Heaven with a little bit of hurricane

Life is not complete without its challenge, we need a little bit of rain to appreciate the sunshine. How could we have possibly valued life, if there was no death?

For every challenge in my bliss, lack in my abundance, sadness in my happiness, sorrow in my joy, sickness in my health, distractions in my routine.. I am grateful

I always like to tell people life is a long serie of happiness with short commercial breaks of adversity but as humans we dwell so much on the negatives and drag them through out the entire story

Breath, if it won’t matter five years from now it’s not worth your energy.

Shad 💕

Happiness is here, not there!

Why postpone happiness for the future when you can have it all day long, every day for the rest of your life!

The distance between you and happiness is “choice” I know there are days you go to bed and you have no idea what the next chapter of your life is gonna bring and then wake up and nothing seems to be adding up. But the only difference between a good day and a bad day is your perspective, attitude and reaction. The same way you brush your teeth everyday is the same way you have to train yourself everyday to see things from a positive angle, have the right attitude and do what’s best for you no matter how hard it is! There people out there in the world who are happier with less than what you have, so truly happiness is a choice.

Over years i have learnt that;

happiness is not a person, people we love and care about pass on and some just walk out on us but do we put our lives on hold and never be happy again? No! And so stop trying to extract happiness from other people.

happiness is not an event, often times we hear people say ” i will be happy when i do this or that” but whether it be graduating, getting signed up at your dream job or finally marrying the love of your life ofcourse you’ll feel ecstatic but happiness is ephermal the feeling you get runs out as quick unless you get to marry your partner every day again and again you won’t be happy.

happiness is not possessions, i think we all know atleast one famous person who had all the materials money can buy but ended up commiting suicide. if you’re unhappy all the gold is in this world won’t make you a happy person.

happiness is not there👆🏽 it’s here ( at this point i want you to touch yourself) happiness is with in, you don’t have to search it from the out side of your self.

HAPPINESS IS WHAT “YOU” “CHOOSE” TO “DO EVERYDAY” in otherwords it’s a choice and a habit and these are some of the things you can start to practise today to become a happy person;

Faith – this is topping my list because the shift from depression, sadness, feeling lost, stuck, confused and alone to becoming a really happy person happened when I created a strong relationship with my creator. I feel like He, my lord is the source of joy, happiness and exuberance that never runs out. All I do is believe and trust Him and I am guided and protected, I pray and ask and He comes through. I got knowledge, wisdom and understanding because I am a believer of the most knowing. I carry all my burdens and hand it over to Him plus it feels really good to know you got someone who really cares and understands, who is so forgiving and always available. Practise prayer every day

Gratitude – its a deep feeling we get from acknowledging that things are pretty amazing even in the most trying and challenging moments, its recognising that things can be much worse and in response count our blessings and choose to meet life with an open heartedness.

i am so grateful to have been part of Jay shetty’s HABITS FOR HAPPINESS 5 days challenges I learnt more on how you can practise gratitude. Close your eyes and think of a moment, memory or interaction you are extremely grateful for that brings joy happiness and you really feel grateful from the heart, can be a person, a place or your own….

think of five things you can SEE in this place ( tree, sky, a person etc) go from one another in your Visualization, think of four things you can TOUCH ( someone’s hand, your clodes), think of three things you can HEAR ( your voice, their voice, background noise, silence, birds chirping etc), think of two things you can SMELL ( flowers, fragrance, essentials etc), think of one thing you can TASTE

Feel that energy fill that power taking over your body and smile. Slowly open your eyes. Repeat Daily

Also, express gratitude to others when you recognize something great in someone else, you reinforce it in them as a habit and then they repeat it to others. on thanksgiving i reminded a couple of my friends some of the great things they did for me and the way they lighted up made me happy as well

Optimism – Believe that good things will happen to you in the future. Cynicism and pessimism like Garyvee has it, is a losing format. Optimism helps improve our lives and makes us happier “a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” I have a mantra and this is one of the lines I recite twice daily; I always look for a good reason or a good lesson in every situation and I believe i can create beautiful things. Optimism has been proven to improve immune system, prevent chronic diseases and increase life span.

work your passion – Alot of people chase things they think have money in them, they wake up everyday and go to do jobs they hate and at the end of the day it drains their energy and have a negative effect on their mental health in the long run do something you love! If you’re building something from the ground up like do something that you’re passionate about so you just have fun everyday and you love what you do – Kylie Jenner it’s really a better life to make less money doing what makes you happy and fulfilled than to make alot of money and feel empty. Put yourself in a position to do something that you like, build around your hobbies, interests and passions.

Be of service to others – we are all here for a reason, its our purpose. To share our natural gifts and talents to add value on to others. when we give or share with others we get a feeling of contentment, always think what can i do today to solve a problem for someone, how can i use what i have to make their lives easier the king is the one that gives. if you have ever given something to someone especially when you didnt expect anything in return, you must know how magical it is and that feeling never gets old

Connecting / social bonding – loneliness is reported as one of the biggest challenges in the world today, get together with some like minded people. when we cuddle, kiss and hug our loved ones or do fun activities with friends and family oxytocin or love hormone is released into our body. Have some quality time with people and try out different fun activities preferably ones you all new at so you learn and grow together and even bond more in the due course, be mindful and present when with your loved ones, it’s better if you switch off phones and T.V for a while and just listen to each other, take strolls, hold hands. This has a calming effect it makes us feel loved and secure and undoubtedly happy. Everyday I gotta hug someone and my little brother is usually the victim😂 always remember that love is a continous act of forgiveness and true love is not dependency, need or control its freedom, help,support and it comes with no conditions.

Mind stimulating activities – i do meditate, exercise, make declarations, do positive self affirmations, listen to some positive podcast, dance to my fav. music, read a chapter from a book, take a walk and do some creative work everyday. i relentlessly devote atleast two hours every morning to do all the above, now guess what? you can do it too. Dopamine or the reward hormone which is linked to the brain reward system is produced whenever we complete a task or a goal we feel accomplished and pleasure, and so kick start your day doing a mind activity, get a positive energy refill that can gracefully carry you through the day

Also learn something new every day, your mind may be the closest thing to the holy grail of longevity and happiness. Education has been widely documented by researchers as the single variable tied most directly to improved health and longevity and when people are intensely engaged in doing and learning new things their wellbeing and happiness can blossom -Article by Phillip Moller for U.S. News

Build your self esteem / Confidence – if you dont stand for something you will definitely settle for anything, if you dont know who you’re you will believe everything the world labels you. put your defensive guard down, look at yourself authentically and be honest about who you really are! know your strengths and weaknesses.. knowing who you are is the beggining of wisdom, once you figure this out you can be clear on what you need to work on to become the best version of yourself.

Meanwhile Accept who you’re and this means you have to be fine with whether or not people like it, when you dont accept yourself you become insecure because then you start to look for approval and acceptance from other people.

And then, love yourself, because the one thing you want to do is to love, and that love should begin with you, once you love you you love the whole world. its easy, its delicious to love everybody and everything – Dr.Sebi. practise singleness, where you just enjoy being in your own space, have a lone time to reflect, dance silly, listen to your fav. music, say kind words to yourself, treat yourself to nice things… love yourself in such a way you would love others to love you and more.

Temperament / character – practise self control, its not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters. you can’t control what happens to you but you have absolute power over how you react and your actions are your karma, every vibe you give out in the world you receive. Delay your response, take things slow, have integrity, be conscious of your actions and practise acts of kindness, be humble..

Sleep – going to sleep late is not a boss move, sleeping early and waking early is! Sleep deprivation will rid you of happiness fast. I can’t seem to find a resolution on how many hours are neccesary but one thing is for sure having quality and reasonable time to rest your body is a necessity! One that should not be taken lightly. Sleep and mood are closely connected, poor sleep can cause irritability, stress, depression and anxiety while healthy sleep enhances well being.

Eat – i recently discovered that there are certain foods that can stimulate the release of happy hormones like dopamine is made from tyrosine which is present in Bananas, ovacados, apples, oats, beans and leafy greens. Have a proper nutrition, start your day by drinking one litre of water to help flash out toxins, eat just enough food and eat slowly.

Lastly, for the past few weeks I have been practicing “zen” things. Not all the essentials of course am thinking it requires alot of guidance, training and practising to get there but following one or two things has greatly decreased my anxiety and I started to feel more happy, alive and healthy; do one thing at a time, do it slowly and deliberately, do it completely, do less, put space between things, develop rituals, designate time for certain things, devote time to sitting, smile and serve others, make cleaning and cooking become your meditation, think about what is neccesary and live simply.

Thank you bunches for reading🤗


The grass is greener…

The grass is greener where you water it! What you focus on expands.. Where attention sores, energy flows and results start to show. Be thankful for what you have and you’ll keep getting more, if you concentrate on what you dont have you will end up never having enough!

Happiness is the mind’s attitude of vieing life from the right angle and gratitude is an exercise that teaches us to focus on the blessings, and in turn we get even more blessings as a result

“If you are grateful, i will give you more” qn 14:7

Gratitude is linked to increased happiness, positive mood, more satisfaction with life, better physical health, better sleep, less fatigue, improves relationships, builds resilience and develops patience.

Negativity, toxicity, feeling down, stuck, lost.. that’s a state that you might currently be in and what gratitude does is it creates an alternative state that you are now traveling from one state to another and you do it all in your mind through an act of gratitude.

I am so thankful for life, all the blessing, the love and kindness, the gifts, the beautiful people in it and for all the things I forget to be grateful for, am not entitled to any of this and so I don’t take anything for granted.

What are you grateful? write down things you appreciate and keeping going through and adding on that list everyday.

Shad 💕

You have to GIVE, to GET.. It’s a law!

I remember watching this video and thinking to myself what a brilliant illustration of how the world works! What you give into the world is what you get, it’s cliche right? You heard this before for sure but how many times have you tried to live your life on such a principle?

(please watch this👇🏾 before you continue, it’s mind blowing)

“There is an abundance out here but most people have a scarcity mindset, when they accidentally make some money they try to save it, they are so afraid to put it out there because they think if I put it out again, what if I don’t get it back! How many of you have actually had that moment before? You had a lucky moment where something came in and you wanted to go for the next thing but you played it safe.

That’s not how energy works, energy works in flow what goes out, must come in, this is flow, this is energy, it’s not up to you, its a law and that is the abundance mindset. Meaning there is enough to go round for everybody, when you win other people don’t lose, when you make more money nobody makes less, everyone can make more money” Eric Ho

This seems a little far fetched but I wanted to throw more light on the abundance and scarcity mindset and show how it affects our entire living.

Let this free token of wisdom come home

There are two things I want us to rise up above today, if we want to become better people; hoarding in other words collecting and keeping everything to yourself because you fear to go broke and contentment or settling and wanting less from life.

I been watching and listening to alot of things and something finally clicked, one of my primary school teachers told me “all rich people are going to hell, their heaven is on earth” that coupled with alot of other limiting beliefs clearly affected my finances, because emotionally I want to be poor so I don’t go to hell🤦‍♀️my logic says I need to make money but my energy keeps it off, I had to unchain myself from such beliefs.

Every human being has a need for growth, and growth means to want more but in our social conditioning we misinterprete wanting more as greed. People are always like be satisfied with what you have but on the other side there is a saying “if you’re not growing you are dieing” people always saying you should be grateful for what you have, why do you keep chasing the next thing. What I say is Be grateful for what you have and keep aiming higher and higher, go for the next level, you get this blessing of this one experience of this physical life and you’re just gonna play this let me just stay in this safest game ever! You’re not gonna experience the whole thing, you’re not gonna experience the whole ride – Eric Ho

I want us to understand that it’s alright to have more, be allergic to average, God didn’t create you to play it safe, stop creating all these delusional spiritual fights, stop being at war with yourself because your whole being is craving growth but you have limiting and fear based deep rooted beliefs. Being broke doesn’t make you holy, rich people have higher chances of going to HEAVEN because they help alot of people, they do charities, build hospitals, employ people so they provide for their families in turn. Don’t you want to travel around the world and create memories? But sorry boo you don’t just smile at the airport and somehow get to your destinations, you need money. Money is good, i love money, imagine the feeling of eating where ever in the world you want without checking on the left side of the menu, how is that freedom a bad thing?

But get this, if you are getting nothing, it’s because you are giving nothing! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction which means that for every thought, every intent and every step there is an equal and opposite consequences. Give out good and good will come back to you in un expected ways, give bad and there is no exception to the rule. Karma is a real thing! Something as small as a word of encouragement, an act of kindness, a penny.. Once you give it out, believe it or not you will get it back.

So what are you waiting for? Start giving

And don’t say you got nothing to give, there is always something you can give, a smile is free, a listening ear is free, inspiration is free, hugs are free, food for one person is enough for two.. Share it. Are you a good cook? bake some cookies, make a dish and send it to someone for free. Are you a good artist, draw someone’s face on a piece of paper, they will definitely light up once they see it, volunteer to do community work, sign up for that charity run, find people to coach on anything you’ve learnt and might be of value to them, cheer someone on, believe in someone, push someone, compliment someone. Find away to give when you have nothing is when you need to give more!

Shad 💕


Hi, welcome to a life changing opportunity!

Are you looking to have a better income?

Do you have big dreams but don’t know where to start to realise them?

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Are you looking for a strong business you can run from home?

Well, this opportunity might just be your break through. Let’s first get clear on one thing, this is not a “get rich quick scheme” like any other business it needs time, commitment, sacrifice, patience and above all things professionalism. It’s simply better and easier because it requires low start up capital, there are very minimal risks involved, you can learn as you earn and its un limited, any one any where can do it.

This business is for people who are willing to spare some little time and invest in self development, acquire new skills and to learn how to help solve problems for as many people as possible ( it might surprise you to know that all these classes are free) I know that if you really want to change your life and you are serious about realising your dreams, you will surely create time.

According to World health organisation, out of all people in the world only 5% are healthy, 15% are in hospitals and 80% are walking around with disease like ulcers, migraines, hypertension, diabetes and the list goes on. What this means is that there is a readily available market for health products all over the world.

But you and I know it would take you a hell of work to do research, let alone manufacture, test the product, register it, get a licence, employ people, pay rent, market, advertise and so on..

Good news is, someone has already done that work, manufactures high quality health products ( 💯 chemical free, tested and proved worthy on international market) but instead of using the traditional marketing system where they run advertisements, product goes to agent, then wholesalers, then retailers before it reaches the customer which makes 70% go on cost of distribution and marketing making the product so expensive and at a big risk of counterfeits…

The company rather uses the direct selling system where the products go directly from the manufacturer to the customer!

At this point you’re probably wondering what’s the business then? You!

Yes, you! Join the company, use the products ( because you also need them for sure) promote your experience to as many people as possible, create an active consumer network and share profits with the company on each and every purchase.

You got it, great! If not don’t you worry, it took me some time to get there.. Just understand one thing..

Your network equals your networth!

Now this is the part where most people say, ” I don’t know alot of people! I am not good with people! I don’t want to bother my friends! I am an introvert..” but remember those classes I told you about, they do a great deal to teach you how you can acquire people skills in no time, besides using the product and understanding them will give you the confidence boost you need. I mean if you know something great wouldn’t you want to share it with your friends and family esp. If it adds value to them and fixes a problem or two in their lives?

This ☝🏾cannot be further from the truth, if so then tell me one business you can do that doesnot need people and promotion🤔 no, brain storm for a minute and show me any successful person you know that is not promoting their value to as many people ( can’t hear you, louder please) no one!

The faster you can learn, the faster you can earn!

Here is what some of the influencial people have to say about network marketing;

Bill Clinton

Robert Kiyosaki

Jim Rohn

David Bach

Brain Tracy

Seth Godin

Bob proctor

Donald Trump

Les Brown

You can change your life or not, it all depends on where you go from here. There are so many ways to become a success! This is just one way, a better way.. don’t come in here with “today in, tomorrow result” kind of attitude. Come with passion ( the burning desire to realize your dreams) come with focus ( you need to stick until you reap the gold) come with Action ( willingness to learn, to practise, to do the work)

The best news is you don’t have to this alone, reach out https://wa.me/256704578355 from where ever in the world you are and let us guide you, educate you and help you understand how you can best do this.


Oh well, I am going through hell…

… Transformation doesn’t happen when things are easy, when everything is going your way, when things are just unfolding and coming to you and you’re manifesting money, and opportunities and success and the right people, that’s not when transformation comes…

Transformation happens and change happens in the messiness of life, in the adversity, during the challenges, during the upset, during the times that you want to scream and run and kick and shout and get out of this as quick as possible

But recognize that those moments are here to push you forward and to help elevate you, to realise what’s not working for you so you can start changing and transforming into the person you need to be to start manifesting more of what you want

You see break down and adversities and challenges are a good thing, welcome them as scary as it may seem to be going through some horrible change or challenge or someone bullying you or whatever it may be that you’re going through, as much as it may be un comfortable in that moment..

You have to realise that this is all elevating you to the next level, you just have to be willing to recognize that good things are coming your way, and when something challenging happens it’s setting you up for a better you. You’ve got to be willing to take it, own it, perceive it, learn from it and move into that transformation – LEWIS HOWES

God doesn’t send the trouble, but he allows things to happen, we may not understand it but I have never come out of a scary place where I wasn’t better, when it was all said and done when I look back I can see how it made me stronger, more confident, wiser, it gave me a greater trust in God, it put me closer toward my destiny.

Anytime you’re going to move forward, anytime you’re about to take new ground there will be opposition, people trying to discourage you, things you don’t understand…

The people that reach their destiny aren’t moved by what’s not working out, they know God is in control that He is directing their steps, that what was meant for harm, he is going to turn to their advantage, they know that SET BACK IS REALLY A SET UP FOR GOD TO DO SOMETHING GREATER, that opposition is a sign that promotion is coming, healing is coming NEW LEVELS ARE ON THE WAY – Joel Osteen

And so, oh well I am going through hell.. But I love it!!!

Shad 🖤🖤🖤

Freedom to fail

Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe – Sumner Redstone

Alittle distraction is the magical ingredient and we all need a pinch of it. Consistence without a disruption is simply a routine, disruption means moving from the status quo to the cutting edge.

No one has life all figured out, we all fail at something. That’s just the way it is

The secret to success is making the right decision, you only make the right decision when you’re experienced and experience comes from failing time and over!

In the beginning, you have to be bold enough to suck at something new. Listen it’s your first time, or second or third, I don’t know how long it’s going to take you but one thing is obvious, you’re most likely to fail a couple of times before finally figuring out how to do it right. And so, you have to be okay with failing.

Failure is not a sign of stupidity but lack of experience and skill.

How do you gain experience? By going over something again and again. And that means refusing to give up at it until you win. Be persistent!

Colonel sanders recipe was rejected 1009 times! If he gave up there would be no Kentucky fried chicken. Jeff Bezos’s online store ‘zshops” ultimately failed, if he had given up there would be no Amazon. Walt Disney’ s theme park concept was trashed 302 times, if He had quit there would be no Disney land. Howald Schultz was turned down by the banks 242 times, there would be no Starbucks if he accepted failure on the two hundred fouty secondth time.

“Facebook wasn’t the first thing I built, I also built chat systems and games, study tools and music players. And l am not alone JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before she finally wrote and published Harry Potter, even Beyonce had to make hundreds of songs to get Halo.

The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail. And I think people ask what mistakes should you avoid making, and my answer to that question is don’t even try to avoid making mistakes, because you are gonna make tons of mistakes and the important thing is actually learning quickly from whatever mistake you make and not giving up!

There are things every single year of Facebook’s existence that could have killed us or made it so that it just seemed like moving forward and making alot of progress just seemed intractable, but you just kind of bounce back and you learn, nothing is impossible, you just have to keep running through the walls” Mark zuckerberg

Nothing can stop you, if you don’t stop for nothing!!

Shad 🖤

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