An alternative for “pain killers”

Kidney disease is on the rise in Uganda and the cause is largely attributed to over the counter drugs. Besides my little sister whose bag never runs out of pill this or pill that, atleast every other person I know has managed to turn their homes into a pharmacy. Alot of people self medicate, especially when it comes to mild illnesses which are percieved not to require a professional health personnel

Unfortunately, your beloved go to for pain relief like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen although less potent than other substances also pose a risk for developing an addiction and taking them regularly for too long can lead to health problems like; memory loss, kidney failure, heart problems and even death.

Cheer up though because we have an alternative, which is an Aura energy stone. I’ve had an inherent dislike for pills ever since, as a child I got my mum fade up of trying to get me to swallow them.. she had to opt for herbs. And when i was older nothing changed, but as we all know herbs can be very bitter and not something you want to take frequently. So for dis eases like cold, stomach upset, headaches etc, I had to bare with the pain until it goes away on this own which was quite tough

It’s no wonder that when I learned of the aura energy stone, how it relieves pain and it’s many other health benefits I didn’t hesitate to buy it even though it’s not all that cheap. I’ve been using it for roughly 4 months now and it delivered the desired results as promised. All discomforts disappear in minutes of placing the stone on affected area

Read more about the aura energy stone here

Much love, Ezee

A “not so harmful” hair routine

When my mum convinced me to relax my hair at first, i had the “sense” of it wasn’t the best thing to do but being 18 at the time it was much easier to follow her advise than question the whole idea. So i went on with it and watched my afro turned into some thin weak s#it. I hated the texture, the brownish color, the “no” volume and how slow it grew in length but none of this compared to the dread of the relaxing process it’s self, it felt much like a punishment that I continued to serve myself every other month until the day I found a good reason to stop, the harzadous chemicals in the hair relaxers.

As it is, hair relaxers, shampoos and hair foods are made with chemicals like; sodium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, ammonium thiogylcolate etc which get into contact with the skalp and find their way into the body. This can have a negative impact on your health as such chemicals not only disrupt hormones, but damage internal organs and suppress immunity giving birth to endless diseases. And so if you’re having challenges like; constant headaches, skin problems, menstrual irregularities, smelly discharges, recurring U.T.Is etc these are warning signals that something worse is coming, it’s high time you minimise your exposure to these chemicals and growing natural hair is a good place to start.

Good place, right? But it wasn’t all easy in the beginning atleast not for me. First because I wasn’t comfortable cutting off all my hair at once I had to watch the relaxed strands fall off as I was determined to never relax again. Then along came family concerns, “why are you doing this to yourself? You had longer and healthier hair than any of us? Do you enjoy hurting yourself?” I tried to explain to them the whole harmful chemical concept but in vain, so i had to keep a hard head and deaf ear as months and months passed by

To cut the long story short, i got a little support here and there, learned that some of my friend where already growing natural hair, picked a few tips from some generous vblogers and as I write this now, i have one of the simplest, cheapest and healthiest hair routines ever that am happy to share;

Washing; guava water

I do collect a few leaves from a guava tree and boil till it turns yellowish or a bit green. I wait for it to cool down alittle and then wash my hair with it when it’s warm

Conditioning; Avocado and an egg

After towel drying, i apply a mixture of Avocado and a raw egg, cover up and wait for atleast 30 minutes, i then wash it off with the now lukewarm guava water

Drying; God Almighty’s sunshine

When I realised that the drier wasn’t as health friendly, i had to eliminate that as well. when I done conditioning and washing, i cover up again and sit under the sun until it dries ( doesn’t take long)

Mosituring; olive oil

When my hair dries, i apply and massage olive oil

I dont know why, but there is definitely a reason your hair is naturally curly or bulky and there is no real need to change that, i wish more people would embrace their natural hair now more than ever because the whole relaxing thing is so damn un healthy, no judgments here but I do sure hope you reconsider and learn to love and accept nature’s gifts to you.

With love, Ezee Shad

The “food” nightmare, resolved!

My page for the last 3 months or so was taken over by Dr. Farida Bikbaeva, it’s been quite a journey with alot of boring scientific terms I know, but it is more than worth it and i will tell you why in a minute.

They say knowledge without wisdom is a curse, and the sad truth about this generation is we don’t even have the knowledge to start with, what we have is alot of information but not an understanding of one thing in it’s totality. Once, a friend of mine told me I should know a little something about everything, “so you can come off as smart” and I urged depth is what matters, why the hell do i need to know about the galaxy or the name of a star.. that’s not my passion or field of work. But no, we want to jump from one thing to another, have a little something to say so we can boast about being knowledgeable and get away with being a bunch of dummies 😅

Anyway am here today because I want to put an end to this whole food nightmare. At first it was a simple line, don’t eat anything your great grand mother wouldn’t recognize as food! yeah, that’s easy i thought, i just have to eliminate ultra processed foods, stick to natural foods in their original form and only cook a little. Hehe, It never dawned on me that what we perceive as “natural” has infact been molded by man, almost all domestic animals and plants we have are a result of thousand of years of artificial selective breeding. Is that a bad thing though? read on to find out

If you haven’t already watched this popular video, i am hopefully that you have 10 mins of your life to spare;

From here you can see clearly that man is not a monster, his intention to mold natural foods were quite commendable, to make bigger, sweeter, softer or edible. Bravo! Like the people before this were not eating 🤣 I am not even started on being sarcastic. But let’s face it, there is no going back now. Imagine standing on your two feet (or sitting on your two butts ) wherever in the world you’re and you go ahead to tell people “.. we can’t eat food that has been tampered by man, so hence forth say goodbye to watermelon, Avocado, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, cucumber.. ” If they’re graceful they will listen to you for a little while as you continue “.. the rice, beans, corn, soy bean, potatoes, peanuts, cabbage, cashew, almonds, celery.. ” at this point, you’ll hear some mumbling, and a few ironic giggles, some will start to walk off and before you say another word, you’ll be on your forced way to a mental hospital.

There are terms you need to get conversant with; Natural food, which are foods existing or derived from nature; not made or caused by human kind. cultivation is the act of growing something or improving it’s growth, especially crops. Selective breeding involves choosing parents with particular characteristics to breed together and produce off spring with more desirable characteristics. There are different types of selective breeding like; inbreeding ( crossing of similar organism) backcross breeding ( transfer of a desired trait) hybridization ( crossing of two dissimilar organisms ) etc Genetically modified organisms ( G.M.O) are plants, animals or micro-organisms in which genetic material ( DNA) has been altered in a way that doesnot occur naturally by mating and / or natural recombination.

Let’s use watermelons to further understand these concepts, they started out a small, hard, bitter fruit somewhere in southern or western Africa. (i used that pic above for lack of better one to show the original watermelon)

As a generation of people selectively planted seeds from fruits that were large and tastier, they created the sweet, red watermelon we know today

Some humans took that big, red sweet watermelon and further modified it’s genetic material (G.M.O) to make it resistant to weeds and insects or extreme weather conditions such as droughts inorder to reduce yield loss.

To answer the “is man intervention a bad thing?” there is a thin line between working closely with nature and completely fighting or try to changing it. Personally I am okay with molding not modifying. Molding is to influence the formation or development of something while modifying is to transform (a structure) from it’s original anatomical form during development or evolution. The latter is far from home, scary!

But, and this is the most important part.. It doesn’t matter if it’s hybrid or Gmo or natural food, what we should all be asking ourselves is; does it provide the necessary nutrients to my body? that’s our main goal.. Nourishment! Two, how does it affect my body? Your body is most sophisticated with the highest level of intelligence, it knows what it needs, if you listen it will let you know. One day, i decided to fast the whole day, broke my fast with an apple, dates, a mango, small bananas and a glass of passion fruit juice, did my evening prayer and I added brown rice with avocado, went to sleep later and when I woke up the next day, i felt so great i had to say, ” I feel so peaceful” so experiment with food, how you feel after eating certain foods should be your guideline. If you feel energized, happy, light and active.. Eat more of that! If you feel drained, lazy, inactive, sleepy, dull, sickly or uninterested in life.. Eliminate or reduce those foods, it’s that simple (eating should be a fun experience not a hussle or chore)

The biggest challenge of the whole food puzzle is “balancing” to ensure that you don’t have too much or two little can be a challenge. I suggest that you buy a quantum resonance magnetic analyser, and do regular full body check ups, unlike the check ups at the hospital here you’re not looking for disease but the condition of the body ( so you can fix what’s out of balance and prevent disease) you’ll get results about everything in the body one of which is the level of minerals, and if you’re lacking any you’ll be in better position to supplement or if you have to much you can decide to cut back on the consumption of the source of that particular nutrient.. Brilliant, right?

My beloved paternal grand pa, who enjoyed Meat and chicken and refined oils got sick and died last year in december at 87 years, my mother’s paternal grand ma who was very conscious of what she ate ( no refined, no Meat, no eggs) got sick and died this year in January at 89. Moral of the story, regardless of what you eat, you’ll get sick and eventually die. It’s a matter of how often and how bad the sickness will be, how early you depart from earth and how well you live.

In a nutshell, food directly influences our brain function, energy level, behaviour, and physical appearance we need to be very conscious of what we put into our body but however important food is, it’s not the sole determinant of sickness, other things like movement, rest, environment etc come into play. The body doesn’t thrive on 100% nourishment, you also need to cleanse, strengthen and balance and that’s why I had to dedicate some time and space on my page for Eastern medicine.

Thanks for reading, can’t wait to get your thoughts on this..

Much love, Shad

Q & A on Autoimmune diseases and vascular system

Autoimmune diseases

Q. After two weeks of being ill, a 50- 55 year –woman was diagnosed with autoimmune anaemia, the whole body in ecchymosis (bruise). What can be done?

Auto immune is referred to as a disease that has to do with the organism being at war with its own organs, producing antibodies against them, and they in turn causing disorders. The illness arises at the
distortion of immunity (a raised immunity against itself). This is linked to the insufficiency of the hormonal background of the adrenals, since the introduction of their hormones, steroids; help reduce the displays of the illness. Apply Cordyceps, which is a prohormones of the adrenals.

In carrots there is a provitamin a, carotene. From it the body synthesizes how much vitamin A it requires and gets rid of the surplus, so that one does not contract hypervitaminosis. From prohormones, the
organism also produces the necessary amount of hormones, and since there is a shortage of them, the condition of medicinal hormones. In order to reduce the antiserum capacity (the quantity of antibodies in the body) it is necessary to begin with our dropper- LMM and Double cellulose, or chitosan or digest natural, depending on which organ and functions
have been affected.

Start with taking chitosan at a dose of 1 capsule 6 times a day every 2-2-5 hours. The cleansing will take place in the course of 1 month. LMMT should not be taken at this stage, because it disturbs the coagulation of blood, and this means bruises (ecchymosis) and tea decreases the coagulation of blood.

At night, 1 sachet of biocalcium for children must be
taken since the basic display of the illness is low haemoglobin and ironic calcium and iron restore it.

The second stage brings in Cordyceps at a dose of 1 capsule 2 times a day for 3 months, to restore it. The
second stage brings in Cordyceps at a dose of 1 capsule 2 times a day for 3 months, to remove the cause of the condition. Spirulina at a dose of 34 capsules 2 times per day restores the blood. Biocalcium for children I the course of 3 months strengthen the effect of Cordyceps and also for
restoring the blood. Of late this disease has become more frequent, ad at best the spleen is removed from the patient.

At worst the patient becomes hormone dependent and with Tianshi he has a real chance of recovering from such a condition.

Q. My 21 year-old daughter suffers from a hormonal –muscle illness myasthenia (disease of the thymes glands). She cannot climb the stairs, walks with difficulty and often stops because of tiredness. The illness has been progressing for the 4 years. For her treatment, she is supported with Vitamins therapy (B1, B6, B12, E) prednisolone, retabolite and ATP (2 times a year). Is there a chance of recovery? To whom can one turn?

A. This is really big problem, because on the basis of western medicine, there are practically no methods to treat such patients. There is a method of removing thyrumus glands, I had such patients in the past however, I cannot guarantee we will cure them. You know chronic diseases are not curable, but that is not one of our tasks. The most important thing is that their quality of life improves, this is our primary objective. Unfortunately, such patients must constantly take a little of something from Tiens, just
the way you are taking medicine (chemistry)
now, but the state of the health will be totally different.

So the first stage is LMMT, Chitosan at a dose of 1 capsule 2 times a day, Cordyceps at 2 capsules in the morning, biocalcium for the brain at a dose of 1
capsule 2 times a day for 3 months. LMMT, Weikang at 1 capsule after breakfast, biozinc at 2 capsules 3 times a day after meals. Biocalcium for the brain has to be continued for another 3 months. Spirulina is
taken at 6 capsules per day with food and biocalcium for another 3 months. Later biocalcium has to be taken constantly at 1 capsule per day or ½ of a sachet at night.

Twice a year, biozinc has to be repeated for a month. Once I a year one is to take Cordyceps, Ykang and Weikang. Someone might be scared today that, one needs to constantly take something, but in fact you
are doing the same today, but the illness, nevertheless, progresses. With such a program, we could help stop it’s development.

Q. For how long and what products can be used to cure systemic lupus erythematosus?

A. I have already said that, we do not cure, but stop the process and restore the organism if we can. This is still another autoimmune condition. It shows itself in the form of joint pains and some changes in the skin. Here, the same program like with any other autoimmune condition, is applied- LMMT, Double cellulose, Cordyceps and biocalcium (with an increased dosage of calcium so as to quickly stop the pains in the joints) the first stage of the treatment
course is 3 months. And the second stage, with LMMT, Double cellulose, Cordyceps and biocalcium is for another 3 months. Later for 1 month 2 times a year, one should repeat the second stage.

Q. What can one take for Werlhoffs disease and for how long? When suffering from thrombocytopenic purpura (Werlhoffs disease) can one take LMMT and

A. These illnesses are related to haemorrhagic vasculitis and the basic form of treatment is a hormonal. This is not the way out, especially in child practice. One of the first results I bad in Tianshi, as a matter of fact, was with serious haemorrhagic
vasculitis. Today he is healthy, and 4-5 years have gone by. Here, there is a disorder of the coagulation of blood and a tendency to bleeding, hence it is not advisable to take LMMT and Ykang, but Cordyceps and biocalcium are needed since this is an
autoimmune condition.

Q. When there is pain in the eyes, joints and kidneys? What did you say one should take?

A. This is Reiter’s syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease, and its correction is like in any such condition provided that the function of the kidneys has not been disturbed, (no renal failure). F the kidney sare not functioning properly, and then you
have to start only with Cordyceps and Biozinc.

Q. A 20 year old girl has parodontosis: the roots of the teeth are bare. She took 2 packages of biocalcium for children and 2 packages of chewable calcium tablets. The results were zero. We are waiting for your advice.

A. That is still another autoimmune condition. And therefore, the approach to it must be very serious. That is, first LMMT, Double cellulose, Cordyceps and Biocalcium for not less than 50 days, better 3 months. And only later Chewable calcium tablets at a dose of 1 tablet 2 times per day, after meals and at night.

Q. What are the causes of lateral amyotrophic sclerosis and how can it be treated?

A. This illness is similar to multiple sclerosis, with which it is often confused. The restoration program is as follows; LMMT, Chitosan, Cordyceps, Biocalcium for the brain area to be taken for 3 months in the
first stage. Then biozinc, Cordyceps, biocalcium for the brain are to be taken for another 3 months in the second stage. And in the third stage Ykang and biocalcium for the brain. The second stage combination is to be repeated and here as in the program for multiple sclerosis, maximum dosages of biocalcium and biozinc as written on the packages, are to be taken. The rest of the times a day, depending on weight and age, more or less.

Q. A 25 year old girl has multiple sclerosis,
what can be done?

A. Multiple sclerosis is another autoimmune disease. It is a condition which shows, when, different sites of the myelin sheaths surrounding the nerve cells in
the brain and the spinal cord disappear, referred to as demyelization. The transfer of nerve signals becomes disturbed, and depending on where the disturbance has occurred the disease is displayed. Today, there are no ways of curing it. Hormones
and chemotherapy are taken in order to slow down the process; immune regulators and interferon are prescribed so that the disease is slowed. Multiple sclerosis most widespread in England, where its
treatment has been adopted in the state program. One of the methods which are most effective is hyperbaric oxygenation.

A patient on a course receives about 200 sessions. A lot of this disease is also found in Germany. In the beginning the disease may show itself by a feeling of giddiness, then later disorder in those organs whose
nerve centre has been damaged. That can be in the brain or spinal cord. In the )) the disease may show itself late as a feeling of giddiness, then later disorder in those organs whose nervous centre has been damaged. This can be in the brain or spinal cord. Often, the patient begins to lose the ability to walk and whilst keeping mental activity, the patient completely loses control of his own body. The disease ha) always been considered to affect young women, but I have many patients of different age groups and sex. Fortunately, among them there are no children.

Here also we try influence the causes. We have biocalcium for the improvement of brain activity, whose constituents include lecithin, which is the main component of myelin, lack of which causes the disease. Lecithin alone cannot solve the problem, as in fact the calcium ion is also needed for the normal transfer of nerve signals, taking charge of these patients. It is namely this product, which is the core in taking charge of these patients. It helps by fulfilling that from which the organism misfires, that is why the ancient Chinese said, “Nutrition is medicine”. Calcium for the brain is taken at a dose of 1-3 capsules 3 times a day constantly. For it to be assimilated well, LMMT is required. And as with any autoimmune illness (weakness in the adrenals) add Cordyceps at a dose of1 capsule 2 times a day for 3 months.

After 3 months one needs to take Biozinc at 2 capsules 3 times a day in order to ensure that the immunoglobulin works. So this is the provisional program for the survival of such a patient. The patients quality of life improves significantly; the
process not only slows down, but also receives a reverse development. The products are to be taken almost constantly, and when the condition has stabilized, simply maintain doses in small (doses) amounts.

Vascular system

Q. A 14 year boy has thrombocytopenia from birth… what needs to be done?

A. We have already said that the best method of restoring blood formation (homopoiesis) is the use of chitosan and biocalcium, but you would need Cordyceps also. It will take a couple of months before restoration of the analysis is completed. Thereafter, one has to repeat once a year for a month, for prophylactic purposes, so that there is no inflammation.

Q. Can you tell us everything about lymphocytes?

A. That is a good question; it is a whole course of immunology on its own! But I will give a short answer. Lymphocytes are blood cells which destroy all the unnecessary foreign bodies in the organism and drive them out at the expense of their own life, which is to say they are kamikadze”. And secondly, they are computer cells, which read information in
order to be able to act as protective force for entire organism (immunity). Their role is very important, but one of the causes of their mal- function is antibiotics. As a result, what should have been helpful turns to be harmful? We have a doctor, who is an expert of the World Health Organization on Kids, Natalia karatai.

He explained to us at a conference on the effect of Cordyceps. It appears that, when something foreign gets into our body, T- lymphocytes attach themselves to it or lock in like a plug and socket. If we take foreign plug, it cannot entire into our ability to fight an infection and in general any problem we
may meet, depends on the speed at which this reconstruction takes place. 20 years ago, in the institute we, only superficially passed the same Chlamydia, and others, which today causes many illnesses. For today it is the principal cause of gastritis, hepatitis, arthritis and many more others. And Cordyceps deals with that.

As a result of her illustration, I began to look at Cordyceps in a different light. That is why here, when you penetrate deeper into the matter, you see how everything is undergoing reconstruction within you, and you feel different. And hence, no matter what type of flora behind any illness a natural antibiotic like Cordyceps will deal with it better than anything else.

Q. with what can you replace for an anticoagulant?

A. LMMT or slimming tea. Anticoagulants are preparations which lower the coagulability of blood and it is namely one of the properties of our teas, which are recommended for long term use in order that no thrombosis forms, and to see there are no complications on the stomach and the liver.

Q. A boy has hemophilia. What can be done?

A. Haemophilia is hereditary disorder, which is passed on through girls but suffered by boys only. Unfortunately, it is not curable (theoretically) , and secondly I have no personal doctor/patient experience on it yet, since the only patient who came to me officially receives free medical treatment,
and so the parents did not want to spend any extra money on anything else. But taking into consideration that Tibetan medicine can significantly improve the quality of life of such patients, therefore may I say it may be necessary to take Cordyceps at a dose of 1 capsule per day for a long time, chitosan at 1-2 capsules per day, biozinc as it normalizes DNA cells at 1-2 capsules 3 times a day. Spirulina is absolutely necessary and taken at 4 capsules per day.

Q. Please tell us, does the taking of calcium influence the coagulability of blood?

A. Biocalcium for the brain and Biocalcium for children do not influence the coagulability of blood. Other types of calcium increase the coagulability of blood.

Q. What is thrombocytopenia?

A. It is a disorder in which there is decrease in the quantity of thrombocytes (the norm is not less than 180.000) this can be linked to autoimmune conditions or some kind of disease often in the blood. Such people are recommended chitosan at a dose of 1 -2
capsules 2-3 times a day, biocalcium at ½ sachet at night and Cordyceps at 2-3 capsules per day in the course of 3 months, if the patient is not on hormones, and up to a year if taking hormones so as to come off

Q. A friend of mine has a high level of red blood cells and a low level of white blood cells. I do not know which products he should take. What is your advice?

A. Here, there is a disturbance in blood formation (homopoiesis) and as a result any kind of bio additives should be taken with care. Practice shows that, the most harmless and at the same time effective are chitosan and biocalcium. Of late, cases of harmful lesions to the blood, where the red blood cells are affected have become frequent, and that’s why it is necessary to undergo thorough examination and regard it with a degree of seriousness. Doctor’s treatment is highly necessary!

Q. A 14 year old child has hemorrhagic vasculitis. What can be done?

A. That is an autoimmune disease. The organism is at war with itself. The restoration program is as follows: chitosan at a dose of 1 capsule 2 times a day. Cordyceps at 1 capsule 2 times a day, biocalcium at ½ a sachet at night. Serious complication of this disease is a kidney infection; hence, if there are signs of a kidney failure, then it is necessary to take only Cordyceps and biocalcium for children. Cordyceps, chitosan and Biocalcium are to be taken for not less than 6 months and if the patient is on hormones or suffering from kidney failure, then for not less than a year, preparations which lower the coagulability of blood are not recommended
here, hence tea is not allowed.



Endocrinology – Diabetes mellitus of the first type, Diabetes mellitus of the second type, Autoimmune thyroiditis, Thyrotoxicosis, Hypothyrosis, Endemic Struma, Nodal stuma (goiter) Hypothalamo-pituitary syndrome

We have already said that the human organism is a complex being, but structured like a government. And in every government there is a regulatory system that sees that there is order. In the human
body system, these are the hormones, proteins that are secreted in small quantities and freely circulate in the blood. They are of great significance to all
processes in the human body like; continuation of the species, occurrences of tumours, immunity, blood pressure, function of all organs, are all controlled by
hormones that are secreted by glands, which are closely interconnected, like Chain links.

When in the general structure there is at least one malfunction, then our chain is broken and problems begin. For example, a person with asthma, who takes
prednisolone, gains weight because there is a disturbance of the function of pituitary glands, sexual and thyroid glands. Blood sugar level increases because there is a disturbance in the production of insulin. The joints begin to ache, because calcium, which is regulated by the parathyroid glands, is washed away.

A woman takes sexual hormones and again the same chain occurs; the immune system is disturbed as the adrenal glands suffer. She begins to gravitate towards overweight, because the hypothalamus and thyroid glands have been disturbed, the joints ache due to the disturbance in the parathyroid glands. The blood sugar level raises due to insulin production problems. The patient takes L-thyroxin, and again another disturbance arises. Unfortunately (as you can see), we cannot avoid this chain of events.

The feature and special value of Tibetan Medicine, in particular “Tiens” preparations, lies in the fact that they restore this chain of processes. And probably the effect, which we get in people suffering from some kind of illness is linked to this prominent feature of the additives.

Today we are talking about those diseases which are connected with hormone-producing organs. The most dangerous of them all is the same disease that has become the 3rd most prominent global killer-disease of our time namely; sugar diabetes (diabetes mellitus). The disease is linked to the fact that, the patient produces insufficient quantities of insulin to control the assimilation of glucose and this is called type 1 diabetes mellitus or insulin dependent diabetes (usually from childhood) it can also be that insulin is produced but of poor quality and it does not carry out its function completely. This is referred to as type 11 diabetes mellitus or acquired diabetes.

In type 1 diabetes mellitus the patient, unfortunately, is forever doomed to inject insulin. However, even though we have very good results regarding improving the health and quality of life of such patients, I cannot say that you will get rid of insulin
forever. This is not the important point! In fact a person does not die from the fact that he has sweet blood. A raised sugar level in the blood causes a persistent vasospasm, which later transforms into firm narrowing of the vessel (I am just roughly simplifying things because in reality the physiology is quite different, it is much more complex, but more or less what happens in the vessels) There occurs a
disturbance in the microcirculation and no matter how much the patient may inject insulin , in the end the disturbance progresses, and leads to infringements of the kidneys and liver, to renal-hepatic failure, blindness, gangrene of extremities etc.

For us, it is not taking the person away from insulin that is important, but the removal of the after effects (the spasm), and the removal of the narrowing, which worsens the condition. Most important is
that the introduction of a foreign hormone insulin) breaks up the chain of links and is such patients, marks the beginning off the corresponding disturbances in the sexual sphere, immune system, osteoporosis, and weight changes and so on.

By giving such patients, “Tiens” supplements we gradually restore the imbalance in the organism and bring out the patient from the state of sickness. In
the case of type 1 diabetes, irrespective of age, taking bio calcium for children is an obligation as it contains the following; calcium for the sexual hormones; Zinc for the pituitary glands and insulin; complex vitamins which are usually taken by diabetes because of the disturbances of the basic exchange in the organism.

The second obligatory supplement is spirulina, in fact, if the patient has nephropathy, a kidney disorder, the dosage goes as 1-2 capsules per day, and if the kidneys are still “holding”, then one can take 3 capsules per day. Tiens spirulina has an interesting feature, that is, it restores tissues, and in particular tissues of the pancreas, islets of Langerhans, that
synthesize insulin, and in the course of long periods of use may reduce the insulin dosage, and that has already been confirmed.

I have under observation a 9 year old girl who came with nephropathy and angiopathy of the retinas. She often fell ill and was taking insulin injection every 2
hours. After a year displays of angiopathy practically disappeared. The insulin dose was reduced by 5 times, and she now takes an insulin injection once per day. She studies well and she rarely falls ill, but he constantly takes 2 capsules of spirulina and 1 teaspoon of biocalcium for children.

Of late, the autoimmune character of diabetes mellitus, especially type, is being actively followed. AN autoimmune condition is corrected by taking Cordyceps and Houlikang. Taking into consideration that Cordyceps improves the microcirculation and also restores kidney and liver tissues, it is necessary for such patients to include it in the restoration program at a dose of 1 tablet once per day before breakfast.

In the event of a serious disturbance of microcirculation and eyesight disorder, it is necessary to take Ykang at a dose of 1 capsule 2 times a day before meals. In order to correct the function of the pituitary glands, which regulate all other glands, and for the synthesis of insulin, it is necessary to take biozinc at a dose of 1 capsule 3 times a day before after meals.

If in a family a child is born, and there is a threat of falling ill with diabetes (one of the parents had it), then the child must take biocalcium for children the age of 1 month at a dose of ½ a teaspoon and up to a
year constantly. The works of geneticist professor D.Axmerova have showed that, “If a child with genetic inclination from birth undangerous correction with vitamins and microelements, then the illness may not surface. That is exactly what is done by biocalcium for children, in which all micro elements; amino acids and vitamins are balanced, because insufficiency in these provokes illnesses.

If diabetes mellitus type 1 is relatively rare disease, then diabetes mellitus type 11 is one of the most
frequent pathology, especially after of age 50 years. With age, the pancreas wears out and if there is cholecystitis then it also gets inflamed, and the insulin produced is of poor quality. It does not regulate the glucose as it is supposed to, and as a result the person develops sugar diabetes. By the way, previously the norm of the glucose level in the blood was 5,6 mmol/l, and now 6mmol/l, out a person , whose blood sugar level is over 5, can be
suspected of the so called hidden or patent form of diabetes.

Of the sick, not all, but many do without insulin, taking sugar reducing preparations; Manilil (which by the way provokes cataracts), diabeton and
siphor, side effects of which destroy the liver. But here as they say, not up to it. the disturbances in the organism are just as with type 1 diabetes mellitus , but with type 11 diabetes, the blood pressure often
rises, and since it is difficult to keep the sugar level in the norm, it may rise or fall, a condition referred to as hypoglycemia. In such patients, micro –strokes are provoked.

If a person sometimes has high blood sugar levels but a diagnosis has not been placed yet, he needs to constantly drink LMMT which improve the quality of
own insulin, improves microcirculation and normalize the level of the hormone prostaglandin, which answers for arterial pressure.

The second preparation is double cellulose, which does not allow excess sugar to be assimilated from the gastro-intestinal Tract. By the way, LMMT and double cellulose help move diabetes mellitus from the decompensate state (when there is sugar in
the urine) to the compensated norm. In fact, even if the sugar level in the blood is very high, but absent in the urine, it means that the body is coping with the problem. And if the sugar level seems to be low in the blood, but shows in the urine, then that is a more
serious symptom.

The third preparation that is needed by such patients is Biocalcium for Diabetics, which besides normalizing the immunity and the hormonal background, and removing the osteoporosis phenomenon still, contains the prohormones of insulin, which help normalize the sugar level. Try your best not to lower your blood sugar level. Of late
patients have shown a general tendency to an increased blood sugar level norm, which is linked to an increased cell tolerance to glucose.

A patient with a blood sugar level of 12-13 mmol/lfeels normal, and if it goes lower, close to the norm, he begins to feel hypo, that is he becomes worse. Besides that, under hypoglycemia condition, micro-
strokes are provoked. The diabetes mellitus patients are in the category of people, who in order to live a complete life should constantly take medicine. So if there is an opportunity to replace their
paraphamaceutics with preparations that are close to their medicine in action, but without side effects, for them, that is a highly recommended option.

And that leaves the question of how often one should drink Tiens because it helps them remove or does not allow complications to arise.

The second most widespread disease amongst endocrine pathologies is called autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) or allergy to one’s own thyroid glands. It may show in the enlargement of the thyroid glands, nodes may appear (more often) and there may be changes in the hormonal background.
Changes in the hormonal background may not always arise; hence the prescription of hormones is not always expedient, though you have to prescribe them if such a diagnosis has been placed. Especially
inexpedient is the surgical removal of nodes.

The correction program for such patients is as follows: First course; 1 LMMT. It normalizes the hormonal background, removes disturbances in the micro- circulation, which are characteristic of this
disease. 2 double cellulose. It removes intoxication and normalizes the function of the intestines, from which such patients often suffer. It reduces the titer (number) of antibodies against the thyroid glands, in
combination with LMMT and 3 biocalcium. It normalizes the immune background and restores the hormonal chain.

Second course; 1 Cordyceps. It removes the autoimmune condition. 2. Biocalcium. It strengthens the effect of Cordyceps. 3 bio- zinc capsules. This normalizes the hormonal background of the pituitary glands, which regulate the thyroid glands. Patients should take LMMT regularly, since it normalizes the
function of the thyroid glands and helps many of the patients to leave L-thyroxin and even
mercenarily. In the event of a disturbance of
the cardiac activity it is necessary to take Ykang, which helps to restore the function of the rhythm driver and improve the microcirculation of the cardiac muscles.

One of the most serious of the thyroid glands is the Thyrotoxicosis, which is an excessive production of the thyroid hormones. The above-mentioned program helps correct the condition of the patients and very often help to survive. I would like to warn that no other bioaditives should be given to such patients except Tiens preparations, because they
may worsen the condition. Since 1996 when I started working with bio additives I never undertook such patients. I prescribed Tiens preparations for the first time only on the persevering request of a patient, who was 56 years old. He lost weight by 12kg in 3 months. There was extreme weakens, ciliary arrhythmia and two nodes in the thyroid glands. After 5 months he came for a check up with an Ideal cardiogram, normal hormonal profile (at the beginning of the treatment there were very big changes) he had gained weight and even looked younger. One of the nodes had resolved and the other had decreased by 3times. Today he is a very stable condition.

The second case was of a young 28 year old person, who had extreme weakness and similar changes, but only had better parameters of the electro-cardiogram. He had obvious improvements in 2 weeks. Endocrinology is one of the most complex
areas in medicine. These results that we have from such patients open up, for us big opportunities. Fight for yourselves. Do not exclude what is prescribed by the doctor but do not just hope that, it is enough!Today you have an alternative. Don’t miss your

Restore your health with Tiens


PEDIATRICS – Biocalcium for children, Rachitis, Septic pneumonia, Malignant tumour of the kidney, Scoliosis, Dyskinesia of the bile ducts, Dysbacteriosis, Catarrhal diseases, Children’s asthma, Cardiovascular system, Sinus arrhythmia, Prolapsed of the mitral valve, Adenoids, Hemorrhagic vasculites, Hypoplasia of a lung, Weak immunity, Cerebral palsy, Birth trauma, Backlog in development, Positive Monteux reaction, Adenoids, Parasites, Low body height

Today we are going to talk about diseases associated with children, which are most widespread and arise because our children do not eat properly or live
in unfavourable environments (ecology). Now, let’s start with the small ones. We may try to ignore the fact but the truth is we still have such diseases as Rachitis (inflammation of the spine) today. And similar to the Rachitis disease is the disturbance of the phosphorus- calcium exchange, which has to do with lack of calcium. Today there is not even a single calcium preparation that could cure Rachitis in children.

On opening Mashkovki’s reference book (Russian), in the annotation on vitamin D, which goes as a
prophylactic of Rachitis, it reads as follows, “it destroys the glomerular apparatus of the kidneys.’ That means children who take this preparation, have
their renal tissue destroyed under the influence ofvitamin “D”, which is prescribed to patients suffering from Rachitis. In other words, we very often provoke nephropathies (diseases of the kidneys) ourselves, by prescribing a child similar preparations.

The thing is that, when the calcium ion enters the small intestines, it transforms into a large molecule, which cannot be assimilated by the organism. During research, it was found that, , in order to split the molecule and drive the calcium ion to the required destination, we need the following; Vitamin D, Boron, Magnesium, Silicon and 13 more trace elements. Selenium is necessary as a catalyst for carrying the calcium ion into the cell. It is also necessary that the medium is acidic, yet our blood is alkaline, and if the blood becomes a little bit acidic you will feel very bad. Hence, the opening that was done by the Chinese Academy of Science was really sensational. They produced a stable calcium ion, which when it gets into the blood by penetrating through the
cell pores.

The calcium that was created by the Chinese possesses unique properties; it perfectly restores the bones, being absorbed directly into the bone system. That is why, when the Tiens cooperation came up with this unique calcium preparations, (whose bio-
absorption capacity is up to 98%), it certainly became a big breakthrough in the treatment of Rachitis. This calcium can be given to 1 month old babies and even

The thing is that Rachitis is not a disease of the bone system. If your child has Rachitis, then, he does not simply have a deformation of the legs, but also a
disorder of the processes in the brain. And may be, genetically, according to you, was planned to be an Einstein. Besides, in order to raise the haemoglobin, it is necessary to give the child calcium, because it participates in blood formation processes.

What is haemoglobin? It means oxygen. And if a child has a normal content of haemoglobin in the blood, his mental development goes much more effectively. And in our computer age, with the hands
you cannot work and earn a lot, you need the brains. And the book in the head of a child is written in the first year. And in that book great value is placed on calcium, iron, Zinc and etc. here therefore, the formula for the biocalcium for children contains
not only ions of calcium, but a series of vital trace elements for a child’s development. This form of Biocalcium contains Zinc and trivalent iron which
gets deposited in the organism (there is no pharmaceutical preparation that has such a property).

Zinc participates in the production of hormones of the pituitary glands and is a constituent of the DNA cells. They are the first glands to work in children
as the thyroid and the adrenal glands are not fully functional. As the pituitary glands are already working in children we simply normalize their function with Zinc. Iron means blood, that is, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamins C, A, and a little D.

When I first came across Biocalcium for children I read the ingredients: dry milk, egg yolk. And what first came to my mind was “ how can it be given to babies less than a year old? Surely it will cause an allergy”, but the Chinese answered”, No, it will not, but it treats allergies”. When the children began
to take this preparation, paradoxical, but a fact, all the children’s disease began to disappear; exudative diathesis, nasal infections (catarrhal disease), weakened child, dysbacteriosis and etc.

Why does it work out this way? Let us take a look at the following example. A child is born with dysbacteriosis. What is dysbacteriosis? It is when the Intestinal micro-flora is disturbed. Question: When
did this disturbance take place, knowing he is only 2 months old? It appears this happened while the baby was still in the mum’s womb. There may be many causes for that; the thrush in the mum, low haemoglobin, incompatibility of blood groups, or that the mum under went some kind of chemotherapy and etc. since the baby’s immunity is still low, leads to the development of dysbacteriosis.

And what does Biocalcium for children do? It raises the immunity; that is, we did not give the child bifido-bacteria or lacto-bacteria, but raised the immunity; buy giving biocalcium for children only. That is because intestinal micro-flora may be normalized in conditions of good immunity. Further, zinc is a perfect hepatic-protector (liver protector), like vitamin A and C. while restoring the liver we act on the dysbacteriosis. As a result, we remove the allergy and diathesis, and yet we don’t put before ourselves the purpose to cure, but the purpose to restore the human organism. That is why many are surprised, that for various diseases we recommend Biocalcium for children.

We recommend this preparation because the root of the problem is not in the intricate sores, but that the immune system is weak and the intestines, DNA and hormones do not work properly. I very much regret that such a great product as the biocalcium for children was not there earlier, because at one time my daughter got a pipe- infection and prescribed very strong preparations. Perhaps with biocalcium for children this problem would not have arisen.
When you get a pipe-infection no one will ask you, whether it is necessary to give the child chemotherapy or not (it will be given in the nursery and at school). And later the child has liver failure, the function of other organs gets worse and the immunity weakens.

A weak immunity means all kinds of diseases you can think of. I am often asked, “must children take this preparation constantly’? It is not necessary to give it every day. But if you will help the little organism, once a year or once In 6 months, it is already a guarantee that your child will develop much better.

Hence, as a prophylaxis of Rachitis and as a prophylaxis of various diseases, take a package of biocalcium for children as a minimum. It is taken as follows; dissolve ½- 1 teaspoon ful biocalcium for children in a volume of water or milk that the child can drink in one go, once per day in between meals. For prophylactic purposes it sufficient to take for 20 days, but if it is a winter child, then a bit longer.

Do not be afraid of an overdose. However, in the case of septic pneumonia, alongside biocalcium for children, Cordyceps is recommended because if this illness is not stopped, the child is threatened with death 100%. Cordyceps is given as follows; a glass rod is wet in milk and then dipped into Cordyceps before being given to the child to suck. Hence, when there is a very serious problem, then children under 1 year can be given Cordyceps, but not for a long period, that is for 10 days, and in extreme cases up to a month.

One more problem of children’s age is bending of the spine or crooked spine (rachiocampsis). When a child comes to mum and says that his legs are hurting, mum thinks,’ probably, he has been running, too much”. Later, the following day, again the legs are hurting, and then she takes him to a surgeon or
neuropathologists. As a result no one can find anything wrong, but the legs still hurt. And why do they hurt? Today have you given that child meat jelly, house milk or cottage cheese? I don’t think so.
Bending of the spine leads to Osteochondrosis in future. And what is Osteochondrosis? I had a guy on
appointment whose left hand was 5 centimeters shorter and thinner than the right hand, because on the background of thoracic (hest) and cervical (neck)
osteochonditis his hand began to dry out.

The same process also started on the second hand. Do you have a guarantee that tomorrow your child will not have such a problem? I don’t think so, because previously we did not have such a large
number of thoracic and cervical Osteochondrosis cases in our children as today. That is because, previously there was not so much scoliosis and milk products were eaten in excess. The organism screams that it needs it’s spent calcium refilled from the store house that is the bones. We do not think much about the causes of the pain in the bones, and the body is simply not replenished with calcium. When there is a lack of calcium, the backbone becomes soft, and scoliosis appears in children.

I would like to note that a disturbance of posture can be when a child is hunched, and scoliosis forms when in boys and girls? It forms when they start to have hormonal changes, and all the calcium is going to hormones. The bones become soft, the muscle pull the bones sideways, and the backbone begins to turn about its own axis. Calcium washes away from the static (motionless) bones, which leads to the deformation of the thoracic cells (chicken breasts, pressed ribs and etc). Further, when calcium is lacking, teenagers become nervous, study badly and so on. Give him this preparation and you certainly will see good results, because you will have provided him with what he was lacking. 12-14 year old girls usually go about with scoliosis.

Of late, a lot of children are diagnosed with Dyskinesia of the bile ducts. Is the diagnosis familiar? It is when the motor of the bile duct system is disturbed. What is the cause? It is our food. No matter what product you take, they have substitutes and colourings. Previously there was a campaign not to use these products, but now they are pretty much everywhere and close by and in almost all products
(E121, E 1222 and etc…).So here now these” Es” are in all biscuits, sweets, yoghurts and so on, and all this leads to illnesses. Hence, in the given disease Lipid Metabolic management Tea (LMMT) is very good;
moreover it can be given to children under 1 year, especially with frequent abdominal pains.

Children have stomach pains not only because of dysbacteriosis, but due to the fact that at 0.5 -1 year they begin to take what the parents eat themselves. It is very rare that a mum will prepare a separate
meal for the child, since children eat soup prepared for adults. In children, enzymes work weakly. Here is where LMMT is very helpful. If the child is still under 1 year, and has exudative diathesis, then tea is given at 1 teaspoon per day, which is having been prepared for the whole family, a few drops is given, to the child in the course of the day. From a year old and over, half a glass is given, but if the child eats the same food as yourselves, then the dosage can be raised up to a glass per day. Keep an eye on the child’s stool, in the beginning the tea may act as a laxative and then later normalizes.

LMMT is recommended to children who are usually constipated, those with allergies and especially those diagnoses with Dyskinesia of the bile duct system. After the age of 10, it is possible to give 2 glasses of infused tea in the course of the day. Quite a lot of children are operated with gall stone and urolithiatic (stones in the urinary tract) disease and in fact, we have up to 20 children per year in our faculty. We already know that LMMT dissolves stones. But why do stones form? They form from lack of calcium, that is, the calcium, which is taken from the bones for use by the organism, accumulates in the kidneys in the form of stones.

Hence, for the prophylaxis of gall bladder stones and
urolithiatic disease it is necessary to give a child a calcium preparation, and when stones have formed, LMMT is given to correct and clear it out. Let us assume that a 3 year old child is diagnosed with dysbacteriosis. This pathology does not develop as a result of a disturbance of the immune status, but a lack of bifido-lacto-bacteria. If the child has a
staphylococcal infection, then it is prescribed bactisuptil (bactericide) and if he has insufficient micro –flora then bifido and lacto bacteria are given. While he takes these preparations he feels better,
but once he stops, again all falls back into place. This is because; it is very rare that foreign bifido and lacto- bacteria can survive in one’s body. In that case Digest natural or double cellulose helps us out of the problem.

It creates, in the small intestines, an environment in which all micro-flora normalize. Its advantage is that, your own bifido- lactobacteria develop instead of the
foreign alternative. 3-4 years old are given natural digest at a dose of ¼ tablets per day. Children from 7-
10 years old take at ½ tablet 2 times a day provided that the child has a well developed dysbacteriosis. A 1½ years old child can be given spirulina, which also improves the intestine micro-flora, even though a bit
weaker than digest natural, is good enough for the little ones. Spirulina possesses very good qualities; it
restores tissues, provide building material (proteins) and if a child is diagnosed with pancreatitis or any kind of illness from birth (congenital illness), then spirulina is recommended after one year. Up till 1 year, it is enough to give Biocalcium for children
and LMMT.

In the case of congenital pancreatitis in children, which is accompanied by frequent vomiting, spirulina restores the function of the pancreas. Sugar diabetes in children is corrected with tow products. That is Biocalcium for children and spirulina. We dealt with bronchial asthma in children in the lecture on bronchial lung related disease. However, your task is that you should not allow the development of asthma. Hence, if a child has flu, a cold or something still, you need to give biozinc. This preparation also works like a human interferon. And in order that a child does not suffer flu in an epidemic, give him 2-3 capsules of bio zinc in the morning. If he gets all the same, then you can give him 2-3 capsules o f zinc per day. But that does not mean that he will recover right away. By taking this preparation, he will not have influenza complications, and will easily cope during
this period. Adults are recommended to Cordyceps in such conditions, and for children biozinc is better. For children in the age of about 1 year, with congenital cataracts and bad sight, taking biocalcium for children is obligatory.

There is one more problem that has arisen due to the taking of antibiotics, which previously was not existent. In our body lives various microorganisms; Klebsiella, Chlamydia and etc. in the norm they do not cause any illnesses, however, after taking a lot of antibiotics that balance is broken and they begin to intensively multiply, causing various diseases. Therefore, one year old children need to be given LMMT and biocalcium for children. If that will not be sufficient, start giving spirulina. In the case of lambliasis it is necessary to restore the intestines, by taking Double cellulose which is obligatory in this case.

Problems of the backbone arise for two reasons; shortage of calcium and congenital anomalies, when the mum lacked calcium, and she passed that deficit to the child. Hence, the health of the child was being
shaped even while still in the womb. If you want your child to be a healthy one tomorrow, then you have to show the concern today instead of tomorrow.
Ensure your daughter takes Biocalcium during the pregnancy twice, at 7-9 weeks and 32 -34 weeks. During that period, the laying out of bone tissue and teeth takes place.

Vascular dystonia is one more very widespread diagnosis, which is placed on all children successively that illness is caused by an insufficient level (in the body), of the hormone prostaglandin, which regulates the vascular system. We have a lot of children with a disturbed intracranial pressure these
problems are solved by LMMT and Biocalcium for children. Sinus arrhythmia of the heart is not considered pathology as such. Only when it becomes more expressed is this diagnosis put. The uniqueness of biocalcium for children lies in the fact that, It improves the contraction activity of the cardiac muscles. Therefore, taking it is an obligation also. Prolapsed mitral valve (bicuspid valve) in children is also not a harsh pathology, because it is met often.
However, if a child has a diagnosis, then it is necessary to take biocalcium for children.

Adenoids, This problem has really become an actual one. Adenoids are a collection of lymphatic tissue. We have in our body protective cells, called T-lymphocytes. They destroy microbes. There are also B-lymphocytes, which are cells of a matrix that record on themselves information on micros and
form immunity. If the organism is weak, these lymphocytes are not enough then lymphatic tissue starts to be produced intensively. For this reason, children who are often ill always have enlarged lymph nodes, and it is from here that adenoids
appear. If a child’s immunity is raised, then the lymphatic tissue decreases. It is meaningless to operate on such a child. In the norm by age of the 12 years, when the immune status of the organism normalizes, adenoids “dry out”. Hence, if the adenoids in your child are not of the 3rd and 4th degree, when breathing problems start, then it is
better not to operate. Give the child biocalcium for children and Cordyceps at a dose of ½ a capsule per day for 1 month.

Haemorrhagic vasculitis in children. You know, today the most terrible direction in medicine is treatment using hormonal preparations. If previously all illnesses were treated with antibiotics, then now it is with hormones. And so, hemorrhagic vasculites is superbly corrected using Tiens preparations. If the child is on hormones, it is necessary to give Cordyceps. This product eliminates hormonal failure. Of course, it is seriously pathology, do not resort to an amateur performance go for go for professional consultation.


By Dr. Farida Bikbaeva

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM – Atherosclerosis, Cerebral thrombosis, Infarct, Idiopathic hypertensia, Varicose, phlebectasia, Atherosclerosis, Hypotension, Hypertonia, Paroxysmal tachycardia(Bouveret’s disease) Treating a patient after an infarct, Deep Vein thrombosis, Trophic ulcers, Intimate edemas, Lymphostasis, Cardiomyopathy

Today we are going to talk about the most urgent problems; atherosclerosis, hypertonic diseases, varicose (widening and hardening of the veins)
Atherosclerosis, Is cholesterol good or bad? The fact is that cholesterol is the building material for our
brain cells and for the sexual hormones oestrogen. Women today are that attractive and beautiful because of that hormone. Men also have it, but only to a lesser degree. And it is cholesterol that splits fatty acids, which participates in the digestion of fat
in our body. If we do not eat cholesterols, then we deprive our brain of a building material; sexual hormones begin to suffer less bile acid is produced, digestion of fat is disturbed and we begin to gather fat (obese). This is why cholesterol is very necessary for us.

And so when cholesterol enters the organism three types of bonds pick it up; triglycerides (TG), low –density lipoproteins (LDL), High density lipoproteins (HDL).
Low lipids
high lipids.
Carry cholesterol in the blood, carry cholesterol in the liver, i.e.Vessels i.e. form atherosclerotic plaque on building material and bile acids.

Usually, it is not the cholesterol that needs to be lowered, but to increase that which carries it (cholesterol) in the vessels. That is the first cause of the development of atherosclerosis. The second cause is that free radicals like oxygen atoms with
unpaired electrons are constantly forming in our bodies. They are in the blood and in dangerously high levels. Free radicals damage the cells membranes which results into a disorder in their functions. Scientists have found out that; free radicals, bombarding the cells etc. changes them thereby leading to occurrence of oncological (tumour)related) diseases; and by changing T-Lymphocytes, they disturb the production of stomach acids; and the synthesis of hormones which goes to show that free radicals are responsible for many problems in the human body.

The solution is antioxidants. Usually, we get antioxidants from plants. And now can you analyze
what you had for breakfast? A sausage burger with tea simply means you ate cholesterols. The cholesterols were picked by the low density lipoproteins and goes to the vessels, the vessels have got pores through which exchange process take place. They are protected by vitamin C, and their
width depends on their quantity. Free radicals form under the influence of oncology and stress. An organism, that has not been given antioxidants, destroys free radicals with vitamin C, which is located in the vessels. As a result the pores widen,
because vitamin C can no longer hold them, and through these pores the cholesterol enters the vessel’s walls.

From the brain a command for the destruction of the
molecules is sent and TLymphocytes cells will try to destroy and remove the foreign body. In bonding with the molecules, they form a big complex, which is impossible to get out of the vessels walls, hence form an atherosclerotic plaque which narrows the
vessel’s. You know that, water flowing in a narrow
stream rages and shimmers and that same process also occurs in the head when you feel a hum or whistle and so on.

•TG + X
•LDL + X

In those areas where blood swirls a lot and rages
under pressure, thromboses (blood clots) begin to form, and grow continuously. At any moment the thrombus may come off and block the vessels. If that process occurs, for example, If the finger, we will feel it’s numbness, and in the head, pain. And if That process occurs in the heart, then there is an infarct (heart attack) and if it is in the cortex of the brain, it is referred to as an insult (stroke).

It all began with a burger, ecology and stress. So what needs to be done? Doctors usually prescribe satins (any of these preparations disturb the function of the liver) and antioxidants. We will also
recommended antioxidants. And so, the 1st product is LMMT (antilipemic tea) that is tea for the lowering of lipids. LMMT lowers lipids and is a magnificent
hepatoprotectors (restores liver tissues). LMMT normalizes the production of the hormone prostaglandin that regulates our arterial pressure; consequently, someone’s blood pressure will be lowered. LMMT is a powerful antioxidant.

There exists a theory that says that atherosclerosis provokes cancer. In the event of a high level of cholesterol, the probability of cancer increases by 4 times hence, when we do the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis, we are also doing prophylaxis of cancer. At the central institute of cancer research in the state of Ohio, in the ZUSA, during the study of the
kinds of teas herbs that make up the constituents of LMMT, it was found that these teas herbs contain substances that program cancer cells to destroy themselves (in cases of cancer of the stomach, prostate and skin) that means LMMT is a prophylactic for tumour related illnesses. It also liquefies blood, which makes it a prophylactic of infarcts also.

ISCHEMIA, This is the narrowing of the heart vessel’s. In event of this pathology, LMMT is taken constantly. One bag is infused in a litre One bag is infused in a litre of water per day and taken for 40 days. Later you may take it every 2 days, 3 times in a week, but try to maintain your body up to the mark. This tea can be taken with any type of food; the main thing is to get it into the body. If LMMT is infused in 1litre of water, then it is enough for a family of four, a glass for each member.

The next product that needs to be taken is double cellulose. It removes the used up bile acids. Consequently, more high density lipoproteins begin to be produced and our butter goes to its designated
destination. Further, this product normalizes bifido and lacto bacteria as well as oestrogen levels. Double cellulose is recommended for those with Fibromyomas and an overflow during climacteric, (for the normalization of female hormones).

The third product is Houlikang. This product stimulates the production of high cholesterol level (the norm is 5.2) up to 10 or more, Houlikang effectively lowers it. It must be taken at a dose of 1 tablet 2times a day before meals. Hence after
insults and infarcts, it is necessary to take Houlikang.

The fourth product is chitosan, which has the property of dissolving atherosclerotic plaques. That is a scientifically proven fact. The minimal course is on the packaging. That is a scientifically proven fact. The minimal course is on the packaging. 1 capsule is to be taken 3 times a day and before meals and is to be dissolved in half a glass of water. Do not be afraid of fluids. All these products have diuretic effects, hence they are highly recommended for ascites
(abnormal accumulation of fluids) and heart failures. These products are taken in courses, not all at

In the beginning, it is LMMT and double cellulose. If there is need for urgency in normalizing cholesterol levels, then Houlikang is taken also. In general, it all
depends on an individual. I am telling you that these products work, and you have to decide for yourself what to take, (whichever way, there’s no harm).

Another product that is necessary to take is biocalcium. Tiens Company has a range of biocalcium supplements for various conditions; for the treatment of Fibromyomas and different tumours in woman; for children, for diabetes; for the treatment of cervical Osteochondrosis, for the stomatologists; for dealing with insomnia, and so on. So you decide for yourself which calcium supplement you need.

Hypertonic Disease, LMMT normalizes the level of the prostaglandin hormone, thereby normalizing blood pressure in an organism. Therefore, it is equally necessary for both hypotonic (hypotensive)
and hypertonic (hypertensive) patients. It is best to drink it warm and in small amounts. I had a patient, whose blood pressure goes down after taking a capsule of chitosan in the course of 15 minutes. That is you infuse LMMT in boiling water, leaving it for
30 minutes then drink it in the course of the day. Chitosan is to be taken at a dose of 1 capsule 3 times a day before meals. People over the age of 60 years need to take chitosan or double cellulose 2 times a day before meals.

If you are constipated, it means that you have not drunk enough water. The norm of liquid taking is weight (kg) 20 0r 40 ml for a kg of weight. But you cannot drink so much liquid without taking preparations with a diuretic effect. I have a lady under observation, who has been taking Furosemid every two days for 15 years. Now, on the background
of restoration, using Tiens products, that necessity has disappeared. So, do not give up.

Western medicines are good when something urgently needs to be stopped. But in that case when an illness is present for many years, when it is no longer a question of life and death, then Eastern medicine is better. This is because it restores the broken connections in the organism. It tries to put everything right back as supposed to be and not in a hurry. If you go for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, in one place you will be given one prescription and in another place a different prescription that contradicts the previous one. But we are not spare parts? We are a single (whole) unit, and that is why Tibetan medicine does not specifically treat a person’s arm, leg, eye, tooth, head and so on, but focus on that which restores the organism, bringing it to the wholeness it is supposed to be Health is a condition of comfort. Achieve that comfort and tomorrow you will not have to spend your pension on tablets.

No matter how much our products will cost, all the same, in chemotherapy you will spend more. Of
course, in the beginning, you will have to take this and that, but when you achieve that balance the balance, you will simply maintain that condition and that will be much cheaper for you.

Varicose widening of the veins, what causes this illness? Unfortunately, it is genetically inherited. In the walls of the veins are valves, which prevent the blood from flowing backwards, against the current. You know that, in the arteries, blood flows downwards, and in the veins upwards towards the heart. So here, when the valves do not close tightly, blood leaks backs and accumulate in the bottom parts of the veins, which leads to widening and expansion. The process progresses as the veins become wider and twisted, but most important is that blood clots (thromboses) begin to form, which leads to thrombosis.

The first thing that needs to be done is to improve the microcirculation. Secondly, the blood coagulation has to be lowered. Thirdly, it is necessary to remove
inflammatory processes. Therefore, you will need to take LMMT and Houlikang. In the event of an acute thrombophlebitis take Cordyceps up to 4-6 capsules per day in the course of 5 days. In the case of chronic process, 1 capsule of Cordyceps is taken 2 times a day. A package is taken for a course. There are often
complications with this illness, for instance erysipilatous inflammation that is why it is obligatory to use Cordyceps as well as Garlic oil to improve the function of the valves. Hence, the extra Garlic oil is taken at a dose of 2 capsules 2 times a day with food.

I cannot guarantee that you will completely remove your varicose, even though I already have two cases where the veins became not so visible (obvious). Try at least your pains and swellings will not torment
you. The microcirculation improves on the background of Tiens products, the muscles begin to work better, the blood flows faster, which prevents the process from progressing.

Trophic ulcer is one of the most serious complications of thrombophlebitis. Patients go with them for years. Most often trophic ulcers form at the junctions between surface and deep veins. Traditional medicine offers you an operation. And what are we going to do we will improve the microcirculation and widen the veins with LMMT and Houlikang. Further, we need to see that there was regeneration, and for that purpose it is necessary to take chitosan and bio zinc. Chitosan is taken at a dose of 1 capsule 3 times a day, half an hour before meals and biozinc at 1 capsule 3 times a day an hour
after Chitosan.

The chitosan powder can be placed in places where the wound has no puss. If there is puss Chitosan must not be put. In that case you can pour some Cordyceps instead biozinc can also be put on the wound. You place the powder on the wound then cover it with a sterile napkin, soaked in a physical solution. Try pouring some of the capsule powder contents on the wounds and check thee effect in the course of the week. If there is no effect then try another product because it is not true that one program works for all.


By Dr. Farida Bikbaeva

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