Aptitude is attributed to Attitude.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant, you’re right! — Henry Ford

At the end of the day the man who wins is the man who thinks he can win. If you think you dare not, you won’t! Look at the lion, its not the tallest, largest, smartest, fastest or even the heaviest but its the king, the greatest in the jungle. why? The main thing is its attitude. When the lion looks at the elephant which happens to be stronger and heavier, it thinks, “food” and believes it can actually feast on the big thing. And guess what, it does. On the other hand, the elephant despite its strength and size when it sees the lion it thinks “am finished” 😂 and indeed it is finished off. Take a moment and reflect on this, the professors are smart they have read more books but why are they not the richest? You can have all the tools you need but if you think your gonna fail, ladies and gentlemen.. . You will fail.

Attitude is the product of belief, one can not live beyond the limit of their believe system. Leaders are born when you give birth to a new belief system. Your mentality has to be equal to your ability inorder to manifest leadership. No amount of training can ever substitute for the right attitude.

Whatever we think, we become!

What you see, hear and experience especially at an early age influences your attitude which is basically perspective, why you think you exist and the sense of significance. So what if you grew up around some one who wrecked your belief system and impared your attitude in turn, did someone say you are stupid?, you will never mount to much?, or have you experienced some excruciating episodes that left you thinking your worth less?, do you look in the mirror think “oh wow, am ugly” and spend the rest of your life walking with your head down?, do you fail at every try?

Get this, if your not happy and your not winning, just stop thinking for a while. Oh no, you can’t stop thinking! But you have to change your attitude, start to look at things different, if you’re still breathing it’s not over, you are greater than you think and if you dont believe it, well i believe in you. You were born for greatness, prosperity, abundance, and more.

Repeat this with me, say it out loud like you mean it

I am beautiful

I am winner

I am blessed

I am confident

I am smart

I am favored

I am free

I am healed…..

Repeat this every day until you believe it, change your attitude change your life. Your are a lion now roar, i can and i will.

Baby Shad💕


Published by ezee shad

My name is Shad, 25.. nutrionist, blogger and Networker. I love writing, inspiring talks, traveling and good food. I am advocating for healthy living especially through Eastern medicine, organic products and the right practises. welcome to my blog💕🤗 leave a comment, let's connect..

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