Life is thicky, sown with thorns!

Life is thicky, sown with thorns. And i know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them, the longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater their power to harm us. — voltaire

Enough is enough!

Its not until you say, “that is it!”, “I can’t take this any more”, “this has got to stop”….. You will never get up and change your life.

Haven’t you heard the famous story of a dog and the dog owner, of how it whimpered on and on until a passer by asked the owner why his dog was groaning, and the owner knew it was sitting on a nail. But what the hell, if it hurts bad enough he will get up, the dog owner had said.

Your hurting, right? But if you are not getting up to change, to detach, to move on, to start something new… Its clear you are not hurting bad enough.

Detach, dislike, hate whatever situation that is not serving your growth or in line with your success. That will drive you to stop complaining, blaming, justifing, crying, making excuses and instead make a decision.

Make a decision, stop whimpering! Stop sitting on a nail, get up and do something!


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