Transformation Thursday | step #4

A week goes by so fast! So thankful though, because that means we get to add something on to our self growth and development list. It’s exciting that I get to explore the path to a balanced, fulfilled and happy way of being over and over and get you to come along this time round. You may have no idea, but if you take these little things and religiously practise them every day, you won’t Recognize yourself a few months down road, am sure you’ll love it! And you know what’s cool? when people ask you what happened, you can share with them the exact steps you took to heal and gradually become the happiest version of yourself.

Have you prayed? Did you take some deep breaths? How about drink your water? If yes, great! Here comes the next step;

You’re what you eat!

What you choose to eat is more than just filling the empty space in your body

EAT LIVING, you make connections between the foods you consume and the emotions you get! Eating crappy foods makes you feel like crap, if you kill the food that goes into your body, that dead food will also take life from you therefore its important to eat natural foods preferably close to their raw form

Processed foods aint really food, its poison. Often high in sugar, fat and empty calories, they contain harmful chemical substances which cause constant chronic low levels of inflammation, non metabolism, toxin build up and tissue damage which is linked to alot of health harms

Two large studies concluded, people who eat alot of processed foods are likely to develop heart disease and die sooner than those who stick to foods in their original form

EAT BALANCED, people with unbalanced diet are heavy and reluctant in their movement, their skin and general appearance is un healthy and they are very thin or very fat. They always talk about various pains and are always found in a state of complaint. Such people are also in distress from a psychological point of view, either having an overly stressed or an overly relaxed attitude

In contrast, those that have a balanced diet appear healthy, have vibrant and flexible bodies and beautiful skin. They have shinny and healthy hair, eyes and nails. Their bones and muscles are healthy and their psychology is balanced. They have a strong constitution that is usually not sick. Their growth and development is normal in accordance with their height and weight

Here is the different types of nutrients

Water, we looked at this last week. Click here if you missed it. It’s the main nutrient of the body. Most of blood, brain, muscle, and 22% of bones is water. It helps with functions of digesting, absorption, circulation, Creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature

Vitamins, these foods have not only taste stored in them but also healing. They are classified into fat soluble and water solubles. Foods rich in vitamins include; oranges, carrot, celery, tomatoes, eggs, egg yolk, potatoes, soy bean, coconut, banana, Avocado, leafy greens, apples etc

Proteins, important in the growth and development of our bodies and in resisting infections, it is necessary for quick healing of wounds as well as making new tissue. Food rich in proteins; milk, red Meat, fish, figs, eggs, cheese, yogurt, walnuts etc

Carbs, we get most of energy we need to move think and fight disease from carbohydrates. Divided into monosaccharide; grapes, figs, mulberries. Disaccharide; table sugar, milk sugar, malt sugar. And polysaccharide; wheat, potatoes, Rice, peanut, carrot, strawberries, bananas

Fats, extremely important for the membrane that envelops and protects cells, second indispensible source of energy, ensures vitamin A, D, E and K can be used in the body. Healthy skin, hair and inner and outer organs is largely dependant on the balance of Fats. Divided into saturated fat; butter, animal fat, milk. And unsaturated fat; hazelnuts, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, fish, omega 6 found in sunflower seeds etc

Minerals, greatly contributes to the development of nervous and reproductive system, the functioning of muscles, the formation of blood, the regulation of pulse and blood pressure, and maintaining the fluid balance in the body. These includes zinc which can be found in foods like; cocoa, egg yolks, liver, Meat, legumes etc. Iron; read Meat, chicken, fish, dried legume, egg, dried fruit etc. Iodine; purple carrot, sea food, garlic etc. Calcium; sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables, milk and milk products etc. Magnesium; walnuts, hazelnuts, almond, dates, grains, bananas etc. Sulphur; red Meat, milk, chicken, Coffee, potatoes etc. Potassium; milk, milk products, bananas, figs, peaches etc

I got a full article on this. Read more here

EAT SUFFICIENT, after knowing the different types nutrients you are gonna wanna eat “enough” of each of them because if the body can’t get one or more of them, or if it gets too much, difficulties related to growth and development will be experienced and health will begin to detoriarate

Natural/living food eaten sufficiently and in a balanced way will heal your body and cure you completely of any ailment.

This week; we challenge ourselves to throw out processed foods, or atleast minimise our intake. Eat natural or living foods. Cut across all nutrients and eat enough.

I adore you for coming this far❤️🤗, thank you so much for reading🙏🏾 Cant wait to see your thoughts on this

Much love, Pinchu’s Shad 🖤

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Transformation Thursday | step #3

Another Thursday, another gold nugget! Hi deary, welcome back to yet another episode of wellness habits. Our goal is to heal, be happy and lead long and healthy lives. If you have been praying and breathing right in the past two weeks, its time to incorporate another little something into your daily life. Joined in today? No worries, remember it’s never too late to start. You gotta know it aint easy, it’s not supposed to be but with challenge comes change, GOOD HABITS, HARD TO FORM BUT EASY TO LIVE WITH, so keep practising.

You can go a month without food, but you can’t survive 3 days with out it; WATER!

Drink enough water daily

How much water do you drink in a day? It’s so sad that the only time some people reach for the glass is when they’re thirsty

Research shows that as little as 1 percent dehydration negatively affects your mood, attention, memory and motor cordination. You will feel fatigued, might get nausea, constipation, may develop a headache which eventually gives way to grumpiness, and mental and physical decline

Everyday about 2.5 litres are discarded from the body as urine, sweat, feces and through respiratory tract. It is important to compensate for this diminishing amount and consume enough water in a day

While it differs from person to person, according to factors such as age, sex, amount of physical activity, height, and metabolism rate, it is said that the necessary amount of water for adults is 2.7 litres ( 91 ounces) for women and 3.7 (125 ounces) for men

Why is it so important?

Organic components found in water are the main nutrients for the body, most of blood, brain, muscle and 22% of bones is water. The digestive and transportion of nutrients to the cell, proper functioning of the cells, organs, tissue, disposal of toxic substances from the body, the control of body temperature and many such functioning are carried out with the help of water

I drink 3 litres of water everyday, first half a litre at 5am and then i drink another half litre after every 3 hours.. At 8am, at 11am, 2pm, 5pm during my workout my last half litre after my last meal at 8pm

What works for me might not necessarily work for you, and so listen to your body, when do you feel you should take the water and how do you feel after you take it, keep notes and keep adjusting accordingly until your satsified

Remember not to take too much water because it can be dangerous, it may disrupt your body’s electrolyte balance, leading to low levels of sodium in blood causing symptoms like weakness, vomiting, confusion, nausea etc

And even though our kidney can excrete up to 20 – 28 litres ( 4.5 – 6 gallons of water) per day, they can only process 800 – 1000 ml ( 27 – 35 ounces of water) per hour and so its important to spread your water intake through out the day rather than drink it all in a single sitting

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) advised that we should drink while seated, take in sips and never blow or exhale in a container we are drinking from

Scientists have found that drinking while standing or walking can cause gastro intenstinal tract damage, kidney damage, arthritis, nerve damage etc. Drinking in a gulp may cause choking of the osophagus, it especially weakens the muscles and nerves and its also detrimental for the liver and stomach sip your water and take three breathing pauses, dont ever drink in a single gulp.

They have also found that blowing or exhaling carbondioxide into a glass causes it to react and form a carbonic acid that can disturb our internal environment; causing PH change, this in worse conditions can lead to “acidosis” where blood has too much acid, or a very low base.

This week; we challenge ourselves to drink enough water, drink it through out the day ( not in a single sitting) drink while seated ( not while standing or walking) drink in sips and take breathing breaks ( no gulping)

Thanks for reading can’t wait to read your thoughts on this week’s habit

I adore you🤗 Much love, Shad 🖤

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Transformation Thursday | step #2

Hi, its Thursday and that means i gotta share another nugget that will get you well on your journey to healing, becoming happy and leading a long and healthy life. Before we get into it, i would like to acknowledge that my family has made a name for its self in wellness, When the queen of England visited our lil beautiful country in 2007, my grand Father’s herbal clinic (Gwowonya Eggere Herbal services limited or HEG ) was one of the places she checked out, that makes me so proud but this is a bit out dated😂 Now let me let you in on a little secret, the government has plans to turn the same place into the first herbal hospital in Uganda! We are working tooth and nail to see this come to life inshaAllah but most importantly I love and appreciate how this started with my great grand fathers, to my grand father, my father and now myself, trying hard to make it even better. I hate to bore you with my life but am super grateful that you’re still here

Last week, i shared alot on prayer and even though most people don’t take it seriously, it has an enormous impact on your overall health. Here is another little something that you shouldn’t be taking for granted;

Breath right!

When was the last time you took a deep breath? How often do you take deep breaths? How much time in a day are you aware of your breathing?

Breathing is an involuntary movement that continues at every moment. Without planning or tiring, we constantly inhale and this helps oxygen to reach the tissues, organs and cells in the body and exhale to purify the body of harmful formations and toxins. But, Since we are not even aware that we are breathing most of the time, its easy to make mistakes like; breathing through the mouth, chest breathing or rapid breathing which invite disease and many ailment like, grief, loss of motivation, gas and cramps, vision problems, chest pains, heart palpitations etc

Breathing through the mouth – when you do this you take harmful organisms, which are likely to be in the air, directly into our bodies. This also means that it is easier for infectious disease to occur in the airways. However the air we breath in through the nose, thanks to the special internal structure of the nose, is heated, hydrated, and cleaned as it goes to the bronchial tubes

Chest breathing – is shallow breathing. Shallow breathing takes oxygen only to the upper part of the lungs. Thus, we would use only a small amount of the capacity of the lungs. This would be the cause of us not getting enough oxygen as well as us not being able to sufficiently expel the carbondioxide in our lungs. People who constantly breath like this are always in need of oxygen and forced to live with toxins in their bodies

Rapid breathing – inhaling and exhaling too fast. Inorder to get enough oxygen and spread that oxygen to all sides of the lungs, it is necessary to take deep breaths

Decreased quality of breathing can be caused by;

Environment – polluted air in our environment resulting from exhaust gases due to heavy traffic, cigarette smoking, groups of crowded workers having to work in cramped spaces or poorly ventilated rooms.

Hastiness – some people especially those who live in big cities are always in a rush. People moving at this tempo are forced to eat fast, quickly enter and exit the toilet, and walk or run at a fast pace to catch train or ferry. This being the case, their breathing becomes faster and shallower

Stress – as responsibilities that we carry, the duties we have taken on, and the work that we must do increase, so does fatigue, rushing about, and worries increase. This situation leads to shallow and Rapid breathing

Sensitivity – people who live with intense feelings find themselves in situations where they break very quickly, are easily excited, are easily angered, and live at extremes of joy and grief. Such people’s breathing is negatively affected, becoming faster and shallow

Intensity – our muscles are stretched when we focus very hard on a job, a thought, or an event. The tension of the muscles related to breathing plays a role in limiting our breathing. In this situation, the breaths that we take become shorter each time we breathe

Posture problems – all the incorrect postures that we get used to while sitting and walking may cause our breathing to become more difficult and the quality of our breathing to decrease. Errors such as not sitting straight and steadily or walking with your back hunched both shorten the duration of breathing and become an obstacle to the lungs being fully operational

Inactivity – continously sitting while working meeting our cleaning and cooking needs, and taking advantage of the amenities of technology and the modern life style limits our movement. As physical activity is limited, situation requiring deep breathing are also limited, and one may become used to shallow breathing

Over eating – when people over eat, their stomachs expand and the body becomes heavy. Excess weight has the effect of limiting movement and making breathing more difficult

Advanced age – generally when a person reaches their twenties, their lung capacity and pulmonary functions reaches its best level. After this age, their capacity begins to worsen every ten years. This worsening may be between 9 and 25 percent. Inorder to prevent this decline in respiratory capacity and to develop the existing capacity, it’s beneficial to do regular breathing exercises and sports

how to breath right;

Every time we breath in, oxygen molecules pass from the lungs to the blood. Once there, it combines with the hemoglobin found in red blood cells and the compound that gives blood its red color comes about. Later, this oxyhemoglobin is spread to the whole body by the way of circulation. During this circulation, the waste product of breathing, carbondioxide is collected and taken back to lungs to be exhaled. Shallow breaths taken by those who only breathe with the top of their lungs are not effective enough in ejecting this waste product. From here it can be understood that deep breaths are actually an unrivaled blessing because they clean the body each time we breath

The way to breath properly is to inhale through your nose all the way to the diaphragm deeply, calmly or silently and exhale through your mouth. When breathing is done correctly, heart rhythm becomes regular, blood pressure decreases, blood circulation accelerates, digestion becomes easier, and the person feels stronger when faced with negative events or situations. It is said that the quickest way to protect oneself from situations such as sleep disorders and drug addiction is through getting used to breathing properly and resting from a fast paced life

This week – we challenge ourselves to breath right. Find an activity that you do most in a day and use it as a trigger or reminder to take deep breaths, forexample; I pray 5 times a day and use that as a reminder to check my breaths

Thanks bunches for reading, please let me know your thoughts on this

Much love, ezee ❤️

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Transformation Thursday | step #1

Hi, when i started my blog last year, I wrote and posted an article on working a balance between mind, body, soul, energy and environment and one sweet human Annette Rey left me this beautiful message;

In regards to it, i have long after decided to start Transformation Thursday where I will be breaking down to you step by step things you can begin to practise everyday to achieve balance inorder to heal and be happy.

Well, its Thursday so lets dive right into our very first habit…

The easiest and most beautiful way to be at peace is with firm belief – Neslihan Nur Turk

Today many people don’t have faith in Allah/God they cling to the rotten branches and tumble into the abyss, they’re in bondage with the devil and the ego far from refreshment and relaxation, leading troubled lives. Many evils such as adultery, theft, murder spread because of people who do not have fear for Allah/God and who have not been granted the climate of peace from His guidance

An appliance operates better when it is used according to the user’s guide prepared by the manufacturer. Like wise when people are in line with the commands and prohibitions of Allah, the quran and the living most beautiful examples of the servant prophet Muhammad Mustafa (p.b.u.h) they will be granted a happy and peaceful life

A person who is successful in this is at peace in the world and here after. This is because faith gives us calmness, peace and joy. A person with faith is never jealous, he loves and gives for Allah/God, being accountable not to people but to his lord, he develops self control. Even in places where there are no people he pays attention to his state and his movements. A faithful person doesnot give up hope in the face of even the most challenging events, taking refuge in his lord and relying on Him, he is patient. A person with faith is strong, stable and enduring. A person who believes in God is not un just to anyone, doesnot say empty words and doesnot do ugly things. If he falls into sins, he feels guilty, repents and returns again to being wrapped in goodness. A person with faith is not broken by the death of those close to him, this is because he believes in the here after and that death is not the end.

the islamic faith is built upon five pillars. Testifying that there is no God but Allah and that prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is Allah’s messenger, praying correctly, rightly paying Zakah (charity) Making Hajj to the ka’bah and fasting during the month of ramadan ( Bukhari, iman, 1)

We shall talk about fasting, traveling and charity in proceeding weeks InshaAllah. Our focus this week is on praying correctly and the impact it has on our overall health;

Cleanliness is the first condition for prayer – a person who wants to pray must first clean himself and the area where he will pray. Cleanliness is tied to refreshing the soul. In this respect, Salah means being purified 5 times a day

Another condition of prayer is the intention – when a person intends to pray for the sake of Allah, he turns to the qiblah ( direction of the mecca) takes a break for a time from all worldly engagements, and is directed only to gaining the pleasure of Allah. This break gives both the body and soul a rest. Taking five regular breaks a day is an important factor in making a person more productive in every sense. A productive person achieves success, and a successful person is happy

Another condition for prayer is observing it at the proper time – for this reason, indeed, a muslim who prays gives importance to time, and is expected to take care to be punctual. A person who obtains this superior characteristic leads a planned and programmed life, and thus he begins to spend each day fully and makes his time fruitful

Above all this, the prayer is a debt of servitude we have to our creator and it brings us closer to Him – A hadith qudsi ( a hadith containing the direct words of Allah) says as follows;

Allah said, i will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of mine. And the most beloved things with which my slave comes near to me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and my slave keeps on coming closer to me through performing nawafil ( praying or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) till i love him, so I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hands with which he grips, and also his legs with which he walks, and if he asks Me, i will give him, and if he asks my protection ( refuge) I will protect him, and I Donot hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death, and I hate to disappoint him ( Bukhari, riqaq, 38)

It may be understood from here that the prayer brings one closer to God, grants them peace, protection from evil, rudeness and wrong doing. What this means is, with this protective characteristic, it is also a strong barrier against any kind of soul constricting negativity

There is cure in prayers – the different poses and movements we do in Salah are yogic and have many health benefits forexample; Ruku or bowing helps in strengthening the back and spine which improves body’s posture, eases back pain, eases constipation, and tones the muscles of the abdomen and stomach. Sujjod where the fore head touches the ground allows smooth and increased blood flow to the brain. Read more here

One of every muslim i have meet, either didn’t know what to recite in prayer or if they had crammed the words they didn’t know the meaning tap here to learn what to recite in prayer in arabic and most importantly what it means in english

This week; we challenge ourself to pray the five obligatory prayers, on time, with proper ablution, good intentions, really slow, with full awareness. Sit for a while after prayer, praise Allah, pray for the prophet and ask for what you want and believe you’ll get it InshaAllah

Thanks for reading, please share with us how God came through for you..

Shad 🖤

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The things your doctors won’t tell you…

The things your doctors won’t tell you because they don’t know, or they know how!

I am out here trying to stay balanced not biased because “the best fighter is never angry” Lao Tzu although i think am starting to understand what Nikole Tesla meant when he said we might live to see man made horrors beyond comprehension. It Still doesn’t make alot of sense to me how one man can feed off the pain and misery of another man!

After non spirituality ( which explains the greed and intense level of inhumanity) the biggest challenge of this era is “chemicals” for profit different industries are doing a tremendous job poisoning our FOOD, AIR WATER, SOIL, most PRODUCTS at the market place and scariest of all MEDICINE.. According to WHO – 9 out of 10 people now breath polluted air which kills 7 million people every year. Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer, you don’t have to look so far.. Organ damaging, hormone dusrupting, irritant, carcinogen, immune suppressing and health compromising chemicals such as; sodium lauryl sulphate, methylparaben, propylene glycol, phthalates, octinoxate, isoprophyl, tetrasodium, polymenthyl etc are right in the products you use either for your face, body, hair, to clean up surfaces and other such home equipments. The worst part is they get released into surrounding soil which can then seep into the ground water, or other surrounding water sources, and considering the fact that we have to go right a head and spray the plants and soil directly with chemical fertilizers, i can say we are not eating food, but poison

Is it clear now why healing is but a dream? after all, am here to share not facts but practical solutions! Incase you’re wondering why not enough people talk about this, its because the pharmaceutical makes more money with you being sick, and the media with you being scared, the leaders turned into misleaders and mentors into tormentors.. the only person who can fix this, is YOU. With the impact and heaviness of the matter it seems quite like asking people to go to war, but actually all you gotta do is love yourself a little more. You cannot love yourself and at the same time buy, eat, drink, breath or use poison! When it comes to our health, its our wealth.. don’t play.

Its absolutely okay for the body to get alittle sick sometimes, but God is so generous that for every disease there is a cure! now the lengthy hospital stays, taking pills every day for the rest of your life, aggresive measures and drastic side effects is not my idea of health rather a “sick maintenance scheme” in a bid to capitalise on your disease. You deserve a long, happy and healthy life, but if you continue to accept poison as medicine that might just never be possible. Let’s face it, health is not simply the abscence of disease but a state of complete mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social well being.. anytime one of these is disturbed no doubt you’ll get sick, and the people angry for profit know it, no wonder they use marketing to subconsciously lure you into making unhealthy choices thinking its your own decision. You definitely gotta watch this;On that note, let me take this opportunity to ask you a question, do you really want to poison yourself? Iam gonna go with “no” why then do you continue to buy and do stuff you know for sure is not good for your health? I’ll tell you, because someone else is forcing you to but they do it in such a way that you don’t even realise you’re being controlled, much like a robot. They’re smart, right? I dont know about you, but i dont like being controlled, and you know what else is smart, that little tingy stream of rage you feel in your blood right now, hold on to it until you can’t take it anymore, only then can you take your power back and start to be more conscious and careful with what you buy

Your medicine should be food, if you really love and care about yourself, you’re going to start by paying close attention to what you eat. like it or not, If you eat junky, crappy, dead food, i know for sure you feel like crap, heavy and most likely to die before your time. I saw a doctor on instagram argue that food is not medicine, one of my principles is i never argue, and so it pained me as I scrolled past, besides how could I really convince him he is wrong when that is what he was taught at med. school, yet again how is your doctor supposed to make money if you use celery to balance blood pressure or coconut to cure stomach ache? experience is the greatest confronter, whether or not food is medicine, we should let people be the judges of that. For now let me give you a good reason to mind your food;

Organic components found in WATER are the main nutrients for the human body, most of blood, brain, muscle and 22% of bones is water. The digestive and transportation of nutrients to cell, the proper functioning of cells, organ and tissue, the disposal of toxic substances from the body, the control of tempearature and many such functions are carried out with the help of water. VITAMINS have not only taste stored in it but also healing. PROTEINS are the basic building block of all living organism important for growth and development of our bodies and in resisting infections. It is necessary for quick healing of wounds, as well as for making of new tissue. We get energy we need to move, think and fight disease from CARBOHYDRATES. FATS are extremely important for the membrane that envelops and protects the cell and MINERALS contribute greatly to the development of the nervous and reproductive system, the functioning of muscles, the formation of blood and regulating of the pulse and blood pressure and maintaining the fluid balance in the body read more on food medicine, your medicine should be food

After providing your body with the necessary nutrients now you are going to need PEACE. The body heals itself we already know that the living body is the best pharmacy ever devised, it produces diurectic, pain killers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotics and indeed everything manufactured by the drug companies but it makes them much better. The dosage is always right, given on time, side effects are minimal or non existant and the direction of using are included in the drug itself as part of its built in intelligence. However the body won’t be able to perform its magic if thrown off balance by dis ease and so your only work is to assist it naturally by creating the right atmosphere ( peace of mind) and provide enough nutirientsThis brings us back to the challenges at hand, the sources of nutrients air, water and soil are polluted, companies are playing tricks with our subconscious mind and the media instilling overdoses of fear, worry and doubt. The million dollar question is, what’s the solution? Well, ATTENTION ( meditation) BLISS ( peace) and VIBRATION ( primordial sound).

Let me explain, the noise and visual pollution, negative emotions, improper diet, and unhealthy life style like smoking, alcohol, drugs, too much internet, sleep deprivation, etc give way to stress related disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue among others. This restlessness and discomfort throws off the mind body intelligence whose language is silence and vibration. To assist the body naturally you have to slow down, sit in silence and go from passive compulsive thinking to attentive or awareness thinking, this automatically with time gets you in a state of bliss or calmness and peaceful ness, this sensation sends a vibration ( primordial sound) which synchronizes with body and mind altering heart rate, blood pressure, hormone secretion and anything for that matter. you’ve got to change your habits to heal your life; go to bed early, wake up early, meditate, pray, be grateful, read a book, write a journal, work on your self talk, travel, learn a new skill, laugh and smile often, love, dance, get some sunshine, surround yourself with people and places that uplift you and try new fun stuff together, drink your water, eat your rainbow, deep sleep, exercise, fast, forgive, work your passion, give or share something good… read more on body of bliss – a cure for chronics

To futher aid in creating the right atmosphere, am glad to share with you health care equipments that help to assist your body and mind naturally; like the AURA ENERGY STONE that forms an electromagnetic wave proof wall that protects you from harmful substances like radiation from phones, computer, TV, radio, x-rays and radio therapy BLOOD CIRCULATORY MASSAGE MACHINE based on Acupressure ( reflexology) , vibration ( 7200 rpm) and a massager for high frequency, spiral vibration and deeper massage to reach pressure points, stimulate blood flow, increase immunity, metabolism and health preservation ACUPUNCTURE adopts electronic biological impulse which can vibrate with the cellullar elements of the human body, pressing and opening acupoints to reach the meridians and collaterals which bring a physiotherapy and health care effect MULTI FUNCTIONAL HEAD CARE APPARATUS offers two option – non stop vibration, intermittent vibration and saw tooth that can be adjusted to any direction making the design more human. Intermittent vibration can be used for head care while non stop vibration can be used for body care to dredge channels, adjust blood and Qi supply, produce tranquilizers and painkillers, improve blood circulation, rid of fatigue and adjust organism functioning

Conscious buy and Return natural to protect nature! for every product on market with harmful chemicals that end up in our streams and soil, there is a natural or chemical free option, even though we can’t completely do away with chemicals the more natural swaps the better. Forexample Airiz sanitary Napkin is non chemical medicinal pad, Orecare is a fluoride free Toothpaste, Johnson’s Aloe and vitamin E oil gel is a good moisturizer with no parabens, phthalates or dyes, Tiens has a wide range of lotions, perfumes, soaps etc free of chemicals, you can also grow natural hair, minimise pollution by planting trees, set up industrial facilities outside of settled areas attach filters to their chimney and factory waste may be kept under control and be prevented from being dumped in nature, fuels used to heat homes may be switched from high calories coal to natural gas, save with green banks, buy glass and paper packaged products not plastic, mend old clothes and don’t buy new ones often, keep the lights off in rooms you’re not using, use water sparingly don’t let it run un necessarily, advocate against poaching among others. you cannot heal at the hands of sick nature and without forests, rivers, lakes and wildlife there is no life or better still, a healthy life.

Last but not least, we all know prevention is better than cure, this might be a little late for some people. Not to worry though, if you’re sick don’t use poison to cure poisoning. Like I wrote earlier, the body heals it self. If you have followed closely you should have one concern by now; if our food and water is poisoned how are we supposed to provide our bodies with the right nutrients? Well, i still got a solution to this.. You can go an extra mile and detoxify your water with HYPER H Cup it eliminates free radical, degrade color spots, maintain water balance etc you can also use DICHO FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CLEANER which reacts with water to produce ozone water which has a strong effect of sterilization and can completely disinfect food Inorder to make them safe for eating and usage. Otherwise you can drink your water, eat your fruit and veggies then CLEANSE with lipid metabolism management tea , or most important NOURISH and SRENGHTHEN with natural food supplement like tiens spirulina – non polluted algae from lake area ( which is purer and more natural than artificial ones) containing 65g of protein, 18% carbs, 5% fat and 7% minerals read more on Happy time healing – natural products

To healing and living healthier and happier lives 🥂

Shad ❤️

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Be smart, swap now!

I get it; third world countries are a dumping site for poor quality products! Forexample, Considering that people here can’t afford cotton, we get pads made from something cheaper, but this is a product that comes in direct contact with one of the most fragile parts of a woman, a rather hyper sensitive issue that should not be taken lightly

I started my period around the age of 13 and it was a 3 – 4 days normal flow for the first months Until it drastically changed to 6-7 days of heavy flow, concerned i visited a few doctors who always dismissed by condition as normal after realising i wasn’t using any birth control, i was still worried but this was also during the times when i was under much stress and dealing with strings of depression, this could be the reason, i thought to myself. I had manageable cramps and mild backaches, what i dreaded the most was the pale dead skin and smelly discharges that remained after every period, plus the big possibility of a “leak” made this time in my life the most uncomfortable.

It’s a punch in the throat moment knowing i used “pads” for over 10 years and i never asked myself not even once what they were made of! I had no clue whatsoever that they may have been the main cause of my health problems at the time. Incase you dont know how they are made and how they’re affecting your health, please read on..

DIOXIN is a carcinogen ( CANCER HAZARD) in 1997 the international agency for research on cancer published that dioxin is now considered a group 1 carcinogen ( A KNOWN HUMAN CARCINOGEN) in 2001 the U.S National toxicology program upgraded dioxin to a known to be human carcinogen. In a July 2002 study in the U.S shows dioxin related to increased incidence of breast cancer, many other health problems are linked to dioxin exposure ( its is 130 times more toxic than cyanide; cyanide destroys human cells, and among others lead to heart, respiratory system and central nervous system failure. Its 900 times more toxic than arsenic; arsenic poisoning can lead to a variety of problems from skin cancer to keratosis of the feet)

On average a woman uses 15000 pieces of sanitary Napkins over a span of 35 years of her life. Therefore the risk of being exposed to DIOXIN is also 15000 times

I am lucky to have attended a one cervix cancer and awareness program where I was met with Airiz sanitary Napkin. Even though it is two times more expensive than the ordinary one, i dont regret my choice as it is worth it all and more. When i used Airiz for the first time i was absolutely wowed, it was so comfortable i literally forgot i was on my period.. Cool and dry the entire time, i didnt feel cramps, at the end of the period my skin was soft and smooth without rash and after up to 3 times of using them i returned to 4-5 days of normal flow

Airiz is made with negative ION and active oxygen. When the body is with more positive ion than negative ion you experience fatigue and discomfort, and when the body is with balanced positive and negative ion you feel refreshed and invigorated. A maximum number of negative ions are present near waterfalls and the climate after thunderstorms. The negative ION in Airiz helps to; activate DNA repair, enhance body detoxification, removes blood clot materials, removes heavy metals from the body system, inactivates viruses bacteria yeast and fungus, and reduce inflammation

Airiz active oxygen and negative ION sanitary napkin prevents gynecologic diseases, infection, eliminates odor, anti bacteria, has 8 layers of protection, silk thin soft cotton, activate oxygen and negative ION patent chip and power water absorption

If you asked me, its a smart healthy choice which allows you to enjoy and find pride in being a woman. You should also be conscious of the Toothpaste, lotions, perfumes, hair relaxers, make up, house hold equipments including cleaning detergent etc as some may contain hormone disrupting, immune compromising and health supressing chemicals that pose a threat to your well being.

Kindly let me know your thoughts on subject in the comments below

Thank you, Shad

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Happy time healing – natural products!

Having sufficient and balanced nutrition is the first rule of being healthy. It is necessary that we have good nourishment Inorder to fill our stomachs, be happy and lead a healthy life.

There are dozens of nutrients that are necessary for us through out our lives. If the body can’t get one or more of them, or if it gets too much, difficulties related to growth and development will be experienced and health will begin to detoriarate. This is called unbalanced diet.

People with unbalanced diet are heavy and reluctant in their movement, their skin and general appearance is un healthy, and they are very thin or very fat. They always talk about various pains and are always found to be in a state of complaint. Such people are also in distress from a psychological point of view, either having an overly stressed or an overly relaxed attitude. This is because unbalanced nutrition harms the whole structure of a person.

In contrast those who have a balanced and sufficient diet appear healthy, have vibrant and flexible bodies, and have beautiful skin. These people have vibrant and shinny hair and healthy nails and eyes. Their muscle and bones are healthy and their psychology is balanced. They have a strong constitution that is usually not sick. Their growth and development is normal, in accordance with their height and weight. Food is medicine! Your medicine should be food…..

At Tiens we trust that the body heals it’s self of any ailment or disease, all you have to do is assist it naturally with a few steps; CLEANSING, NOURISHING, STRENGTHENING, AND BALANCING and here is some food supplements you can use to serve that purpose:


Made with green tea, leaves of gynostemma, lotus leaves, Chinese knotweed root, and semen cassia


It breaks and cleanses cholesterol from the blood vessels
It fights free radicals and detoxifies the body
It invigorates the spleen and the stomach, promoting healthy digestion and efficient waste excretion
It helps with lowering lipids
It reduces fever
It boosts the immune system and internal energy levels
It helps the central nervous system to function properly
It helps relieve alcoholism and its effects
It has laxative properties, making bowel movements easy
It is very effective in treating stomach ulcers
It helps fight viral and bacterial infections

Main Benefits

  • Helps in anti-aging
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Fights skin allergies
  • Prevents obesity
  • Maintains metabolism and strengthens the immune system
  • Keep one alert
  • Aid in fatigue recovery
  • Detoxify the body
  • Reduces cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  • Calm overstrained nerves; Aid in peaceful sleep

Who Lipid Metabolic Management Tea is suitable for?

Middle to old aged and Hyperlipidemic population.
Lipid Metabolic Management Tea IS NOT suitable for children!

1-2 times daily with 1 tea bag per time, drink after soaking in boil water for 10 minutes, One tea bag can be used for several times.
Suggest consuming for long term.

Price: ugx 87000


Chitosan is extracted from shells of crabs and shrimps. These Chitosan capsules are treated to become more edible than natural Chitin. Each capsule contains 85% Chitin, which has a structure similar to cellulose. It binds itself to fat in the digestive track, it’s able to absorb fat and sugar and contains special food fabrics carrying negative ions, which can be attached with the chlorine in excessive salt. It is multi-functional.

The effective ingredient of Tiens Chitosan capsule is chitosan and every capsule contains no less than 144mg of deacetylation. It an anti ageing product that acts at the cellular level of the human body, repairing and reinvigorating the system by:
– Chitosan inhibits toxins produced by cancer cells
– Chitosan vitalises the activities of lymphocytes NK and LAK that kill cancer cells. Lymphocytes function better at a pH 7.4 and Chitosan has the ability to adjust pH of its environment by approximately 0.5 which creates unsuitable condition for cancer cells to thrive
– Chitosan inhibits transfer of cancer cells by binding the causal agents on the endothelial surface and thus prevent metastasis of cancer cells
– Chitosan is also a super detoxifier.


– Helps kill harmful bacteria or parasites in the body
– Helps improve the accumulation and ability of ‘good’ bacteria to counter ‘bad’ bacteria in organs
– Relieves constipation by helping to produce bulky soft bowel movements
– It is helpful in balancing the levels of fat and cholesterol in the body
– It helps reduce the damaging effects of radiation in the cells and tissues
– It helps lower blood sugar levels and is useful for treating and preventing diabetes mellitus
– It helps flush out metallic poison and pollutants in the body. It’s a powerful cleanser
– It prevents metastasis (doesn’t allow cancer cells to be transferred to other cells)
– It combats high blood pressure naturally
– It prevents prostate gland infection/prostate cancer
– It promotes fast healing of wounds, burns and scars
– It helps prevent and treat arthritis, back pain and lumbago.

Who Chitosan Capsules is suitable for?

– Adults consuming high fat meals
– Adults wanting to speed up the elimination of undigested fats from their body
– Adults who are wanting to loss weight
– Adults wanting to improve cardiovascular health.


– This product IS NOT suitable for children and pregnant woman.


– 2 capsules 2 times daily.

Price: ugx 150,000


Main Benefits

Tiens Slimming Tea is made according to traditional Chinese medicine and it is processed mainly from oolong and kuding of high quality lotus leaf, folium nelumbinis, and other traditional Chinese herbs.

This has been produced for obese people. It adjusts effectively to bodily functions, and accelerates to decompose fat in the body in order to lose weight. Excessive weight affects the heart, can cause arteriosclerosis, shortness of breath and a number of serious diseases. This product has a unique effect on slimming and controlling obesity.


– It controls obesity and reduces flabby thighs
– It helps cleanse blood lipids and cholesterol, thus relieving arteriosclerosis and hypertension
– It accelerates metabolism, improves digestion and promotes proper excretion
– It improves function of the spleen
– It counters the damaging effects of radiation/ X-rays
– It possesses bacterial and viral killing properties
– It helps relieve inflammatory conditions like arthritis
– It enhances stamina.

Who is Slimming Tea suitable for?

– Those who want to lose weight, but can’t resist delicious foods
– Those who have suffered un-smoothed defecation and weak intestines function for a long time
– Suffer from internal heat
– Skin dried without beauty busy living, irregularly eating
– Those who eat fatty meals habitual
– People with diabetes.


– 1-2 sacks 3 times daily. Drink after dipping in boiling water for 10 minutes


– Tiens Slimming Tea IS NOT suitable for children and pregnant women.

Price: ugx 97000



It prevents and combats haemorrhoids (piles), dysentery and bloody stools
It decreases excessive absorption of cholesterol, thus, preventing coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis
It helps prevent and check bacterial infection in the appendix
It prevents appendicitis and gallstones
It is effective in weight loss

Who is Tiens Double Cellulose suitable for? Those suffering with constipation
Those wanting to maintain bowel regularity
Those wanting to cleanse their intestines and neutralize certain toxic elements in the body.


take 3-4 tablets 3 times daily by chewing.

Price: ugx 93000


Zinc is involved in over 80 types of body enzymes synthesis. We need zinc for our body development, genetic immunity, endocrine system, maintain our nerve mucous health.

Zinc is needed for activities of over 200 types of enzymes. Lack of zinc will cause imbalance in our body, this is why zinc is known as “flower of life”. Studies and researches done by scientists’ show the malformation is significantly related to lack of zinc intake. Therefore, during pregnancy we need zinc to ensure the fetus is well developed.

Zinc helps in the multiplication, development and growth of cells. Insufficient intake of zinc will slow down the development of children, and may cause small body frame. It is also significantly related to the intelligence development of the children,as well as to strengthen body immune system, maintaining and helps the development of eye sight.

Current study indicates that male infertility is related to lack of zinc. Zinc is significantly affecting the quality of the semen and sperm and also irritates the development of the sex glands. Researches show that human brain hippocampus is taking control of our nerves activities, language learning, memory and logical thinking. If the hippocampus’s zinc content is decreasing, then we face problems like loss of memory, movement disorders, thought disorder senile dementia.
Suitable for: Healthy growth, especially children, improve learning result and eye sight power etc.


Zinc has been considered an essential element since the 15th century. It activates more than 100 different enzymes in the body, including visual and digestive enzymes. Studies show that zinc accounts for one-sixth of the brain. It is core to advanced thinking, important in learning language and storing information. Zinc deficiency may lead to memory loss, movement impediment and muddled thinking. It may cause early onset of dementia.

The amount of zinc added in Tiens Zinc supplement is in line with an individual’s recommended daily nutritional needs. Each capsule contains 0.8-1.2mg zinc.
Zinc can be derived from food, vegetable and meat, but the absorption rate depends on the person’s stomach acid concentration and other factors that may make absorption and utilisation difficult. This supplement is composed of lactic Zinc, which has a high rate of absorption, but not the pernicious effects of phytate and phytic acid. It is the ideal supplement and, we can confidently say, the best zinc for every adult. It also contains glucose and egg protein powder.


Essential for normal growth and development of reproductive organs.
– It is useful in the maintenance of viscera organs in the body.
– It helps eye health by converting Vitamin A to its biologically active form to fight foggy vision and short sightedness.
– It combats infertility, low sperm count, impotence, hormonal imbalances and frigidity.
– It helps libido by improving sex drive and preventing premature ejaculation.
– It helps prevent cancers and stomach ulcers.

Who Zinc Capsules is suitable for?

– Adults and children who have impaired sense of taste and smell.
– Adults who are consuming excessive amounts of coffee, tannins found in tea, high fiber, vegetarian diets or alcohol.
– Adults who are suffering stress disorders.
– Adults with poor immune or reproductive health.
– Men who want to maintain a healthy prostate and healthy sexual function.
– Adults with a family history of age-realated.


– Children aged 3-7 years, 1 x 1 capsule daily
– Children aged 7-10 years, 1 x 1-2 capsules daily
– Children between 10-14 years, 1-2 x daily 2 capsules per day
– Adults 1-3 x 2 capsules daily.

Cure duration

– 3-12 months. After 3 months of taking Zinc Capsules take a break of 3 months.

Price: ugx 49000


its made from the back bone of ox ( zomolic bone calcium powder processed from fresh ox bone with bio engineering technology) oligosaccharide, defatted milk, multi vitamins and multi minerals. Rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, trace elements. 10g of the product contain more than 400g of enzymolysis bone calcium powder. Calcium structure exists in form of amino acids and passes through the cell membrane into our intensines without causing any irritation.


  • Natural, free of preservatives, and has a mild pure taste
  • Significant regulating effects on vital life functions
  • Improves bone density
  • Contains oligosaccharide which can stimulate the multiplication of bifidobacteria in the intestinal Tract, maintain the normal function of intestinal Tract and enhance immunity

Very appropriate for problems of calcium deficiency ( 200 diseases are caused by calcium deficiency) half of women over age 45 and 90% of those over 75 suffer the effects of osteoporosis. All the cells in the body need calcium and must borrow it from our skeleton if our calcium intake is inadequate

Recommended; daily dietary allowance for women and men ( 19-24 years) is 200mg/day, and for men and women ( 25 years and older) is 800mg/day

Suitable for — pre and post menstrual women with decreased level of estrogen. Mature men and women concerned about possible osteoporosis

Dosage; one sachet 1-2 times daily, mix with 60-70°c warm water or together with other food

Price: ugx 92000


prepared using most advanced technology, manufactured specifically for children, necessary for good bone formation, strong teeth and other functions

It’s contains calcium obtained from cow bones, egg yolk powder, milk powder, iron and zinc

During its preparation process, the need for growth and development of children have been taken into consideration

It contains 9 different amino acids, essential vitamins, micro element, lipoprotein and Lecithin taurin


  • it contains many useful substances to fix nutritional imbalance
  • also excellent to protect and develop child health and mental capabilities

In childhood, nutritional imbalances can greatly affect metabolism, physical activities and growth maintenance, and at the same time affect the immune system. This is an all round product that meets the nutritional and health needs of calcium. It contains 3600mg pure calcium per sachet

Suitable for — children wanting to maintain healthy bones and teeth and children who don’t consume a calcium rich diet

Dosage; one sachet 1-2 times daily, mix with 60 – 70°c warm water or together with other food

Price: ugx 87000


Lecithin is one of the key building blocks of cell membranes it protects cells against oxidation and surrounds and protects the brain. The combination of Lecithin and calcium provide two essential ingredients to help combat age related problems, may help to reduce tension and stress ensuring a better sleep pattern

The cell membranes in the body are composed of Lecithin. The protective shealth around your brain are also made of Lecithin. Muscle and nerves also use Lecithin

Lecithin is high in phosphorous and unites with Iron, iodine and calcium to give power and vigor to the brain

Lack of Lecithin can cause forgetfullness, digestive problems, nasea, hypertension, Joint and muscle problems

One sachet ( 4g) provides more than 130mg of enzymolysis bone calcium powder


  • Lecithin is required by every cell in the body, it prevents arteriosclerosis
  • protects against cardiovascular disease
  • improve brain function
  • increase energy levels
  • repair damage from alcoholism
  • helps in digestion of fats, immune disorders, herpes and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • effectively enhance the functions and vitality of brain, nourish brain cells, improve memory, and postpone aging
  • It helps with absorption of fat soluble vitamins
  • It also enables fats like cholesterol to be dispersed in water and then removed from your body

Recommended; Lecithin is designed for people wishing to improve their brain function and vitality

Suitable forpeople with mental fatigue, those who wish to improve memory

Dosage; adult and children over 12 years, 2 times daily, one sachet each time, take with warm water ( 60-70°c) or with other food stuffs

Price: ugx 44000


also know as nutrient super calcium powder ll it is specially formulaed for diabetes by removing sugar and while adding a pumpkin recipe ( pancreas mender) to number 1

All natural ingredients, no sucrose, low in fat and calories. Sachet ( 10g) contain more than 360mg of enzymolysis bone calcium powder

Pumpkin flour added contains CTY ( cycloprophyl amino acid, a blood sugar lowering factor) which can effectively regulate the secretion function of pancreatic gland

Contains 18 kinds of amino acid, collagen, phosphoprotein, minerals and vitamins


  • Protects the pancreas
  • Supplement calcium
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Equalise nutrition
  • Prevents diabetic complications
  • Enhance immunity

Recommended; specially designed for persons with hyperglycemia and Diabtes

Dosage; once or twice daily, one sachet each time – take with warm water 60-70°c or with other food stuff

Price: ugx 112000


Non-polluted algae from the lake areas (which is purer and more natural than artificial ones).
Spirulina capsules are high nutrient products. Every 100g contains 65g of protein, 18% carbohydrate, 5% fat and 7% minerals. It contains gama lilolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid.

This lipid is a parent compound of a hormone-like lipid called prostaglandins. It is invaluable for AIDS and those suffering from debilitating diseases. It is recommended for people whose goal is sound health

The modern society is in a state that owns unparalleled vantage. The human beings are enjoying the fast and convenient traffic, sumptuous and fine foods, limitless data and information, as well as colorful culture. However, the outspread vantages bring much adversity to modern people the furious competition, busy work, too many social intercourses, as well as tense rhythm and tremendous pressure. Thus, many people are living in an irregular state and their repast is unreasonable, namely that they gain the successful career at the price of their health. With the development of modern industry the pollution, radiation, toxic chemicals and all kinds of civilization diseases are striking every modern people.

The scientists and medicine authorities in American, Japanese, and German have finished the long-term experiments and have researched many clinical tests, and then they proved that Spirulina owns the efficacies for preventing and curing many diseases, while no side-effect will be caused as well.


Spirulina Algae was first discovered around Lake Chad, in Central Africa. This plant grows in the lake and is high in nutritional value.
– It is an all rounder, wholesome and balanced in all essential nutrients. It is enriched with more than 18 kinds of Amino acids and vitamins, carotenes, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and trace elements.
– Spirulina is very useful in the body as many chronic diseases have their roots in nutritional deficiencies. It fills the nutritional gaps in the body to prevent or fight malnutrition in the body.
– It is extremely high in protein, as the body absorbs its protein better than those of, for example, Soybeans. Its carotene content is much higher than that of carrot. The nutrient content of 1g of spirulina is equal to that of 1000g of vegetables and fruits.


  • It nourishes the body as a whole and promotes good health
  • It is useful in prostate hormone secretion and it prevents prostate problems
  • It is valuable in fighting the effects of HIV/AIDS because of its large amount of glycolipids and cerebroside sulphate contents (use with Cordyceps)
  • It promotes growth and development of the reproductive system
  • It balances the body system back to normal after an infection or a period of abstaining from food
  • It helps regulate blood pressure, high or low blood sugar levels and cholesterol

Who Spirulina Capsules is suitable for?

– Spirulina is suitable for everyone!
– Vegetarians.
– Individuals looking for a good all around daily supplement to increase their general well being.
– For those who are tired and run down and looking for an energy supplement and for people who working in an oxygen deficient environment.


– 6 capsules 3 times daily.

Price: ugx 132000



Supports the Immune System: • Strengthens the immune system
• Reduces fatigue
• Promotes vitality, and longevity
• Protects the body against the damaging effects of radiation and tumor formation.

• Supports the Respiratory System:
• Helps improve symptoms of asthma and bronchitis
• Promotes healthy lung function. • Supports Kidney Function:
• Promotes healthy kidney function
• Acts as a kidney tonic
• Increases brain performance
• Ensures normal function of body organs

Who Cordyceps Mycelium Capsules is suitable for?

Weak and low immunity, susceptible to cold
Regular smokers, coughing and person with asthma
Recovering from diseases or operations
High blood fat or cardiovascular
Ill-functions of liver
After chemo- or radiotherapy
Busy work and tired
Heavy pressure and poor sleep
Frequent users of computer, mobile phone and microwave appliances.

Take 1 to 2 capsules with water, twice daily at mealtimes. Store in a dry place at room temperature

Price: ugx 190000



Reduce sugar level in blood
A supplement for diabetic
Strengthen kidney and stimulate liver cells
Strengthen blood vessels’ endurance
Increase the speed of protein growth
Promote the pliancy and penetrating power of very small blood vessels
Lower blood viscosity, to improve blood circulation
Anti-oxidant, anti aging, and to remove free radicals
Promote body immunity
Prevent tumor/cancer
Prevent gray hair
Reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) of body
Provides herbal support to health
Protects you from stress and fatigue
Improves oxygen uptake in low oxygen environment
Helps in good vision
Acts as blood purifier
Helps in prevention of wrinkles
Activates metabolism, prevents fat accumulation and eliminates toxic substance from the body.

Who is Tiens Cell Rejuvenation Capsules suitable for?

People prone to hypertension, heart diseases and thrombus formation
People with sedentary lifestyle
People with stress and fatigue
People conscious about health.

Children between 10-12 years – 1 capsule every 2-nd day
Children between 12-14 years – 1 capsule daily
Adults: The first three days, one capsule daily. After that, for one week: 2 x 1 capsule daily or 2 capsules at once. Starting next week: 2-3 x 2 capsules daily

Price: ugx 180000



It strengthens the heart and the muscles surrounding it, and prevents heart diseases. It improves sexual competence and sex drive, strengthens erections, prevents premature ejaculation.
It is good against fibroid and ovarian cysts.
It reduces arteriosclerosis and blood lipids.It acts as an anti-oxidant protector of watery areas in and around cells and in body fluids.

Ingredients: Starch, Extract of grape seed (Vitis vinifera), Anti-caking agent magnesium stearate.


To naturally maintain arterial health
Enhances well being. Aiding antioxidant protection
Aids fat metabolism
Grape seed extract that keeps your blood thin and heart healthy
A Dietary supplement containing Resveratrol


Contributes to cardioprotective action
Provides herbal support system to the heart
Prevents thrombus (clot) formation
Effectively removes free radicals due to smoking
Resveratrol reduce colon carcinogenesis and increase the action of antivial drugs
Enables to with stand stroke or brain injuries.

Who Grape Extract Capsules is suitable for?
Middle aged people (>=40 years old)
People with high blood fat
People with high food fat for a long period
People with high blood pressure
Lacking blood for cardiac muscle.

2 capsules (in empty stomach) with warm water / twice or tree time a day.

Price: ugx 195000



It possesses protective and restorative properties
It helps fight free radicals
It boosts fertility in men and women
It helps circulation of blood to the heart and limbs
It helps the brain function and prevents memory loss
It fights stroke, heart problems, arthritis and rheumatism
It prevents high fatty deposits in the liver
It adds nutritional value to the body.

Who Vitality Softgels Wei Kang is suitable for?

Vitality softgels Wei Kang is specially designed for people who want their skin complexion and hair to look their healthiest. Aside from this, vitality softgel promotes sexual functions, makes the heart tolerate anoxia, works as an anti-oxidant against free radicals, and so boosts the immune system and improves the overall body condition, thus can reverse menopause and retard Senile dementia.


Children between 5-10 years: 1 capsule 2 times a week.
Children aged 10-14 years: 1 capsule every other day.
Adults: 1-2 capsules 1-2 times

Price: ugx 127000

More; Airiz sanitary Napkin

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Thanks, Shad 🖤

BODY OF BLISS.. a cure for chronics!

Creating the right atmosphere of body and mind is the only work. You don’t have to do anything else!

The underlying concept is that the body knows how to maintain balance unless thrown off by disease, therefore if one wants to restore the body’s own healing ability, everything should be done to bring it back into balance. It is a very simple notion that has profound consequences

The body cures itself, nature finds a way to combat death that no doctor has ever tried — and there is a dark possibility that what doctors usually try is not helping nature but stifling it

We already know that the living body is the best pharmacy ever devised. It produces diuretics, pain killers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotic and indeed everything manufactured by the drug companies but it makes them much much better. The dosage is always right and given on time, side effects are minimal or non existant, and the direction for using drug are included in the drug itself as part of its built in intelligence

We are surrounded by best of all healing influences — fresh air, sunlight, and beauty. In India, the Hippocrates of Ayurveda a great physician and sage named Charaka prescribed some sunlight for all disease, along with a walk in the early morning and his advise will never grow stale. Nature is a man’s best healer because nature is man

The mind and body are like pararell universities; anything that happens in mind leaves tracks in the physical one. when a patient’s personality shifts, wats, scars and rashes appear and disappear along with hypertension and epilepsy. Conventional medicine already recognizes that ordinary experiences can play a complex role in disease, for example statistics show that single people and widows living alone are more likely to get cancer than people who are married. Their loneliness is called a risk factor – one would call it carcinogen. Then why isn’t curing loneliness a cure for cancer? It may well be, but in different kinds of medicine than we practise. An ayurvedic physician is more interested in the patient he sees before him than in his disease. He recognized that what makes up the person is experience; sorrow, joy, flicting seconds of trauma, long hours of nothing special at all. The minutes of life silently accumulate and like grains of sand deposited by the river, the minute can eventually pile up into a hidden formation that crops above the surface as disease

A computer has finite gaps made of emptiness: we have infinite gaps full of intelligence!

Each person’s brain is unique, both in structure and content. No two people have the same neuronal connection and each person is constantly growing new one from the moment of birth onwards giving rise to all the memories that make you and me totally different — unlike any computer we remember, reconsider and change our minds. The universe was created once but we recreate ourselves with every thought. Everything in short, depends upon how well you can build in silence.

Whatever can be experienced on the surface of life in love or hate, disease or health – wells up from a deeper level and floats above it as little more than a bubble. One can try to pick the bubble one by one but they float up from below unendingly. If we want to navigate the field of intelligence we must learn about it to the very depths, where the silent witness inside us awaits

The basic understanding most of us have about ourselves comes from thinking and feeling, which seem only natural but we know very little about the field of science and how it exercise control over us. The head and heart it seems are not the whole person. The stream of consciousness which is constantly full of thoughts acts as a screen to keep silence hidden. The solid appearance of the physical body is another kind of screen, since we cannot see the molecules that are being constantly shuffled around inside us, much less the blueprint which we would like to change. The blueprint of reality is an important concept. Every impulse of intelligence gives rise to a thought or a molecule which spends a certain time in the relative world – the world of senses – before the next impulse follows, In that sense every thought is like a piece of the future when it is created, a piece of the present when it is experienced, and a piece of the past after it has gone. As long as each impulse is healthy the future is not unknown – it will flow naturally from the present, moment by moment

One should never underestimate the power of indoctrination!

Recently the term placebo was invented into a new term nocebo to describe the negative effects of a doctor’s opinion. With placebo, you give a dummy drug and the patient responds because the doctor has told him that the drug will work. With nocebo, you give aviable drug but the patient doesnot respond because the doctor has signaled that a drug isn’t going to work. There are two centers of action within people, the head and heart. The medical stastics appeal to the head but the heart keeps its own counsel. In recent years, alternative medicine has won much of it’s appeal on the basis of bringing back the heart, using love and caring to heal without these ingredients the nocebo effects can run wild, for the surroundings of modern hospital inject a powerful dose of it

It is fascinating that the major study of four hundred remissions of cancer later interpreted by Elmer and Alyce Green of the Menninger clinic found that all the patients had only one thing in common – every person had changed his attitude before the remission occurred, finding some way to become more hopeful, courageous and positive. In other words they broke down their indoctrination ( even if their doctors didnot break down theirs) consciousness is more persuasive than medicine gives it credit for. Even when ignored, however the silent field of intelligence knows what is happening. It is after all intelligence. It’s knowledge reaches beyond buffers and screens going further than we expect

Normal reality is like a spell – a very necessary one since we must live by habits, routines and codes that we take for granted. The problem arises when we make the spell but not break it.. If you could dive this very moment below your eveyday reality to it’s source, you would entirely have a remarkable experience. The psychologist Abraham Maslow who was a pioneer in the studying the positive aspects of human personality gave a classic description of the experience of deep self “these moments were pure, positive, happiness, when all doubt, all fears, all inhibitions, all tension, all weakness were left behind. He also talks about the Reconciliation with life that people have realised through those moments ” they felt one with the world, fused with it, really belonging to it instead of being outside looking in” Maslow’s patients recognized this inner power as something quite outside the ordinary. It’s not energy or strength, genius or insight but it underlies all of these. It’s life power in its purest form

Meditation represents an immense expansion of the human mind. The best way to describe veda is the total content of the cosmic computer. All the input of nature is channeled into it and out of it flows all natural phenomena. The control over this computer is located in the human brain whose billions of neural connections give it enough complexity to mirror the complexity of the universe. The brain is not important as an object, it’s important because our own subjectivity shines through it. When our brains show us the world, they are really showing us our ownselves. By analogy, when an image falls upon the mirror a blending takes place. The mirror is the reflection, the reflection is the mirror. In the same way the only reality we can know anything about is the one that is being mirrored in the brain, everything that exists is therefore inside our own subjectivity

Many things out don’t exist for us, not because they’re unreal but because “in here” we have not shaped the brain to perceive them. We are like radios that appear to have all channels when actually they are stuck on three – waking, sleeping, dreaming. Because our brain is the only radio you have, you can never know whether the fourth state exists unless your nervous system is prepared for it. It is entirely possible that we are literally bathed and surrounded by the transcendent and yet have not tuned in… thoughts are like the ocean waves rising and falling, they see only their own motion. They say “I am a wave” but the greater truth which they don’t see is “I am ocean” there is no separation between the two whether the wave might suppose. When the wave settles down, then it instantly recognizes that its source is ocean – infinite, silent and unchanging – was always there

The same holds true for the mind, when it is thinking it is all activity, when it stops thinking, it returns to its source in silence. Only then when the mind touches pure awareness will the real store houses of veda be located. The experience of veda therefore is not ancient or even Indian. It is universal and can be had at any moment by any one person. The whole trick is not to move horizontally which is how the stream of consciousness normally moves but to sink vertically. This vertical doctor is transcending, meditation “going beyond” all manifestations of a mind that ceases to identify with waves and begin to identify with ocean

This explains why mind-body medicine has proved so inconsistent we casually assume that a person who survives cancer or can cure himself of a fatal disease operates with the same mental machinery as anyone else, but this is not true; mental processes can be deep or shallow. To go deep means to contact the hidden blueprint of intelligence and change it – only then can Visualization of fighting cancer for example be strong enough to defeat the disease. But most people can not do that: their thought power is too weak to trigger the appropriate mechanisms

The practical question is whether meditation is strong enough to radically improve our thought power. Several studies have shown that meditation infact induce profound change, far beyond the simple relaxation that most people use it for the west, even beyond the medical application of relieving stress, reducing blood pressure and so on. A back up study conducted in England later calculated that each year of meditation takes off roughly one year of aging. Another finding was that their old subjects showed as good results as much younger people. A typical 60 year old meditating five years or more would have the physiology of a 48 year old – there is no scientific proof that aging is normal, it is just something we all happen to do. So many stresses are involved in the normal living that the physiology might be considered under a normal pressure all the time from noise, pollution, negative emotions, improper diet, smoking, alcohol and so on. Just the disease of being in a hurry hastens aging in almost everyone today. If meditation counters these factors then it might reveal something entirely new about the aging process

When something seems to change in the world, it is really you that is changing!

Life is built by your participation in it. Nothing is good or bad, hard or soft, painful or pleasure except as you live it. The same is true for disease. A disease is not the molecular contact of some outside organism with the molecules of the body, it is not even the flow of toxins in your blood or the action of runway cells…. Disease is a sequence of moments that you live through, during which you appraise every iota of the vast input that comes pouring in from the quarters of your world, including your body.

I am in charge of two words, the little one in me and the big one around me. My appraisal of every minute detail out there – the sun, the sky, the chances of rain, the words other say- the shadows cast by office buildings – is matched by an event “in here” infinite choice is open at every second for me to alter the shape of the world, for it has no shape other than what I give it. The eminent neurologist sir John Ecder stated this quite clearly when he wrote ” I want to realise that there is no color in the natural world and no sound – nothing of this kind: no textures, no patterns, no beauty, no scent…” in short nothing is so important about the universe as your own participation in it

A disease cannot take hold without a host who accepts it!

Ayurveda is commonly classified as a a system of medicine, but with equal justice you could call it a system of curing delusions, for stripping away the convincing quality of disease and letting a healthier reality take place ( the name itself suggests that Ayurveda is meant to be medicine in the broadest sense. It comes from two sanskrit roots, Ayur or life and veda which means knowledge or science. The literal meaning, then is “science of life”)

Patients are curious to know what kinds of treatments are specifically Ayurvedic – are there new pills to try, exercises, diets or more arcane Eastern therapies? I say yes to all of these but then with some embarassment I have to add that I spend alot of time just talking, trying to get people not to be convinced by their disease. In Ayurveda this is the first and most important step to healing. As long as the patient is convinced of the symptoms, he is caught up in a reality where being sick is the dominant input. The reason why meditation is so important in Ayurveda is that it leads the mind to a “free zone” that is not touched by disease. Until you know that such a place exists, your disease will seem to be taking one completely. This is the principle delusion that needs to be shattered

Medicine is coming back to this notion, the oldest in all healing arts, but i notice that an impersonal air still hangs over everything. We are setting up a concrete thing called the immune system and pinning our hopes on it. The original idea as voiced by Greeks and ayurveda was much more organic. A patient was not a collection of host cells but someone who ate, drank, thought and acted. If a doctor wanted to change someone’s physis he changed his habit. In this way he got right to the root of the patient’s participation in the world

There are dozens of medical systems in the world many of them deeply in conflict with one another. How can they cure people and yet disagree so completely? What is poison to me is cure to a homeopath. I think the answer is that all medicine works by helping a patient live through his disease moment by moment, until a balance swings away from sickness towards cure. I cannot be more specific because the process doesn’t happen in books but in living persons, people have drunk grapevines and recovered from cancer. If you can successfully restore the balance to the body mind then the patients’ immune system will respond The immune system doesnot judge whether the doctor believes in conventional medicine, homeopathy or Ayurveda. In so far as it can change our participation in disease, every system is capable of working. I think Ayurveda will rise to prominence however because it recognizes the need to cure patients by curing their reality first.

As you sit in your chair, every thought you are thinking creates a wave in the unified field. It ripples through all layers of ego, intellect, mind, senses, and matter spreading out in a wider and wider circles. You are like a light radiating not photons but consciousness. As you radiate, your thoughts have an effect on everything in nature – but we are bounded in our own awareness: being confined to the waking state keeps us from perceiving the subtle changes we are producing everywhere. The keenest anguish of a phobic is knowing that he has created his own conditions, but his will is not enough to break the pattern he has programmed into his physiology

When walls are broken down, the world can expand!No boundary, no burden

Boundaries created in silence are the most confining. People who have never heard of veda generally know the word, maya or illusion – in sanskrit. It literally means “that which is not” Maya is the illusion of boundaries, the creation of a mind that has lost the cosmic perspective – it comes from seeing a million thing “out there” and missing one thing: the invisible field that is the origin of the universe. The body is not tied to predictable responses. The intelligence of a cell is creative – what you see, you become! In other words just the experience of perceiving the world makes you what you are

Children growing up in homes where there is inadequate love can show a variety of symptoms they may be unhappy, neurotic, schizophrenic, sickly, angry, or any number of other responses. But one of the strangest is a condition called psychosocial dwarfism. Such children do not grow up, they induce in themselves a deficiency of growth hormone from the pituitary, and as a result, they remain small and undeveloped in their physique. A study with a duct male victims of heart attack showed that the most significant factor in their recovery meaning whether they lived or died was not a anything to do with diet, exercises, smoking, or will to live. The men who lived felt that their wives loved them while those who felt unloved tended not to survive; no other correlation the researchers could find was as strong

We all have the choice to build boundaries or tear them down every person is continually manufacturing an infinite array of thoughts, memories, desires, objects and so on. These impulses, rippling through the ocean of consciousness becomes your reality. If you knew how to control the creation of impulses of intelligence, you would be able to not only to grow dendrites but anything else. Meditation because it opens more channels of awareness and opens them to deeper levels, causes a bigger shift. The changes doesnot depart far from the normal way we see our awareness

No one gave us any limitation on the patterns of intelligence we can make change, blend, expand, and inhibit. life is a field of unlimited possibilities such is the glory of total flexibility in the human nervous system. This is a tremendously important point, it says that we can bypass the limited, bounded choices that we are making and go directly to the solution of any problem. The basis for this assertion is that nature has already structured the solution in our consciousness. The problems are in the field of diversity, while the solutions are in the field of unity, going straight to the field of unity automatically hits upon the solution, which is the mind body system carries out

Expanding your awareness is enough to expand your life!

In Ayurveda, bliss is the basis for three extremely powerful healing techniques. The first is meditation, the importance is that it takes the mind out if it’s boundaries and expose it to an bounded state of consciousness. The other two techniques are more specific. The first is the Ayurvedic psycho-physiological technique — simply means “mind – body”. The second healing technique is called primordial sound.

Consciousness is nothing but awareness, you can be aware that your hand is hot which is passive awareness but you can also make your hand hot which is active awareness or attention when you Put attention to something you shift from passive to active awareness. Attention exerts more control than people ordinary realise. That is because we are victims of passive awareness. A person in pain is aware of the pain but not that he can make it increase, diminish, appear or disappear, yet all this is true ( people can walk on fire for example, because they can control their level of pain more remarkably, they can control whether the feet actually get burned – that too is under the control of attention)

In Ayurveda, each and every symptom of disease from a minor neck pain to a full blown cancer is under the control of attention. However between us and the symptoms like barriers – the veils called Maya – that prevents us from exercising our attention in a therapeutic way. All mind and body medicine attempts to remove the obstacles so that healing can take place. Laughter can defeat a fatal disease and so can drinking a glass of grape juice everyday if you believe strong enough in it. When I teach people Ayurvedic healing technique, I am not inducing them into avedic world or into some mystery. I am trying to let them realise that their own awareness creates, controls and turns into their bodies. This is a fact, not just avedic view of things.

When the body is in pain, a distorted areas of awareness is crying out to the rest of awareness for help. The way we mobilize the platelets and clothing factor in the blood to heal a cut is nothing more than awareness bringing in help. A bruise heals because intelligence goes to work on it. I think that much has become abundantly clear by now. Some people are so fortunate in being such natural creatures that when they get cancer, they donot block the innate urge to get well, no doubt there are a thousand of people in the world who have not come under scrutiny rather than being branded miraculous by religion or science, they stand as the mute inglorious Miltons of the healing processAyurveda extends their ability to everyone, the Ayurvedic approach is to take the process already going on in the body and assist it naturally and without strain. Any pain or disease you have is an island of discomfort surrounded by an ocean of comfort for in comparison to any one disease, your healthy awareness is as big as an ocean. Assuming that your are normally constituted, there is no innate reason why you can not heal any disease with awareness. Together meditation, the bliss technique and primordial sound are the practical application of all that I have been building up to, the tools of quantum healing

Bliss is both objective and subjective you can feel it as a sensation but it also affects measurable change – it can alter the heart rate, blood pressure, hormone secretion, or any thing else for that matter. This is what allows bliss or be useful medically. The patient is using the Ayurvedic technique “in his head” but the bliss being experienced is recreating his body at the same time, what is happening is that the body is receiving a signal from its own blueprint, not the material blueprint but the one that exists in consciousness. Because the blueprint is invisible it has to find a way to cross over into the material existence. To do that nature employs bliss – it is a vibration that bridges mind and matter allowing each part of the body to be paired with a bit of intelligence

You may not think you can talk to your DNA but infact you do continually. The fleeting chemicals that race through you at the touch of thought, the receptors hanging out on the cell wall waiting for their message, and every other speck of life are manufactured by DNA. Thinking happens at the level of DNA because without the brain cell sending out a new peptide or other messenger, there can be no thought. The Ayurvedic technique called primordial sound takes direct advantage of this.. When DNA, the mind and body are not perfectly synchronized there is a break, bliss slips out of its groove So to speak throwing off the cell’s intelligence. To repair the break a specific signal need to he inserted back into circle – a primordial sound, in this way, a vibration is used to cure a vibration

Starting with DNA, the whole body unfolds into many levels and at each one the sutra or sequence of sound comes first. Therefore putting a primordial sound back into the body is like reminding it of what station it should be tuned into on that basis, Ayurveda doesn’t treat the body as a lump of matter, it is as a web of sutras

Consciousness would be curing people today, i am convinced, except that we diagnose disease too later, after years of stress have hardened the physiology and make it difficult for bliss to penetrate. But the gate is always open, even if only by a crack. All the Ayurveda healing techniques operate on the premise that one treats the patient first, the disease second. The prospect of becoming a well person again, as opposed to fighting against the disorder known to be incurable gives hope to people who otherwise have nothing to hold on to but grim statistics

When a life threatening disease arises, its necessary to take drastic measures on this point there is no disagreement . But i believe that viewing disease as a distortion of intelligence might represent a move towards a deeper level of understanding and therefore of treatmentBoth cancer and AIDS seems to be cases where the proper sequence of sutras must be unraveling at the deepest level. In other words, they are failures of intelligence, like “black holes” where bliss gets distorted out of its normal pattern. What makes both disease so intractable is that the disortion runs so deep — it is locked inside DNA’s own structure. This causes the cells self repair mechanism either to break down or turn against itself, in the case of cancer, DNA actually seems to want to commit sucide by ignoring its knowledge of proper cell division. In both diseases the disortion apparently penetrates as far as the very force fields that hold DNA together ( cell physis is a complex field, but it is believed that a cell senses and interact with viruses in the first place by detecting their chemical and electromagnetic reasonace; such as signals are interpreted by the DNA and presumably can also fool it)

From the perspective of sutra, or vedic sounds there must be a disortion in the proper sequence of intelligence as it unfolds in to the relative world. “hearing” the virus in its vicinity, the DNA mistakes it for a friendly or compatible sound, like the ancient Greek sailors who heard the sirens’ song and were lured to their destruction. This is a believable explanation once one realises that DNA, which the virus is exploiting, is itself a bundle of vibrationsIf this explanation is valid, then remedy is to reshape the improper sequence of sounds, using Ayurveda’s primordial sound ( known as shruti in the sanskrit texts, from the verb that means “to hear”) these sounds are basically like pottery mold – by placing the mold back over the distorted sequence, one guides the disrupted DNA back into line. This treatment is subtle and gentle in its effects, but some preliminary results have been quite dramatic. Once the sequence of sound is restored, the tremendous structural rigidity of the DNA should again protect it from future disruptions

If asked for an exact definition of quantum healing. I would say this; quantum healing is the ability of one mode of consciousness ( the mind) to spontaneously correct the mistakes in another mode of consciousness ( the body) it is completely self enclosed process. If pressed for a shorter definition, i would say simply that quantum healing makes peace. When consciousness is fragmented, it starts war in the mind – body system. This war lies behind many disease, giving rise to what modern medicine calls their psychosomatic component. The rishi’s might call it “the fear born of duality” and they would consider it not a component but the cheif cause of all illness

A state of peace exists between your DNA and the other DNA “out there” for everytime that you actually have to fight off a disease by getting sick, there are dozens, if not hundreds of times when your body warded off sickness without any overt symptoms. It is only when there is a disortion “in here” that the immune system loses its ability to silently depend, heal and remember. We tend to forget that peace is the norm. Psychiatrists and sociologists take it is a given that modern man is deeply divided in his psyche. The rise of stress related disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and “the disease of being in a hurry” is a sign of the times. The hectic pace of work, and life in general has accustomed us to turmoil. By now people are thoroughly indoctrinated by the idea that a certain degree of internal conflict is normal. The war it seems was started by us, and it is taking it’s toll in a frighteningly ordinary way

The vital issue is not how to end war but how to keep peace in the first place. The west has not arrived at this insight, or comprehend that the physical manifestation of a disease is a phantom. The cancer cells that patients dread and physicians battle against are just such phantoms – they will come and go raising hopes and despair, while the real culprit, the persistent memory that creates the cancer cells goes undetected. Ayurveda gives us the means to go directly to the level of consciousness that exorcises this memory. We ask for heroism from patients at a time when they have little of it to give, or else we treat them as statistics turning survival into a game of numbers. Ayurveda tells us to place the responsibility of disease at a deeper level of consciousness where a potential cure could also be found

Ayurveda maintain that many different conditions interact to create disease – the disease organism plays one part, aided by the patient’s immune resistance, age, diet, habits, the time of the year, and many other factors that contribute to the eventual clinical result. Western medicine studies have also abundantly proved that a person’s lifestyle and emotional make up are implicated in his state of health, but we lack the omniscience to evaluate all these factors. A cancer patient has a whole life behind him, populated by thoughts, actions and emotions that no other person share exactly

The fact that emotions lie so deep doesn’t mean that a patient cant alter them. People can be rescued from their feelings of helplessness caught in the throes of either despair or a huge self confidence. Either one could be a phantom. Ayurveda therefore pays much less attention to the surface emotions than does current mind-body medicine. The whole rationale of treating cancer ( or AIDS) with primordial sound and bliss technique is that they reach the deep levels of consciousness common to everyone, the weak as much as the strong.

( carefully hand picked a few paragraphs from the book QUANTUM HEALING by Deepak Chopra to help extend knowledge on “Natural healing” its best though if you read the entire book for a sheer insight)

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To healing and living healthier and happier lives 🥂Shad ❤️

No boundary, no burden!

There are no limits except the ones we acknowledge, There are no boundaries except the ones we create!

It so happened that he asked a question that made me rethink my whole existence, “how do you know what you know? What is your source of knowing?” Sadhguru. So many of us live in exact replication of what our father did, which they learnt from their own father who also did the same. Isn’t it only natural for us to walk in our bearers’ shoes, doing what they did, following into their steps, believing what they believed as a gospel and ultimate truth with out ever asking any questions? But how about the burden that grows from trying to forcefully fit into a small box of reality, when all we want to do is break free from these demacations we enclosed in, to explore far and beyond. Only then the fear of losing the one thing we’ve always identified ourselves with along with the privilege of belonging.. creeps in to hold us back and leave but slim chances of ever breaking out of the shell. Behold, a verse from the quran which reassures that “following blindly” isn’t the way..

قال الله تعالى : وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمُ ٱتَّبِعُواْ مَآ أَنزَلَ ٱللَّهُ قَالُواْ بَلۡ نَتَّبِعُ مَآ أَلۡفَيۡنَا عَلَيۡهِ ءَابَآءَنَآۚ أَوَلَوۡ كَانَ ءَابَآؤُهُمۡ لَايَعۡقِلُونَ شَيۡ‍ٔٗا وَلَا يَهۡتَدُونَ

( Al-Baqarah – 170 / 286 )
juz 2

التفسير translation: And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say, “Rather, we will follow that which we found our fathers doing.” Even though their fathers understood nothing, nor were they guided?

Our quest then is definitely to unlearn, go against the tide and question the known!

The bible says, “ask and you shall receive” but perhaps you are not asking the right questions because if you were not confused about who you are, where your from and why you are here, you would not conflict with any other person on earth and you would definitely help creation expand and grow. the answers surprisingly already exist, all you have to do is listen… Silence is the language of infinite intelligence but until you demolish all boundaries you’ll forever leave in conflict with yourself, a never ending war between the ego ( false identification) and real ( true) self

According to Deepak chopra ( you don’t have to believe him just yet, first experience it ) — The body’s wisdom is a good entry point into the hidden dimensions of life, because although completely invisible, the body’s wisdom is undeniably real, To get back to the cell’s wisdom, each of us needs to see that we are living the aftereffects of someone else’s old choices. We were taught to follow a set of habits and beliefs that totally disregard the mystery of life.

TO SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF LIFE requires only one commandment: Live like a cell. But we don’t, and the reason is not hard to find. We have our own way of doing things. Our cells are fueled by the same oxygen and glucose that fueled amoebas two billion years ago, but we are attracted by high-fat, sugary, more or less frivolous fad foods. Our cells cooperate with each other along the same lines set down by evolution in tree ferns of the Cretaceous period, but we find a new enemy somewhere in the world every decade, perhaps every year or month. We all have a similar tale to tell of deviations from the precise, complete, and almost perfect wisdom that our bodies follow.

Cells have no problem fully participating in the mystery of life. Theirs is a wisdom of total passion and commitment. So let’s see if we can link the qualities of bodily wisdom with the hidden dimensions we want to uncover:


Identifying with the Body’s Intelligence

You have a higher purpose.
You are in communion with the whole of life.
Your awareness is always open to change. From moment to moment, it senses everything in your environment.
You feel acceptance for all others as your equal, without judgment or prejudice.
You seize every moment with renewed creativity, not clinging to the old and outworn.
6. Your being is cradled in the rhythms of the universe. You feel safe and nurtured.
Your idea of efficiency is to let the flow of life bring you what you need. Force, control, and struggle are not your way.
You feel a sense of connection with your source.
You are committed to giving as the source of all abundance.
You see all change, including birth and death, against the background of immortality. Whatever is unchanging is most real to you. ( read more, find “the book of secrets” by Deepak chopra)

It was a mouth dropping moment realizing a few days ago that after a year or so meditating, I am now living like a cell with out having a clue; serving, inspiring, loving and living my truth. Understanding that am connected to everyone in the world, aware of my thoughts, feelings and changes in surrounding, accepting myself long with everyone else the way they are, reading about certain groups i initially found intolerant trying to see the world from their point of view, without a doubt I keep getting more creative, I have gotten more synchronized and in love with nature, and comfortable with enough or less, I easily bond, love and sympathize even with strangers, I take great delight in sharing my food, money, belongings, time, space.. I have no fear of scarcity and am certain that my soul never ceases it only moves from the physical realm into another dimension.

This may or may not be the way, one thing am sure of is; its worth giving a try

Thinking points the way whenever your mind stops being restless and speculative. On this path, you silence your internal dialogue in order to find clarity and stillness. How do you do it?

Sit quietly with your eyes closed in a room with the lights low and no distractions from the telephone or knocks at the door. Shut your eyes for a few minutes; then become aware of your breathing. Let your attention follow your breath as it gently, naturally draws inward. Do the same as the breath flows outward. Don’t make any attempt to breathe with a certain rhythm and don’t try to make your breath deep or shallow.

Perform this meditation for 10 to 20 minutes twice a day. You will become aware of your body relaxing. yet you will also begin to notice that you are more self-aware. You may gain a sudden insight or inspiration. You may start to feel more centered; sudden spurts of energy or alertness may occur. These effects vary from person to person, so be open to whatever comes. The overall purpose of meditation is the same for everyone, however: You are learning to relate to awareness itself, the purest level of experience.

Then you can begin to fly and gradually break free from boundaries. We’ve all been carefully trained since childhood in the ways of I, me, and mine. Competition teaches us that we have to fight for what we want. I personally have truly grown sick of violence and divisiness, why does it have to be me against you, us not them, black or white, Muslim, or Christian or jew, don’t come to America, don’t come to China, an Indian or Arab can’t marry an African… Can’t we all see the simple truth that we are all humans, put into different nations and tribes so we can understand and love each other and a test of whether we shall include and welcome with open hearts those who look and speak different but we are separated by pride, ego, arrogance, false boarders, hatred, harsh cultural and religious laws, greed, ignorance…

“Boundaries are burdensome. If you draw yourself a boundary, whether of ideology, caste, creed, race, or religion, you cannot move beyond it and you end up stuck for no reason at all. These boundaries only end up breeding fear, hatred, and anger. The bigger your boundary, the more burdensome it becomes.

No boundary, no burden.

This is the turnaround in human consciousness that needs to take place.

Once this happens, it is not that the cosmos begins to happen your way. Instead, what you are becomes cosmic.

This is not transcendence; this is homecoming.

The science of yoga is, quite simply, the science of being in perfect alignment, in absolute harmony, in complete sync with existence.

Remind yourself at least once an hour that everything you’re carrying—your handbag, your money, your relationships, the heaviness in your heart and body—are things that you’ve accumulated over a period of time. If you become more and more conscious of this fundamental fact even as a process of dis-identification grows within you—balanced by a deep sense of involvement in everything around you—you will move from the misery and madness of the human mind toward meditativeness

The essence of yoga, as we have said before, is just this—to arrive at that moment where there is a clear space between you and your mind. Once this happens, a life of heightened clarity, perception, and freedom has begun. This is the birth of freedom.

Just sit alone for an hour. No reading, no television, no phone, no communication, nothing. Just see in the course of this hour what thoughts dominate your mind—whether it is food, sex, your car, your furniture, your jewelry, or anything else. If you find yourself thinking recurrently about people or things, your identification is essentially with your body. If your thoughts are about what you would like to do in the world, your identification is essentially with your mind. Everything else is just a complex set of offshoots of these two aspects. This is not a value judgment. It is just a way of knowing what stage of life you’re at. How quickly you want to evolve depends on your own choices.

…. once you distance yourself from the compulsiveness of your own genetic and karmic information, life becomes unburdened, flexible, incredibly effortless. This is a dimension beyond intellect, beyond identification, beyond memory, beyond judgment, beyond karma, beyond divisions of every kind. This is the intelligence of existence itself, in which life always happens exactly the way it should, with absolute and unfaltering ease.

And the pursuit of yoga is just this: moving from this small headful of information to a cosmos of intelligence. What a tragic choice people so often end up making—choosing the finiteness of the human brain over a universe of infinite knowing.

The moment you get identified with your limited ideas of morality you become completely twisted. Your intellect functions around these identifications in such a way that you never see the world as it is. If you want an element of spirituality to enter your life, the first thing you must do is drop these rigid ideas of virtue and vice, and learn to look at life just the way it is.

Yoga is a method that has worked wonderfully for me, and for millions of people. It is an entirely scientific method that originates not in faith or belief but in a profound understanding of the human mechanism. Nor does it come from some naïve sense of optimism. The premise is simple: if you have a good seed and if you create the right atmosphere, it will sprout. Creating the right atmosphere of body and mind is the only work. You do not have to do anything else — Sadhguru ( read more – inner engineering)

The quality of your life depends on the quality of questions you ask yourself! In a bid to find answers you outgrow limiting beliefs, break down boundaries that no longer serve your purpose falling into a vast full of intelligence

Our ancient fathers definitely had a reason why they did what they did but with constant evolution some of these things continously become irrelevant and it don’t make alot of sense holding onto old worn out thoughts, beliefs and practises especially when they are compelling growth, Expansion and creation of new realities, worse still suffocating our freedom in a way that makes it unbearable to live

I come from a part of the world where people still worship dead people because that’s how it always been, but what if they only did because guidance hadn’t reached them, and just if they happened to be alive today they wouldn’t worship the same, am not judging what am saying is, why do you do what you do? ( that’s how it’s always been done and everyone is doing it, lacks credibility!) know your why!

It’s your responsibility to find your truth and live it! Not your mama, papa or ancestors’ perhaps some white hated black people because they had not interacted with them enough to realise how beautiful, creative, gorgeous and ground breaking there energy is! yeah, your grand ma told you stories of how white men mistreated them but what have they done to you lately that you continue to carry around hatred in your heart, haven’t you experienced yet that to err is human but forgiveness is divine…

Resentment, anger, jealousy, pain, hurt, and depression are poisons that you drink but expect someone else to die. Life does not work that way. Most people take lifetimes to understand this simple truth.

It’s possible that your family didn’t embrace Islam in the first place because your descendants are not alive to testify to how the words that came from an ordinary, illiterate merchant claiming to be revelations from God, talking about what was, what is and what will be.. leaving nothing big or small out, are nothing but truth! I can’t seem to wrap my head around how long it has been exactly seen his passing, but his words have stood the test of time! I think the quran is worth looking into, but hey I can already smell your conflicting emotions. But trust me you can demolish that boundary, banish your bias and contemplate without prejudice and judgment. Otherwise being Muslim, or Christian or Jew or hindu or whatever because you were born that way is to me a fatal joke.

I lost count of how many times I have been to church not to impress or mock anyone but in search for truth! And Iam grateful that I can refer to some verses from the Bible without fear of banishment or sinning, my whole being wasnt satisfied being Muslim not knowing why, I had to find answers! So I went on escapade and what I found was as much as we have similarities, in my humble opinion there are undeniable loops and holes, contradictions and clear signs of human alterations. you have every right to hate me at this point but the quran explains how greedy selfish men of Israel corrupted the true words of God, removing what didnt please them and adding what they liked, may be the quran from your point of view is wrong, forget it but don’t give up finding the truth. If the evil doings of man didn’t stop me from loving christ, the zero tolerance rule in your fam shouldnt stop you from knowing Muhammad ( p.b.u.h)

فَرِيقٗا مِّنۡهُمۡ لَيَكۡتُمُونَ ٱلۡحَقَّ وَهُمۡ يَعۡلَمُونَ

( Al-Baqarah – 146 / 286 )
juz 2

التفسير : Those to whom We gave the Scripture know him [i.e., Prophet Muhammad] as they know their own sons. But indeed, a party of them conceal the truth while they know [it].

Again, how do you know what you know? What is your source of knowing?

What am I doing talking about religion, perhaps am still caught up in the boundaries of it, I broke free only to find my way back where I started, but this time with clarity and sheer understanding. Anyway El viaje continua.

My advise is, Be flexible and open up to new possibilities, follow your intuition and go where your spirit takes you!

My name is Shad, and I would very much love to hear your thoughts on this

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