Fired up Friday

Do what others are not doing, so you can get what others are not getting

Success is not for the chosen few, its for the few who have choosen

Success is a choice and all choices have consequences

Being broke is hard, becoming wealthy is choose your hard🤷‍♂️


Winner’s Mindset Wednesday

The best thing i ever did was believe in myself – DJ khaleed

Success is on the other side of fear! To overcome fear you must face it, if it scares you its a sign you need to do it! The doubt, the fear and disbelief is simply an illusion, if you believe you can achieve anything and everything!

I can, i will, No fear!

I am positive, I believe anything is possible and I have the power to make it happen.

Do you believe?


If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, become more… You are a leader — John Quinn Adams

I took one for the team🤭 hi my lovies, I hope this finds you well. Today was such a big day for me! (Trainer of the day) I love speaking and even though I prepared two days for today’s presentation, I have been practicing for over 20 years. Am the reason my dad’s gate rusted, because I frequently used it as my board to motivate my invisible audience😂, i fear my mum thought I was crazy for catching me talking to myself in my room every other day, but soon enough she will realize that the universe was preparing me to motivate the world.

Anyway, I have come up to speed with the fact that you can say a million beautiful words but to an hungry stomach it’s some what useless. That is why more than anything am motivating people not only to be happy but to also get well on their way to financial freedom. Coming from someone who is not really financial there, it’s wierd but before I ride in a range rover I want you to think of me as a researcher, someone who has so much knowledge on this particular subject getting to put it into practise and while at it, sharing with you as well.

Call me a genius if you want to but there is only one renown truth, success is predictable. You just have to do how successful people do! If you take time and observe or read books and ask questions like I do, you’ll realise that rich and successful people think and act different from broke people. Lord have mercy on me if this ain’t true, but every book about success you will ever read will zero down to this;

  • Foundation
  • Perspective
  • Attitude
  • Choices/decisions
  • Actions/habits
  • Result

The basis or foundation of success is faith, from faith we believe in what we dont see, see potential in how the world should exist, dream big, imagine and visualize then we develop the attitude of thinking positivity, possibility and power and the feeling of i can, i will. This will drive us to make the right choices and take actions consistently and persistently exercising a maximum level of self discipline and eventually getting success as our results.

This is far for the unsuccessful ones, because unlike the successful ones fear is there drive! They see a problem in every solution. They are devoured by disbelief and doubt. They think they can’t and therefore they don’t, they blame the system, the government, their parents, their skin color or any easy target, they will complain and complain and throw pity parties to justify their poor choices and habits. But at the end of the day they dont have much to show for their lives.

Tiffany has got sumn to say before I move on 👇

I have read a million quotes about success, ain’t nothing more interesting to me like stop hawling water buckets and build a pipeline. Being the lazy kind I can’t pass up on the idea of making money while I sleep or invest very minimal or no effort. Another word for this is passive income! If you have read rich dad, poor dad am out here telling the same old story. Look, you can double the bucket all you want but you can’t beat the pipeline guys.

Do you want to build a pipeline? Enjoy financial freedom and time freedom as well?!

Embrace pain! when a spider is building a spiderweb, it goes for about three days without eating during that same time a lizard is going out everyday to catch flies, it seems happy and all but what happens when something happens to the lizard, if it falls sick, or breaks its leg or it rains and their ain’t many flies to catch, how about when it gets old and it don’t have much energy left😕 how will it survive. On the other hand, even though it’s painful, after building it’s web, whether it’s sick or lazy to go out, the flies will automatically fall onto the web with no spider’s effort.

If you want to build a productive asset you have to be willing to go through some pain, make a few sacrifices, be patient,  learn some new skills and adapt to a new way of thinking……. TO BE CONTINUED!

Monday Motivation

Life is thicky, sown with thorns. And i know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them, the longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater their power to harm us. — voltaire

Enough is enough!

Its not until you say, “that is it!”, “I can’t take this any more”, “this has got to stop”….. You will never get up and change your life.

Haven’t you heard the famous story of a dog and the dog owner, of how it whimpered on and on until a passer by asked the owner why his dog was groaning, and the owner knew it was sitting on a nail. But what the hell, if it hurts bad enough he will get up, the dog owner had said.

Your hurting, right? But if your not getting up to change, to detach, to move on, to start something new… Its clear you are not hurting bad enough.

Detach, dislike, hate whatever situation that is not serving your growth or in line with your success. That will drive you to stop complaining, blaming, justifing, crying, making excuses and instead make a decision.

Make a decision, stop whimpering! Stop sitting on a nail, get up.


Aptitude is attributed to Attitude.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant, you’re right! — Henry Ford

At the end of the day the man who wins is the man who thinks he can win. If you think you dare not, you won’t! Look at the lion, its not the tallest, largest, smartest, fastest or even the heaviest but its the king, the greatest in the jungle. why? The main thing is its attitude. When the lion looks at the elephant which happens to be stronger and heavier, it thinks, “food” and believes it can actually feast on the big thing. And guess what, it does. On the other hand, the elephant despite its strength and size when it sees the lion it thinks “am finished” 😂 and indeed it is finished off. Take a moment and reflect on this, the professors are smart they have read more books but why are they not the richest? You can have all the tools you need but if you think your gonna fail, ladies and gentlemen.. . You will fail.

Attitude is the product of belief, one can not live beyond the limit of their believe system. Leaders are born when you give birth to a new belief system. Your mentality has to be equal to your ability inorder to manifest leadership. No amount of training can ever substitute for the right attitude.

Whatever we think, we become!

What you see, hear and experience especially at an early age influences your attitude which is basically perspective, why you think you exist and the sense of significance. So what if you grew up around some one who wrecked your belief system and impared your attitude in turn, did someone say you are stupid?, you will never mount to much?, or have you experienced some excruciating episodes that left you thinking your worth less?, do you look in the mirror think “oh wow, am ugly” and spend the rest of your life walking with your head down?, do you fail at every try?

Get this, if your not happy and your not winning, just stop thinking for a while. Oh no, you can’t stop thinking! But you have to change your attitude, start to look at things different, if you’re still breathing it’s not over, you are greater than you think and if you dont believe it, well i believe in you. You were born for greatness, prosperity, abundance, and more.

Repeat this with me, say it out loud like you mean it

I am beautiful

I am winner

I am blessed

I am confident

I am smart

I am favored

I am free

I am healed…..

Repeat this every day until you believe it, change your attitude change your life. Your are a lion now roar, i can and i will.

Baby Shad💕

The sunshine Blogger Award😁

My first ever nomination! Dear God save me, my heart might just burst from Joy this week. This has come to me at the time when i have just been dubbed a great and celebrated MC by my trainers. Its such a beautiful feeling to know there is some people out there who think i am really amazing. Thank you so much my dear Umrah Sania for the nomination, i didn’t think i was getting any anytime soon🤭i am truly humbled by such a profound gesture, stay blessed.

The sunshine Blogger Award is a Peer recognition award for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.

Rules of the award

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog so others can find them
  • List the rules and display an award logo on your blog
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive an award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts
  • Ask the nominee 11 new questions

The answer to Umrah’s questions;

What is your opinion on blogging?

I think the world would be far more lost and less fun without blogging, this platform provides a different out look on life in general. The stories, information ,DIYs and more makes life a bit easy.

What is your favorite book and why?

“Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. i had read quite a number of books before this one but none of them had such a gripping effect like this one. It got me up and got me moving.

Who inspires you?

Baba angu! Usually mums inspire their daughters. Lord, i love my mum but i draw most inspiration from my dad, he is exceptional. He has affluenced, shaped and modelled me into one beautiful thing.

What do you mean by happiness?

Happiness is a perception, its a choice, how you choose to see or think about different circumstances. Like i wake up every day, ignore a million adversities and focus on one good, helps me stay grateful, and a grateful heart belongs to a happy person. I see beauty in everything, i smile like a child and i keep getting more reasons to smile, i understood the law, “what you focus on expands.”

Which is the best movie according to you?

Slum dog millionaire!

Which country you would like to visit and why?

Paris, isn’t it obvious why.

Who is your favorite blogger?

I got many, it would take me atleast half day to finish my list. But Umrah Sania is toping the list now🤗

What will you choose, forgiveness or revenge and why?

Forgiveness, i tried revenge and it only made me more frustrated. And so i gave forgiveness a try, behold… am now the holder of peace

What is your favorite cartoon character


What would you like to do in your free time?

Get in a car and drive to no destination, breath clean air and glace at the beautiful nature, make stops to get a massage, aroma bathe, catch a movie and then eat n eat and eat

What is the most funny thing you have ever done?

I have recently discovered am a genius, i have such short memory, and its so because my mind erases trivial data like the most funny thing i have done, to create room for more relevant info. 😂

Now here are My nominees;

My questions

1. Do you think your blog has made someone’s life simpler?

2. How many books have you read so far this year, which ones are your favorite?

3. What has been your biggest challenges since you started the blog? and how did you overcome it?

4. What motivates you to get up in the morning?

5.What are your best three quotes?

6. What do think is more effective, EQ or IQ?

7. How do you think we can make the world a better place?

8. Who is your blogger bestie?

9. Where are you blogging from?

10. Any tips for beginner blogs?

11. What’s your best blog experience?

Thanks again, shad❤️