices exist

6th effect – The central institute of cancer research in Ohio USA conducts researchers on various substances food, medicine, additives etc. Which act as prophylactics and treatments of malignant tumors. During the study of diffent kinds of teas, which are ingredients of lipid metabolism management tea it was concluded that the LMMT has a substance which programs cancer cells to destroy themselves in stomach, prostate and skin cancer cases. That is the LMMT itself is prophylactic against tumor related illnesses

7th effect – it normalises the microcirculation in the brain and intracranial pressure. Many people suffer from illnesses such encephalopathy, which is the narrowing of blood vessel of the brain. One of the first symptoms of the illness is a noise in the head because the blood vessel’s have got narrower. Forexample, when a river is wide, it flows slowly, when it gets narrower it rustles. you begin to hear how your blood flows. After you drink some tea, the rustling will stop. The noise today results into Alzhemier’s and dementia later

8th effect– LMMT removes radiation from the body. It removes radiations from both soft and hard tissues

9th effect – LMMT dissolves gallbladder stones

PS. LMMT is not suitable for children. Suggested long term use for middle aged and adults

Second product – Double cellulose, why such a name? This is because it contains two kinds of basic components; insoluble maize cellulose and soluble cellulose from fruits and hawthorn leaves.

The insoluble cellulose cleans in between the hairs ( villous) of the small intestines. Soluble cellulose carries out the cleaning of intercellular space and establishes the lymph drainage system. Double cellulose acts on the human organism gently without damaging the mucous membranes, doesn’t rub like a brush as does other analogical preparation for the same purpose.

It’s basic role is the normalisation of the functions of the intestines

Our intestines are 7 metres in length, besides that have villeferous internal surface for increasing the absorption area which is 200 metres. This is our pipe and like any pipe has a tendency to get dirty

Hence, in the course of our lifetime the intestines become clogged with dirt. Moreover this applies to both adults and children. If a child is 3 years old it doesn’t mean that he has an ideal pipe. There were dirt accumulated, protozoa begins to appear. Lamblia for example very much like to multiply in the depth of the cavities of villi, it’s found in the bile extracting canals. A patient is prescribed drugs that stimulate the flow of bile from the gallbladder, ofcourse they live there but they multiply in the intestines. Hence, if we don’t cleanse the intestines then we will never reach the lamblia

Second, Intestinal bacteria sort out the content if food, this is required by the organism for absorption and that is not needed. But in a polluted ( dirty) environment they cannot exist or multiply. Antibiotics destroy them. This is why all that got stuck in the intestines begin to rot and be absorbed. This provokes headaches, skin and allergic disease. Besides that the cysts of aerobic bacteria which exist without oxygen is absorbed, they enter the joints, multiply there and cause pain. In surgery it is referred to as holey mucous membrane syndrome

The soluble one is absorbed into blood and it adsorbs to itself toxins. This is the hawthorn cellulose ( which has anti tumor and arterial pressure lowering properties) when the insoluble cellulose gets into the Intestinal Tract, it begins to adsorb itself pollutants of the intestine, without scrubbing like a brush

Pollution in children occurs faster which leads to the formation of neurodermitis, diathesis etc during cleansing we create such a favorable condition for bifid bacteria and lactobacteria that they start to multiply. Owing to this, double cellulose is used in treatment of dysbacteriosis, it removes the holey mucous membrane. It creates favorable conditions fir the multiplication of normal Intestinal microflora

Many are familiar with the disease known as thrush. It becomes aggravated during pregnancy because of a weakened immune system. Thrush appears in the presence of dysbacteriosis. This is why drugs which are recommended are of little effect. If you want to cure it then start with intestines. But for pregnant patients the hemoglobin needs to be normalised first as thrush goes on the background if lowered hemoglobin. The hemoglobin level of pregnant mother should not be lower than 120

Very often in polluted intestine the hormonal background of women changes. The human organism is made in such a manner that the female sexual hormones are thrown out into the intestines and later the required amounts are absorbed back if that process is disturbed then various female diseases form. By the way, frequently it’s the reason for a difficult menopause

Double cellulose in combination with LMMT during the menopause period gently normalise the basic change and helps lose weight

Double cellulose promotes the removal of cholesterin from blood. Bile acids colic acids have ability to be absorbed back even though they have already fulfilled their role and should leave the organism. When the signal to the brain for the production of bile acid doesn’t come through thag is why cholesterin enters the vessels. Double cellulose carries away from the organism the bile acid that have fulfilled their role, cleanses the Intestinal Tract and that bile acids are needed enters the brain. As a result high density lipoproteins are produced and our cholesterin go to the right destination, in the liver and not vascular plaques

Double cellulose promotes the production of enzymes which normalize the function of the pancreas. Due to this fact, it removes pancreatic and cholecystic attacks very well. This is why during an attack LMMT and double cellulose taken with large amount if liquid has the effect of a dropper

Double cellulose possesses antioxidant effect, normalizes estrogen levels, normalizes cholesterin levels in the blood, helps to reach optimum maintaince levels of the sugar in blood, stimulates the flow of bile from the gallbladder to the duodenum, weakens the effects of carcinogen and poisons

Double cellulose is used in Lamblia, disease of the pancreas, allergies and skin disease, treatment of arthritis, chronic constipation, incomplete drainage of the intestines, hemorrhoids, dysbacteriosis, in the cleaning programme of the organism, illnesses of the intestines, lowering excess weight and prevention of Obesity, intestine physical stress, menopause and thrush

Third product – Bio Calcium

Why does the organism need calcium? So that there is no osteoporosis

When calcium enters the muscles they contract and when it leaves they relax. Only 1% of the total calcium in the body is used in the blood stream at one given time. That is, we live at the expense of calcium because all that is in our organism is based on muscle contradiction, like heart, intestines, eyes, brain etc

Billions of calcium ions enter and exit the cells, 1% is so small hence the remaining 99% is stored in the bones, teeth, nail and hair. We feel the problem of calcium deficiency acutely in the bones than in the blood because in the blood it is constantly being compensated for. The organism very strongly takes care of that

We should be constantly getting calcium with food, but it appears that the plant calcium doesnot work in our organism and only organic calcium of animal origin does, that is; cartilage, bones and milk products

We breath, move, talk and for that matter very actively our hearts are working constantly. The organism takes calcium from the bones which start to shout out saying they donot have enough calcium and that’s when we normally get back bone and joint pains. With the spine we go to the neuropathologist who prescribes us drugs for the nerve tissue but our bones still hurt

I hope everyone has understood that we need to supplement on calcium daily. This is because our bones are a colloidal system which like cement is stuck up together by calcium. When there is calcium deficiency in the organism our chisel starts to break up. Kidney stones are also a result of calcium deficiency in the organism. It appears it’s the bone calcium which accumulates in the form of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder and walls of blood vessels

In 1985 WHO declared a competition for the best calcium supplement. It turns out that bones could not absorb gylcerophosphatum calcium, gluconat of calcium etc. In nature calcium exists in form of ions but when it enters the organism small intestines, it turns into a molecule calcium insoluble salt, but unfortunately these molecules cannot enter cells, because only ions can pass through the cell pores. So to split the molecules earlier it was thought phosphorous and vitamins were enough but by 1985 it was understood that it was not so, as the problem of osteoporosis started growing at a catastrophic rate

And if we supply the human organism with calcium from milk products ( 1 litre of milk was equivalent to 1400 mg calcium) which is the required daily allowance but today’s milk is pasteurized. In a litre of pasteurized milk there is only 140 ml of calcium that is 10 times less so pasteurization of milk actually started the calcium crisis

All countries participated in this competition, in the course of research it was found out that Inorder for this molecule to be driven to the required destination, the following are necessary; boron, magnesium, silicon, and 13 other trace elements. Selenium is needed as a catalyst ( drives the calcium into the cell) in particular that the blood should be acidic yet our blood is alkaline

The Chinese did not stop and after 6 years of work created a product for which they received a gold medal. They created a stable calcium ion which on entering the intestine doesnot change into a molecule and easily circulate into all cells. This was a break through the answer for the plague of the 21st century osteoporosis

On the basis of this product, a complete series of calcium products were made; for treatment of fibromyomas and various tumors in women, for children, for diabetes, for treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, for stomatologists, for insomnia etc

BIO CALCIUM FOR CHILDREN – this can be given to one month old babies or even earlier. The matter is that, Rachitis is not a disease of the bone system but first and foremost a disease of the central nervous system. If your child has rickets, then he will not simply have deformation of the legs but also a disturbance in the brain processes

This form of calcium stops all children problems, including exudative disease, catarrhal illness, weakened child, dysbacteriosis etc

BIO CALCIUM FOR DIABETES – people with diabetes pass urine more often than healthy people hence they lose more calcium that’s why fractures happen frequently in diabetics and their recovery is more difficult. Calcium is also for the immune system that’s why it’s needed on a large scale by diabetics. In this formula the Chinese added grasses which normalise the sugar level

BIO CALCIUM FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE BRAIN ACTIVITY – This is calcium for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis and for normalizing of the brain cortex. By the way do you know why we need sleep? It turns out, we grow in our sleep and wounds heal. This is why when a person is ill he needs alot of sleep for a long time. Why do children need sleep for a long time? That’s because they grow in their sleep. The first sign of growing up. processes of regeneration, construction and growth are at a stand still when we are wake. That is why a person who cannot sleep or sleep very little is often ill. A sick person needs to sleep more so that the organism can recover more quickly

Get you these 3 products now and begin your healing journey right away.

Slowly, gradually, together we can restore our health by educating ourselves, practising wholism and sharing all that vital info within and outside of our communities

Thanks, Shad

Transformation Thursday | step #18

We have come to the end of the road, but like they say “the finish line is the beginning of a new race” I am extremely grateful to be writing the last habit on transformation Thursday, it’s very likely that I missed a few things here and there but I picked the “ones” that have worked for me and I have seen them work for other people that am certain will work for you too, incase you find something off the list I hope you be open and willing to try it out, explore, do it all then find what suits you best and while at it..


Yes, this and talking to myself is what keeps me sane. What is Journaling though? It generally involves the practise of keeping a diary or journal that explores thoughts, feelings, observation and reflections surrounding the events of your life. This simple habit holds power that you can utilize and transform your life. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but anyway can help you empty your mind, compile your own evidence of the things you’re doing well, enhance your focus ( remember what you focus on expands) and so much more

How to start?

I started by buying a journal for about $4 luckily got a matching pen as a gift from golf course hotel in one of my traditional medicine trainings and used the Christian Baker technique ( GEL) it’s basically asking yourself and writing down, What am I GRATEFUL for, what did I ENJOY and what did I LEARN today . It’s pretty awesome, reading through makes me feel so blessed, like i know truly blessed, but on paper seeing all the reasons why I am blessed is on another level. You don’t have to write on paper and it shouldn’t necessarily be on gratitude, click here to find out all on how to start

Why you should start?

  1. Reduces Stress. An overabundance of stress can be damaging to your physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s proven. Journaling is a incredible stress management tool, a good-for-you habit that lessens impact of physical stressors on your health. In fact, a study showed that expressive writing (like journaling) for only 15 to 20 minutes a day three to five times over the course of a four-month period was enough to lower blood pressure and improve liver functionality. Plus, writing about stressful experiences can help you manage them in a healthy way. Try establishing journaling as a pre-bedtime meditation habit to help you unwind and de-stress.
  2. Improves Immune Function. Believe it or not, expressive writing can strengthen your immunity and decrease your risk of illness. Those who journal boast improved immune system functioning (it strengthens immune cells!) as well as lessened symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Expressive writing has been shown to improve liver and lung function and combat certain diseases; it has even been reported to help the wounded heal faster.
  3. Keeps Memory Sharp. Journaling helps keep your brain in tip-top shape. Not only does it boost memory and comprehension, it also increases working memory capacity, which may reflect improved cognitive processing.
  4. Boosts Mood. Want more sunshine in your life? Try journaling. A unique social and behavior outcome of journaling is this: it can improve your mood and give you a greater sense of overall emotional well-being and happiness.
  5. Strengthens Emotional Functions. Related to mood is how journaling benefits overall emotional health: As journaling habits are developed, benefits become long-term, meaning that diarists become more in tune with their health by connecting with inner needs and desires. Journaling evokes mindfulness and helps writers remain present while keeping perspective. It presents an opportunity for emotional catharsis and helps the brain regulate emotions. It provides a greater sense of confidence and self-identity. Journaling can help in the management of personal adversity and change, and emphasize important patterns and growth in life. Research even shows that expressive writing can help individuals develop more structured, adaptive, and integrated schemes about themselves, others, and the world. What’s more, journaling unlocks and engages right-brained creativity, which gives you access to your full brainpower. Truly, journaling fosters growth.

Creds to intermountainhealthcare.org

These and many other benefits like helping you to achieve your goals, strengthening your self discipline, improve communication skills, spark creativity, boosts your confidence… are reasons why Journaling is something you shouldn’t second guess, like i always have it, start now, repeat tomorrow

Thank you for reading

With love, Shad

Transformation Thursday | step #17

A smile is sunnah!

You don’t have to be happy to smile, smile and you will be happy. Crazy? No, not at all.. two days back, my little brother was badly assaulted, if there is anything I haven’t learnt how to handle, it’s physical violence. I very well qualify for an empath, i can’t handle seeing another person in pain, as I can feel their pain in a much rather disturbing way. When i see people fighting, i get a headache instantly and start to breath wierd, it’s almost like am taking the blows directly. So, two days back I was literally assaulted, cried my eyes swollen, couldn’t sleep well, but if you see me now you’ll be inclined to think it was all nothing but a dream.

Don’t cry too much, don’t laugh too hard, just smile quite often and life will be good. A simple smile can relax your entire nervous system, according to the facial feedback hypothesis.. the facial muscles have the largest impact on our emotional state. When you smile, even when you’re unhappy the brain senses the flexing of certain muscles and it thinks, “hey, i must be happy about something resulting in your mood being lifted – Prince E.a

Stressing the significance of smiling, Voltaire said, “smile melts ice, installs confidence and heals wounds; it’s the key of sincere human relations.”

In a similar vein, the great playwright and poet, William Shakespeare said, “it’s easier to get what you want with a smile than with the tip of the sword.”

Notably, a famous Chinese proverb runs as follows, “A man without a smiling face must never open a shop”

Why? Because such a man will never be able to attract others’ attention, conquer their hearts, or make them buy more!

Smiling in your brother’s face is an act of charity – prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)

Prophet Muhammad was always cheerful and bright faced. According to historians he always kept smiling in the face of his companions to the extent that Abdullah ibn Al-Harith ibn Hazm said, “I have never seen anyone who smiles more than the prophet does.”

Jarir ibn Abdullah said,” Allah’s messenger ( peace be upon him) never refused me permission to see him since I embraced Islam and never looked at me but with a smile”

Moreover, Abu Hurairah narrated that the messenger of Allah said, “you cannot satsify people with your wealth, but satsify them with your cheerful faces and good morals

Abu Dhar narrated from the prophet that he said, “do not disdain a good deed, ( no matter how small it may seem) even if it is your meeting with your brother with a cheerful face”

So, All we have to do is keep a beautiful smile on our faces at all times. However, a senseless mechanical smile is not meant here; a fake smile cannot deceive anyone. What is meant here is the genuine smile that stems from the depth of one’s heart, the smile which penetrates the walls of others’ hearts and settles there as a crowned king

( creds to Dr. Ali Halawani, read full article here)

Asmile is the most powerful gesture in the world, also very contagious, when you smile, people around you will smile too. You’ll spread joy with a good smile, you’ll make great first impression, you’ll look more attractive, confident and sociable. It relieves stress, improves mood and boosts immune system

Here is to smiling all day long 😊

With love❤️ Shad

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