Chemically Cautious!

Do you ever sit down quietly and contemplate on how chemicals dramatically affect your health? I wasn’t black and white on this until Dr.Sebi’s story came out following the death of one famous rapper the late Nipsey Hussle. In his own words;

“… the African people didn’t have a doctor! They didn’t need him, because they didn’t have any of that substance that would violate the biology of the individual. So how long did they live? Do you and I know how long Africans lived in the forests before the chemical people came? ” Dr. Sebi.

This was an eye opener, i started to look around and observe more carefully! Our ancestors did live longer, no doubt! But do you and i stand a chance? Our lives are immensely devoured by chemicals, i feel like it’s too late to go back now, the least we can do is try to be a little cautious, avoid and swap a few things here and there and pray for the best otherwise every breath is slowly killing us!

Last year, i stopped drinking soda, relaxing my hair and i started using chemical free toothpaste and pads but that’s like taking a bucket full off the ocean because i am still exposed to alot more harmful chemicals like; polluted air, according to WHO – as the world gets hotter and more crowded our engines continue to pump out dirty emissions, and half the world has no access to clean fuels or technology ( e.g stoves, lamps) the very air we breath is growing dangerously polluted: nine out of ten people now breath populated air which kills 7 million people every year. Read more here

House hold equipments, most of the stuff we use at home contains chemicals which affects our health negatively forexample; mattresses, sofas, carpets, cookware, swimming pools, beverage cans, pans, foils, lamps, batteries, candle lights, air fresheners, shower curtains, old paint, cleaning detergents, insect repellants etc

Also, cosmetics, shampoo, perfumes, nail polish, lotions, deodorants, hair spray, face washes, tooth brushes, bathing soap etc

Chemicals are also in our drinking water especially the bottled one and most foods especially packaged and canned (for example meat, diary, fish, chicken, beans) flour, coloring agents, alcohol, refined oil. And the veggies are not exceptional!

Medicines, most of them are made in labs by mixing together a number of chemicals and majority of FDA approved drugs have very serious potential side effects and can cause harm to organs and systems in the body such as throat, stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas, heart, brain, nervous system and also birth to different cancers.It’s important that you know what happens when the toxic substances get into your body and which one affects which part and how the reaction can be different for every individual.. Read more here

Do you and I see how death is rounding up on us, what next?

First off, swap! for every chemically infested products that has a natural, organic, herbal, plant based, sulphate free or eco friendly option, substitute for the latter.

Forego! If you dont really need and you can do without something that contains chemicals, please do! You can skip relaxing your hair, bleaching your skin, soda, alcohol, go with out make up, give up the nail polish among others

Infuse in healthy practises in your daily routine like breathing right, drinking enough water and exercising this will help to flash out harmful toxins from the body. Add green tea to fasten and make the detoxification process more effective ( I recommend LIPID METABOLISM MANAGEMENT TEA, it comes with alot other health benefits)

Opt for Eastern medicine, chinese have the largest world population and a really low mortality rate i think its high time we adapt to their way of healing which focuses on restoring health using natural ingredients instead of curing a disease as western medicine which has proven to come with alot side effects which are essentially worse than the disease they intend to cure. read more on eastern medicine here

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To healing🤗 Much love.. Shad❤️

Follow now, Fathom later!

This is one path that you want to follow through! It all started with praying, for a very long period in my life I was lost, felt a lone and stuck much like I was drowning further and further sinking away in the depth of sorrow, confusion, bitterness, hardship, disappointment, hate and failure until I decided I had had enough, I started to search for answers realised then that I was far from home and I had only one place to go “on my knees” and pray. It had been a while since I last prayed, 4 years to be exact ( those were the darkest days of my life) but I got my mat out and prayed again, prayer is truly a light! Hence forth I have become all round a better person, I have seen big transformations in my life, brilliant ideas flowing though my head one after the other, I have received more love, more friendship, more joy, more happiness, more money… Here is the “Ps” that I believe can transform lives;


Prayer is the bridge that connects you to infinite knowledge and wisdom, to bounty and limitless success. It is a source of joy and happiness that never runs out, a firm foundation for courage and the basis of all miracles


Thrive to be better than the person you were yesterday. The faster you can develop and work on yourself spiritually, mentally and physically the faster you can develop financially and have better relationships. I think personality is really about habits ( Form good habits) like; Read books, exercise, forgive, be grateful, cultivate Optimism, Nurture relationships, practise acts of kindness, attend seminars and workshops, meditate, make self affirmations and declarations, listen to positive podcasts, get a mentor, hang with grateful, inspired, action and result oriented people who are smarter than you, have a sense of humor, be humble, become more silent, take things slow, live simply.


We are all here for a reason and that is to give and share our gifts and talents to serve humanity! Jay Shetty is here, to help everyone realise that when they serve they heal themselves. if we can create a world where everyone feels that their kindness, their empathy, their love towards others will only be reciprocated to them even if they don’t know where it comes back to them from. if we can create a world where everyone acts in that way every single day with every single person with a deep purpose that would be a huge outcome.


A positive mind like Napoleon Hill has it, is a favorable abode for the state of mind known as “faith” discourage and eliminate negative emotions by having the right perceptive ( choose to see things from a positive angle) have the right attitude ( always choose to think and feel good, be grateful) and have the right reaction ( always choose to do the right thing no matter how hard it is) That is what it means to be positive.


Everything in this world is possible! There are no limits except the ones we acknowledge! Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. We wouldn’t conceive of miracles if non ever happened. There is no shortage of blessing, everything you want is in the head. What you think, you become! All things are ready, if the mind be so -Napoleon Hill


Life is not happening to you, it’s responding to your thoughts. You’re creating your own reality. Everything that exists in your life first lived in your head. Your life is as beautiful as your mind. Visualize what you want, vividly and consistently and it will appear right before your eyes.


If wishes were horses, everyone would ride. Unfortunately alot of people want to get what they want without doing what is necessary to get it! It’s the action and effort that separates successful people from unsuccessful one. Have the self discipline to do what you gotta do everyday regardless of how you feel.


Rome was not built in one day. Great things take time! Remember “easy come, easy go” what we acquire easily, we esteem lightly! Be patient, Darby quit three feet from the vein of gold. Hold on a little longer, when you feel like giving up; give more. Fore often the difference between a winner and loser is no more than a few minutes of fortitude and resistance.


All people who are successful loved what they did so they could persevere when it got really tough, “it’s alot of hardwork and constant worrying if you don’t love it, you’re gonna fail” Steve Jobs. And so, find your passion cleave onto it until it betides. Practical dreamers donot quit, if you fall nine times, get up ten


One way to preach is to share this with people you care about, from my experience it feels really good when someone say, “hey, you changed my life” or ” you inspire me” “you encourage me to be better” you don’t have to be a writer or motivational speaker to positivity impact other people. Sometimes you just have to share with people what you learnt, how you healed, tips, Diys and forth.

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Shad 🖤

25 things I’ve learnt in 25 years.

All of life is peaks and valleys, don’t let the peaks get too high or the valleys too low – John Wooden

And then she turned 26 years old, she has a calmness in her mind and a fine rhythm in her heart beat that reassures that life with all its highs and lows is nothing but beauty full, see her name is Shad she is not your usually average type she is unique all the way nothing she does is ordinary. she breathes a gentle intensity, has a fire in her soul, an eagle eye and a lion’s attitude. she could have died at 8 months, a menace then would have befallen the world for she inspires greatness. she moves with vigour, speaks with power, acts with courage and she has one of those smiles that shows that her soul is nothing but beautiful beneath her skin. she knows who she is, what she wants and where she is going… now let me tell you, the warrior in her is unstoppable.

So much for blowing my own trumpet😂 the truth is am a weakling with a really mighty, big and strong God. I feel so blessed for my plus one now how about I share with you what I’ve learnt over the years;

Allah is the most powerful and prayer is the strongest weapon, life is a battle field I have learnt to choose my wars wisely and fight each one of them with God, fore those who let God fight their battles win even before the match. i have seen transformation in my life that I never deemed possible, I testify to the times I acknowledged that I am weak and I can’t help myself allowed and let God and merged a winner, praying will open doors to all sorts of miracles.

We are all here for a purpose, the best day of your life is the day you find out why you were created. There is a reason for each and everyone of us existence and that reason is to give, serve and to share our gifts and talents to add value unto others. Passion is what fuels purpose, you know those things that you love and enjoy doing? Yeah, they’re connected to your purpose you just have to find a way to use it to help others.

What you give is what you get, i heard a story of a woman who used to pray for everyone except herself but at the end of the day what she prayed, hoped and wished for others came back to her. You have to get out of your way and give the things that you want. If you want to be loved, love. If you want to be forgiven, forgive. If you want money, give money. You want people to be kind to you, well then be kind to them and understand one thing sometimes the person you’re kind to may be callous and rude to you but the kindness in its self will find its way back at you in anyway possible

Be a good receiver, it’s not enough to be a giver you also need to be good at receiving! Accept and Allow yourself to receive the love, kindness and all the good there is.

Dont be a judge, no human being who has existed before or who is gonna walk on earth will ever be perfect and so it’s not your place to Judge anyone but it’s your responsibility to love, respect and pray for everyone no matter how bad we think they are. Hate the sin not the sinner, most times we underestimate the power of praying for people and treating them right. We need to show people what kindness is. spread peace. How people treat you is a reflection of what they are going through and how you treat them is who you are! Always take the high road where you treat people better than they treat you, when someone hurts you or throws you hate they’re having it way bad than you .. So Send them love, joy, peace, forgiveness and understanding

Think about death often, not to be scared but to be inspired to focus on what matters, it helps to curb and keep our lustful desires in check! Knowing one day you’re gonna be gone and all your possessions won’t belong to you anymore pushes you to attach very less meaning to material and worldly things and instead work toward impacting, helping and adding value onto others

Read alot of books, knowledge is the fore runner to experience! The more knowledge you have the more prepared you’re to experience something in your life and so if you want to be an abundant person study abundant people to understand their characteristics, personalities, values and qualities – Joe Dispenza

Challenges are good for us, difficulties play a decisive and undeniable role in personal growth and development. Had there been no tests and tribulations in life piety, human merit and worth would not have value, and self discipline, and self restraint would have no relevance. Similarly, if difficulties did not exist and were every effort to lead to spontaneous success, there would not have been any motive for struggle and advancement would have come to a stand still. Accordingly the pinch of difficulty and failure is not only not harmful it brings dormant capacities into action and completes a man’s moral character and make up – from the book “Ethics and spirtual growth”. the juice is in growth, what you become in the process is much more important than what you achieve and challenges help you to grow into the person who fits the size of your dreams.

It’s the small things that matter, giving someone or something your consistent undivided attention is better than doing something big occasionally

happiness is not a destination, its a choice! why postpone happiness for the future when you can have it all day long everyday for the rest of your life? please read Happiness is here, not there

Life is not happening to us, it’s responding to us, we create our own realities what we think we become. if only you knew the power of your thoughts you would never think a negative thought again. rich and successful people think and talk about what they want most of the time. unsuccessful people focus on what they don’t want and we all know what you focus on expands, where attention goes, energy flows and results start to show.

Your life is a total sum of your perspective, attitude and reaction, two people with the same privileges and tribulations can be leading two different lives. An optimist will see an opportunity in a challenge, have an attitude of gratitude and do the right things while a pessimist in the same situation will see an obstacle in the opportunity, complain and end up messing up.

Love is rare, infact what we have are contracts, people don’t care about energy and how they feel anymore lately its all about what the other person has to offer! THIS NEW CONTRACT disguised as love comes with alot of conditions and expectations it’s no longer about nurturing, helping and serving someone’s growth. People get into relationships to survive. This ain’t love please give it another name.

Love yourself and take good care of your body, until you love, value and respect yourself you will never be able to give the same to someone else. If you dont have $5 can you give someone $5? NO! Same thing when you don’t feel good, you can’t Make anyone else feel good about themselves. Love should begin with you, once you love you, you love the whole world, it’s easy and it’s delicious to love everybody and everything.

5/95 rule, the mind is divided into two; conscious or logical mind and subconscious mind which is our deeply rooted emotions. We operate from the sub conscious mind 95% all our choices and what we do from the moment we wake up until we sleep is getting command from the subconscious and we don’t have active control over it. It keeps collecting information from the time we are born henceforth. If you got fears and limiting beliefs you can change your subconscious mind by repeating instructions out loud ( declarations and positive affirmations) meditating, praying etc

You are a master of your silence, but a slave of your words. You can’t be held accountable for what you did not say. I have learnt that when I have nothing kind, inspiring or encouraging to say then my silence is better because a tongue might not have bones but it’s strong enough to ruin a life. And that death feeling I get after saying something disheartening to someone is not worth it.

The best medicine, is love, gratitude, forgiveness, laughter and connecting with other people

Dream big, have vision and set daily goals, if you dont know where you’re going you’ll stay where you are! If you have no north star you’ll keep wandering off in all directions which will make it hard to get to your destination.

its the spirit not grit, that makes great men. There are people with half the talent that you got making big names and brands because they had the balls to suck at first times, the self discpine to push themselves and invest in the much needed effort to do what they gotta do even on days when they didnt feel like, the will power to rise above the challenges and pick themselves up after big defeats. with practise and patience all of us can paint, all of us can play basket ball, all of us can write great articles. if you are willing to do the work you can be anything.

Perseverance and patience, is the part that most people hate but a test one must pass to achieve anything of greatness. All successful people had that dip where they had to persevere in the face of adversity. If you’re going to win at anything, you’ve got to cleave onto it until it betides.

Fear is an illusion, this is what holds man back the most, the fear of the unknown, the fear of opinions, fear of failure etc but if you can stand boldy and look fear right in the face it shrinks and disappears. We are powerful beyond measure, we have so much potential to create beautiful things but all great things are on the other side of fear.

Comparison is an insult, when you try to become someone else you can only live up to their level when you focus on being the best version of yourself you got no limits! Comparison will make you bitter, resentful, jealous, envious and un productive besides, you have no idea what the other person is dealing with behind curtains or how much they survived to get where they are, you will be shocked to find out that half of what they deal with might kill you, focus on your own journey, run your race at your pace.

Chemicals are a big threat, From the food we eat, to the air we breath, cosmetics, Medicines we take, to the relaxers we use on our hair, mattresses, cleaning detergents, air fresheners, plastic food containers and plastic drink bottles etc our entire lives are in jeopardy! No wonder we are weaker, we get sick often and die at very early ages. Let’s go back to being natural🙏🏾

Health is not the absence of disease, its a state of complete spiritual, mental, physical and social well being. When you have one but not the other you’re not considered healthy, soon enough a handicap in one affects the other to be healthy you have to cut across once you do you achieve a balance and harmony peace and happiness become yours.

Just do it, you have this one life don’t waste it playing it safe never knowing what its like to dare. Old people don’t regret the things they did, they regret what they didn’t do. So Go for it, if you fail atleast you tried, if you win well enjoy, live a little we all wind up dead anyway, take that risk, do that hike, dont hesitate. The little voice in your head saying don’t do it is a sign that you need to do it.

Follow your heart, your head has limits!

Shad 🖤


Horrrreeee! Yo babes it’s my birthday and am trying to stay as calm as possible😎 honoring a kind gesture from the amazing and super talented Samyak Singh is perfect. Thank you my darling friend


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • List the rules in the post
  • Answer the questions that you were asked
  • Provide 11 random facts about you
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 of your own questions
  • Once you have written and published your post then inform your nominees of their nomination


1. do you love ice cream? What flavor?

Yes! Caramel, yum 😋 about to have one of those scoops. Yeey🎊 it’s my birthday.

2. Stay up late or get up early?

Get up early, something magical about waking up at 5:00 am

3. Do you enjoy exercising?

Yaaaasss! I don’t get why people drag they feet on this one, I feel great and worthy

4. Could you go one week without any social media connection?

One week? Ive done 3 months before, just to make sure am not addicted

5. Would you try winter camping ( in a tent) when temp is – 40° C?

Always up for a challenge

6. What is the meaning of phrase: leaves float gently in the air, rocks fall on my toes

wait, I gotta google this 😂

7. What’s your favorite food?

Matooke, rice, cowpeas, ovacado with peanut butter

8. Could you eat the food everyday for a month?


9. What is your favorite color or two?

Chocolate brown and black

10. Why do you write a blog?

Act of service, to inspire, heal and help show the world how we can live healthier and happier lives

11. Why do you read my blog? ( hey, had to have one tough question)

honestly I don’t read your blog much, for 3 reasons; it doesn’t show up on my feeds much, when it does the language is complex I gotta reach for a dictionary and am fond of reading posts that are in line with health, happiness, motivation or inspiration and personal experience ( I promise to read your blog more next year


  1. I am an introvert too
  2. I love writing too
  3. I read alot
  4. I am so sensitive
  5. I am a bit clumsy
  6. I snap each time I have to repeat the same thing twice to someone
  7. I am honest and hold much value onto moral principles
  8. I am empathetic and the most forgiving person
  9. I love food
  10. I am a genuinely happy, positive and optimistic
  11. Also defiant ( the outcast, always questioning the known and going against the tide)


Ricardo Guaderrama

Enobong Osu


Drag the pen


Joshua Idegebere

Umrah Sania



Uzma Ashraf



same questions except no. 9 instead of your favorite color tell me how do you think we can use social media for good?


Hey Samyak who cares about the super stars just give me a good movie. Thanks again

Happy birthday to my cute self and happy new year 2020 to y’all 💕🤗

Happiness is here, not there!

Why postpone happiness for the future when you can have it all day long, every day for the rest of your life!

The distance between you and happiness is “choice” I know there are days you go to bed and you have no idea what the next chapter of your life is gonna bring and then wake up and nothing seems to be adding up. But the only difference between a good day and a bad day is your perspective, attitude and reaction. The same way you brush your teeth everyday is the same way you have to train yourself everyday to see things from a positive angle, have the right attitude and do what’s best for you no matter how hard it is! There people out there in the world who are happier with less than what you have, so truly happiness is a choice.

Over years i have learnt that;

happiness is not a person, people we love and care about pass on and some just walk out on us but do we put our lives on hold and never be happy again? No! And so stop trying to extract happiness from other people.

happiness is not an event, often times we hear people say ” i will be happy when i do this or that” but whether it be graduating, getting signed up at your dream job or finally marrying the love of your life ofcourse you’ll feel ecstatic but happiness is ephermal the feeling you get runs out as quick unless you get to marry your partner every day again and again you won’t be happy.

happiness is not possessions, i think we all know atleast one famous person who had all the materials money can buy but ended up commiting suicide. if you’re unhappy all the gold is in this world won’t make you a happy person.

happiness is not there👆🏽 it’s here ( at this point i want you to touch yourself) happiness is with in, you don’t have to search it from the out side of your self.

HAPPINESS IS WHAT “YOU” “CHOOSE” TO “DO EVERYDAY” in otherwords it’s a choice and a habit and these are some of the things you can start to practise today to become a happy person;

Faith – this is topping my list because the shift from depression, sadness, feeling lost, stuck, confused and alone to becoming a really happy person happened when I created a strong relationship with my creator. I feel like He, my lord is the source of joy, happiness and exuberance that never runs out. All I do is believe and trust Him and I am guided and protected, I pray and ask and He comes through. I got knowledge, wisdom and understanding because I am a believer of the most knowing. I carry all my burdens and hand it over to Him plus it feels really good to know you got someone who really cares and understands, who is so forgiving and always available. Practise prayer every day

Gratitude – its a deep feeling we get from acknowledging that things are pretty amazing even in the most trying and challenging moments, its recognising that things can be much worse and in response count our blessings and choose to meet life with an open heartedness.

i am so grateful to have been part of Jay shetty’s HABITS FOR HAPPINESS 5 days challenges I learnt more on how you can practise gratitude. Close your eyes and think of a moment, memory or interaction you are extremely grateful for that brings joy happiness and you really feel grateful from the heart, can be a person, a place or your own….

think of five things you can SEE in this place ( tree, sky, a person etc) go from one another in your Visualization, think of four things you can TOUCH ( someone’s hand, your clodes), think of three things you can HEAR ( your voice, their voice, background noise, silence, birds chirping etc), think of two things you can SMELL ( flowers, fragrance, essentials etc), think of one thing you can TASTE

Feel that energy fill that power taking over your body and smile. Slowly open your eyes. Repeat Daily

Also, express gratitude to others when you recognize something great in someone else, you reinforce it in them as a habit and then they repeat it to others. on thanksgiving i reminded a couple of my friends some of the great things they did for me and the way they lighted up made me happy as well

Optimism – Believe that good things will happen to you in the future. Cynicism and pessimism like Garyvee has it, is a losing format. Optimism helps improve our lives and makes us happier “a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” I have a mantra and this is one of the lines I recite twice daily; I always look for a good reason or a good lesson in every situation and I believe i can create beautiful things. Optimism has been proven to improve immune system, prevent chronic diseases and increase life span.

work your passion – Alot of people chase things they think have money in them, they wake up everyday and go to do jobs they hate and at the end of the day it drains their energy and have a negative effect on their mental health in the long run do something you love! If you’re building something from the ground up like do something that you’re passionate about so you just have fun everyday and you love what you do – Kylie Jenner it’s really a better life to make less money doing what makes you happy and fulfilled than to make alot of money and feel empty. Put yourself in a position to do something that you like, build around your hobbies, interests and passions.

Be of service to others – we are all here for a reason, its our purpose. To share our natural gifts and talents to add value on to others. when we give or share with others we get a feeling of contentment, always think what can i do today to solve a problem for someone, how can i use what i have to make their lives easier the king is the one that gives. if you have ever given something to someone especially when you didnt expect anything in return, you must know how magical it is and that feeling never gets old

Connecting / social bonding – loneliness is reported as one of the biggest challenges in the world today, get together with some like minded people. when we cuddle, kiss and hug our loved ones or do fun activities with friends and family oxytocin or love hormone is released into our body. Have some quality time with people and try out different fun activities preferably ones you all new at so you learn and grow together and even bond more in the due course, be mindful and present when with your loved ones, it’s better if you switch off phones and T.V for a while and just listen to each other, take strolls, hold hands. This has a calming effect it makes us feel loved and secure and undoubtedly happy. Everyday I gotta hug someone and my little brother is usually the victim😂 always remember that love is a continous act of forgiveness and true love is not dependency, need or control its freedom, help,support and it comes with no conditions.

Mind stimulating activities – i do meditate, exercise, make declarations, do positive self affirmations, listen to some positive podcast, dance to my fav. music, read a chapter from a book, take a walk and do some creative work everyday. i relentlessly devote atleast two hours every morning to do all the above, now guess what? you can do it too. Dopamine or the reward hormone which is linked to the brain reward system is produced whenever we complete a task or a goal we feel accomplished and pleasure, and so kick start your day doing a mind activity, get a positive energy refill that can gracefully carry you through the day

Also learn something new every day, your mind may be the closest thing to the holy grail of longevity and happiness. Education has been widely documented by researchers as the single variable tied most directly to improved health and longevity and when people are intensely engaged in doing and learning new things their wellbeing and happiness can blossom -Article by Phillip Moller for U.S. News

Build your self esteem / Confidence – if you dont stand for something you will definitely settle for anything, if you dont know who you’re you will believe everything the world labels you. put your defensive guard down, look at yourself authentically and be honest about who you really are! know your strengths and weaknesses.. knowing who you are is the beggining of wisdom, once you figure this out you can be clear on what you need to work on to become the best version of yourself.

Meanwhile Accept who you’re and this means you have to be fine with whether or not people like it, when you dont accept yourself you become insecure because then you start to look for approval and acceptance from other people.

And then, love yourself, because the one thing you want to do is to love, and that love should begin with you, once you love you you love the whole world. its easy, its delicious to love everybody and everything – Dr.Sebi. practise singleness, where you just enjoy being in your own space, have a lone time to reflect, dance silly, listen to your fav. music, say kind words to yourself, treat yourself to nice things… love yourself in such a way you would love others to love you and more.

Temperament / character – practise self control, its not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters. you can’t control what happens to you but you have absolute power over how you react and your actions are your karma, every vibe you give out in the world you receive. Delay your response, take things slow, have integrity, be conscious of your actions and practise acts of kindness, be humble..

Sleep – going to sleep late is not a boss move, sleeping early and waking early is! Sleep deprivation will rid you of happiness fast. I can’t seem to find a resolution on how many hours are neccesary but one thing is for sure having quality and reasonable time to rest your body is a necessity! One that should not be taken lightly. Sleep and mood are closely connected, poor sleep can cause irritability, stress, depression and anxiety while healthy sleep enhances well being.

Eat – i recently discovered that there are certain foods that can stimulate the release of happy hormones like dopamine is made from tyrosine which is present in Bananas, ovacados, apples, oats, beans and leafy greens. Have a proper nutrition, start your day by drinking one litre of water to help flash out toxins, eat just enough food and eat slowly.

Lastly, for the past few weeks I have been practicing “zen” things. Not all the essentials of course am thinking it requires alot of guidance, training and practising to get there but following one or two things has greatly decreased my anxiety and I started to feel more happy, alive and healthy; do one thing at a time, do it slowly and deliberately, do it completely, do less, put space between things, develop rituals, designate time for certain things, devote time to sitting, smile and serve others, make cleaning and cooking become your meditation, think about what is neccesary and live simply.

Thank you bunches for reading🤗


The grass is greener…

The grass is greener where you water it! What you focus on expands.. Where attention sores, energy flows and results start to show. Be thankful for what you have and you’ll keep getting more, if you concentrate on what you dont have you will end up never having enough!

Happiness is the mind’s attitude of vieing life from the right angle and gratitude is an exercise that teaches us to focus on the blessings, and in turn we get even more blessings as a result

“If you are grateful, i will give you more” qn 14:7

Gratitude is linked to increased happiness, positive mood, more satisfaction with life, better physical health, better sleep, less fatigue, improves relationships, builds resilience and develops patience.

Negativity, toxicity, feeling down, stuck, lost.. that’s a state that you might currently be in and what gratitude does is it creates an alternative state that you are now traveling from one state to another and you do it all in your mind through an act of gratitude.

I am so thankful for life, all the blessing, the love and kindness, the gifts, the beautiful people in it and for all the things I forget to be grateful for, am not entitled to any of this and so I don’t take anything for granted.

What are you grateful? write down things you appreciate and keeping going through and adding on that list everyday.

Shad 💕

You have to GIVE, to GET.. It’s a law!

I remember watching this video and thinking to myself what a brilliant illustration of how the world works! What you give into the world is what you get, it’s cliche right? You heard this before for sure but how many times have you tried to live your life on such a principle?

(please watch this👇🏾 before you continue, it’s mind blowing)

“There is an abundance out here but most people have a scarcity mindset, when they accidentally make some money they try to save it, they are so afraid to put it out there because they think if I put it out again, what if I don’t get it back! How many of you have actually had that moment before? You had a lucky moment where something came in and you wanted to go for the next thing but you played it safe.

That’s not how energy works, energy works in flow what goes out, must come in, this is flow, this is energy, it’s not up to you, its a law and that is the abundance mindset. Meaning there is enough to go round for everybody, when you win other people don’t lose, when you make more money nobody makes less, everyone can make more money” Eric Ho

This seems a little far fetched but I wanted to throw more light on the abundance and scarcity mindset and show how it affects our entire living.

Let this free token of wisdom come home

There are two things I want us to rise up above today, if we want to become better people; hoarding in other words collecting and keeping everything to yourself because you fear to go broke and contentment or settling and wanting less from life.

I been watching and listening to alot of things and something finally clicked, one of my primary school teachers told me “all rich people are going to hell, their heaven is on earth” that coupled with alot of other limiting beliefs clearly affected my finances, because emotionally I want to be poor so I don’t go to hell🤦‍♀️my logic says I need to make money but my energy keeps it off, I had to unchain myself from such beliefs.

Every human being has a need for growth, and growth means to want more but in our social conditioning we misinterprete wanting more as greed. People are always like be satisfied with what you have but on the other side there is a saying “if you’re not growing you are dieing” people always saying you should be grateful for what you have, why do you keep chasing the next thing. What I say is Be grateful for what you have and keep aiming higher and higher, go for the next level, you get this blessing of this one experience of this physical life and you’re just gonna play this let me just stay in this safest game ever! You’re not gonna experience the whole thing, you’re not gonna experience the whole ride – Eric Ho

I want us to understand that it’s alright to have more, be allergic to average, God didn’t create you to play it safe, stop creating all these delusional spiritual fights, stop being at war with yourself because your whole being is craving growth but you have limiting and fear based deep rooted beliefs. Being broke doesn’t make you holy, rich people have higher chances of going to HEAVEN because they help alot of people, they do charities, build hospitals, employ people so they provide for their families in turn. Don’t you want to travel around the world and create memories? But sorry boo you don’t just smile at the airport and somehow get to your destinations, you need money. Money is good, i love money, imagine the feeling of eating where ever in the world you want without checking on the left side of the menu, how is that freedom a bad thing?

But get this, if you are getting nothing, it’s because you are giving nothing! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction which means that for every thought, every intent and every step there is an equal and opposite consequences. Give out good and good will come back to you in un expected ways, give bad and there is no exception to the rule. Karma is a real thing! Something as small as a word of encouragement, an act of kindness, a penny.. Once you give it out, believe it or not you will get it back.

So what are you waiting for? Start giving

And don’t say you got nothing to give, there is always something you can give, a smile is free, a listening ear is free, inspiration is free, hugs are free, food for one person is enough for two.. Share it. Are you a good cook? bake some cookies, make a dish and send it to someone for free. Are you a good artist, draw someone’s face on a piece of paper, they will definitely light up once they see it, volunteer to do community work, sign up for that charity run, find people to coach on anything you’ve learnt and might be of value to them, cheer someone on, believe in someone, push someone, compliment someone. Find away to give when you have nothing is when you need to give more!

Shad 💕

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