Dare to Dream….big!

It takes the same energy to dream small dreams as it does to dream big dreams, what dreams you have is your choice. — John F. Kennedy

Dreamers are great thinkers, they visualise, they see the future in the present, and they see beyond the majority. They are not average thinkers because an average person can count the number of seeds in an apple but it takes a seasoned dreamer to count the number of apples in the seeds. Nothing brings your way golden opportunities in life like a dream. Your dream will open great doors for you even before kings. Remember Joseph in the bible? He dreamed while he was still a teenager of his life as a great person. A dream, is the only bridge between the gheto and the palace. A dream is like a ladder, it enables one to climb higher in life.

In order to dream it takes no college degree, no special status in the society and no professional skills. It simply takes the will to dream.

… Why is it that not everyone is living the life of their dreams? Why is happiness and fulfillment in life the privilege for a few? Why is there a great rift between the happy and the sad, the rich and the poor, the mighty and weak, the healthy and the sick?

It is not a matter of privilege. They both have the same thinking and mental ability, they both have 24 hours a day and they both have the free will to choose their destiny. I have also come to realise that their is a thin line between happiness and sadness, riches and rags, greatness and pettiness and most importantly, well being and poor health.

The one thing that makes a difference is the art of dreaming. I strongly believe that life must be lived and not endured. Some people look for the right opportunities and circumstances in life in order to thrive, and when they don’t find them they blame the government systems for not working well, they blame their families and put all sort of blame on other people. Other people look for the same opportunities and circumstances but when they don’t find them, they create them.

William James said we do not sing because we are happy, we are happy because we sing. Happiness is not an accident, not something we wish, happiness is something you design. And nothing makes a man happy in life like a fulfilled dream. If you see someone on top of his game, be it in business, art, or sport, you must know that behind any outstanding achievement there is a story, a story that started with a dream.

Every step forward in the progress of mankind begins with a dream. Dreamers change the world, and dreamers make the world a better place for themselves and for the people around them. For any successful life experience, you need three kinds of power;

The power to begin

The power to continue

The power to finish

My favorite book says, better the end of any matter than it’s beginning. Some people begin so well, continue but finish poorly. In marathon race, it is not the one who began well, or who run well that gets the prize, but the crown goes to a person who finished first and well. The society will judge you harshly on how you finish this race of life. Your legacy will be based not on how you started or persevered but on how you finished. This is why great leaders always start with the end in mind.

To achieve greatness and a lasting legacy one must be able to begin well, continue with consistency and finish well and strong.

From the book “Be inspired before you expire”

By Pepe Minambo

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